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Peace and War

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Shubel Clark's War of 1812 jacket at the Potsdam Museum.
Shubel Clark's War of 1812 jacket at the Potsdam Museum.

Heard Up North: An old coat is War of 1812 relic

The Potsdam Museum recently rediscovered an historic War of 1812 officer's uniform in its archives -- just in time for bicentennial commemorations. Museum officials say the dark blue and red wool uniform is in "very nice" condition for a 200-year old garment.

It's thought to have belonged to Shubel Clark, a soldier from Canton who was assigned to the New York Detached Militia in Ogdensburg. The heirloom was donated to the museum in 1953 by Clark's family.

Todd Moe stopped by for a closer look yesterday. The story behind the old coat is today's Heard Up North.  Go to full article
The story of Navajo code talkers (above) is well known. But Native American soldiers speaking Mohawk, Chochtaw, Commanche and other native languages also helped to win the war.

Mohawks seek recognition for WWII code talkers

A Mohawk veterans group wants the federal government to recognize the contributions of "code talkers" during the D-Day invasion of Europe during World War Two. The Navajo "code talkers" were the largest group of Native Americans during the 1940's to use their language skills in the south Pacific against the Japanese.

Jeffrey Whelan, a member of the St. Regis Mohawk Veterans Affairs Committee, says many other tribes participated as "code talkers" during the war. He says the St. Regis Mohawk Tribal Council has sent a letter of request to the U.S. Mint to develop a Congressional Medal for nine veterans at Akwesasne who used their native language to confuse the Germans.  Go to full article
Col. Patrick D. Frank, Brigade Commander, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division. Photo:

Fort Drum brigade commander says deployment has been tough, but successful

Fort Drum's 3rd Brigade Combat Team is beginning to come home after a year-long deployment in Afghanistan. The brigade, about 3,500 soldiers, was sent to an area just west of Kandahar City in southern Afghanistan, where few troops had been before.

They were deployed as part of President Obama's troop surge in the country. As the mission winds down, brigade commander Colonel Patrick Frank says his unit did a good job in a difficult setting. He spoke from Afghanistan with reporter Joanna Richards.
(CORRECTION: We originally reported that these troops were the first US soldiers in that region. Many comments on our story have challenged that assertion. We've contacted our sources at Ft. Drum for clarification and are still waiting for a reply. To the best of our understanding now, Col. Frank's unit was the first brigade level force to deploy there.)  Go to full article
From left, St. Joseph's CEO Bob Ross, Cindy Garso of North Woods Engineering and Joe Lomonaco of Architecture Plus review the site of a proposed community residence in Saranac Lake. Photo: Adirondack Daily Enterprise

St. Joe's, neighbors seek compromise on vets' residence

Neighbors of St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Center in Saranac Lake are concerned about plans for a new treatment facility for veterans struggling with substance abuse addiction...  Go to full article
The mangled remains of an engine of a B-47 bomber sits among the rocks on the summit of Wright Peak. Photo: Chris Knight, courtesy <em>Adirondack Daily Enterprise</em>.

Twisted remains mark site of 1962 mountaintop plane crash

Fifty years ago, in the early morning darkness of Jan. 16, 1962, an Air Force jet bomber slammed into the top of Wright Peak, in the Adirondack backcountry near Lake Placid....  Go to full article

Owens optimistic about Ft. Drum's role in refocused defense

President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced sweeping plans for the country's defense yesterday. The new strategy has to accommodate a half billion...  Go to full article

Fort Drum gets funding for construction projects

A $54 million federal appropriation will set off another round of construction at Fort Drum.
Some of the money will go toward new projects and some will go toward...  Go to full article
A border crossing in the Thousands Island. Photo: Brian Mann

Obama, Harper praise border agreement

Canadian Prime minister Stephen Harper says the border security deal unveiled yesterday in Washington DC is the biggest step forward in trade with the US since the North...  Go to full article

Theater students respond to deployments

There are support groups for service members and spouses, but what about the children of 10th Mountain Division soldiers sent overseas? Last spring, a theater class at...  Go to full article
The 90-ton doors stand open above the silo.  Its future use - a dance space.

A Cold War relic with a new mission

Australian architectural designer Alexander Michael opens an exhibit of his sculptures this Saturday at his part time Adirondack hidden home that once housed an...  Go to full article

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