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The Wieczorek family. Photo: Sarah Harris
The Wieczorek family. Photo: Sarah Harris

Desiree's story: Your questions answered on student homelessness

Last week we brought you the story of 16-year-old Desiree Wieczorek. Desiree's a 10th grader at Parishville-Hopkinton Central School. For about five months last year, she and her family were homeless. They lived outside, in the woods. And they're not the only ones: there were over 3,200 homeless kids in the North Country last year.

Desiree's story went viral last week. It was seen by tens of thousands of people and generated a lot of questions about homelessness in the region. Sarah Harris and Martha Foley answered some of those questions in a conversation this morning. A list of resources is also below.  Go to full article
Desiree with her dad, Kenny. Photo: Sarah Harris

Sixteen and homeless, pt. 2: homeless no more

Today, we continue the story of 16-year-old Desiree Wieczorek. She's in 10th grade at Parishville-Hopkinton Central School. As Sarah Harris reported yesterday, Desiree and her family spent much of last year living outside, homeless. Today we'll go see to the land where they lived. And we'll learn more about how North Country schools support homeless students.  Go to full article
Desiree with her baby half-brother Cameron. Photo: Sarah Harris

Sixteen and homeless, in Parishville woods

When you think of being homeless, you think of living in shelters and on the street. You imagine a city. But homelessness happens here in the North Country, too. And it happens to children.

Desiree Wieczorek is in 10th grade at Parishville-Hopkinton Central School. Desiree and her family were homeless for about five months last year. They lived in the woods outside Parishville. And it wasn't social services that first helped Desiree and her family move into a real house; it was the school.  Go to full article

Police: Woman may have died from cold in Saratoga Springs

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (AP) Authorities have released the name of a homeless woman who may have died of exposure to the cold last week outside a city-owned building in...  Go to full article

HUD gives nearly $500,000 for homeless, mental health programs

Two North Country not-for-profit agencies will get nearly $500,000 from the Federal department of Housing and Urban Development, to fund programs for the homeless.  Go to full article

Burlington homeless man's death prompts debate, sorrow

Paul O'Toole, a Burlington homeless man, died of hypothermia Saturday night. He was found sleeping on a heating grate. The temperature was 17 degrees, with windchill around...  Go to full article

Commentary: invisible people

The tumbling economy is forcing more people to learn what it means to be poor. But there are many North Country residents who live in perpetual poverty. Commentator Jill...  Go to full article

Hunger advocates push for more help

The operators of the state's food pantries and soup kitchens say they're still holding out hope that Governor David Paterson will increase welfare benefits. As Albany...  Go to full article

Spitzer urged to increase welfare benefits

Advocates for the poor are calling on the state to increase welfare benefits and state aid for soup kitchens and food banks. The annual Thanksgiving Action event Monday drew...  Go to full article

Agency works to prevent local foreclosures

Home foreclosures are on the rise. Stories in the national media tend to focus on metropolitan areas where house prices shot up over the past decade. As real estate values...  Go to full article

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