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St. Lawrence Valley NY

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Quebec voters turn politics turvy

Politics in Quebec has long been dominated by the question of sovereignty - whether the French-speaking province should split off from Canada to become its own country. The leading parties reflected the divide: Federalism under the Liberals, or nationhood with the Parti Québécois. This week, voters delivered a stinging rebuke to both parties - the Liberals barely held on to power and must now lead Quebec's first minority government since 1878. The Parti Quebecois fell to third in the voting. The big winner was the L'Action Democratique party. The ADQ went from 5 seats to 41 and now replaces the PQ as the official opposition. Martha Foley talked about the implications with Dr. Robert Thacker, who teaches Canadian Studies at St. lawrence University.  Go to full article

Preview: Enthused Duet in Malone

Art is seldom rushed, and sometimes good things really do come to those who wait. A new exhibit opens today at the gallery "forARTSAke" in downtown Malone. The second in a series of exhibits from Carole Marie Vossler, who runs BluSeed Studios in Saranac Lake, and Adirondack singer/songwriter Dan Berggren. It's called Tracks: Enthused Duet. The exhibit asks questions, such as "Who's been here? Where are we going?" And it links tracks (human, animal or situation) to sights and sounds. The project combines poetry, images and music. Todd Moe has this preview.  Go to full article

Flights to Boston take off soon

Big Sky Airlines will start service next month in the North Country. As Jonathan Brown reports, the flights to and from Boston are the result of talks with Delta Airlines and the Federal government.  Go to full article

Giving Voice: Rev. Max Coots?poetry and sermons

There's a long tradition in English literature of preachers who are also poets. Our guest on Giving Voice, the Rev. Max Coots of Canton, is a fine example of the type. His...  Go to full article

Judge clears way for St. Lawrence jail

The St. Lawrence County legislature will vote to borrow money and award contracts for construction of a $33 million jail on Monday. A court ruling yesterday approving a...  Go to full article

Seeing Saturn

Before it was a car brand, Saturn was a planet. And on this Heard Up North, Jeffrey Miller explains how we can see it in all it's ringed glory, tonight. He says good viewing...  Go to full article

Bombay garment factory closes, 75 to be laid off

Seventy-five workers in Bombay -- between Malone and Massena -- will lose their jobs this summer. Gildan Activewear, based in Montreal, will close its Bombay plant there on...  Go to full article
Students in Ms. Caruso's 4th grade class in Potsdam pose wearing Adirondack attire

Chris Shaw goes back to school

Singer/songwriter Chris Shaw returned to a Potsdam elementary school this month for another songwriting program. This was the 19th year that he's worked with young people on...  Go to full article

New law for Great Lakes ships

The St. Lawrence Seaway is now open to international ship traffic from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes. But as Sarah Hulett reports, the start of this year's Great...  Go to full article
Wine flavor brands join more conventional treats

Move over rum raisin

A North Country dairy is one of the first in the country to make and sell wine ice cream. It's not wine-flavored, it's wine and cream - frozen. The mixture breaks some...  Go to full article

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