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Dustin Whitcomb makes sure to wear proper headgear. Photo: Sarah Harris
Dustin Whitcomb makes sure to wear proper headgear. Photo: Sarah Harris

Outhouse races: a Fourth of July tradition in Bristol

Most towns are gathering and getting ready for their 4th of July parades. Few are getting ready for their outhouse races. Each year in Bristol, Vermont though, runners pushing outhouses on wheels barrel down the main street. And this morning at 9 am, they'll do that again.

This feature first aired July 2013.  Go to full article
Luge racer Erin Hamlin of Ramsen, NY. NCPR file photo: Nancie Battaglia

Lake Placid to host international luge conference

LAKE PLACID, N.Y. (AP) The International Luge Federation will host its annual congress in Lake Placid in 2016.

State Olympic Regional Development Authority and USA Luge officials secured the 64th congress during the federation's recent meeting in Innsbruck, Austria.  Go to full article
It was a tense game to watch in the Winston Room at St. Lawrence University. Photo: David Sommerstein

Soccer fans savor victory in Canton

American soccer fans are rejoicing after their team slipped through the so-called "Group of Death" in the World Cup. Even though USA lost to Germany, 1 to 0, on Thursday, the team exceeded expectations and moves on to the elimination round.

The World Cup is a far cry from, say, the Super Bowl as far as American sports viewing events. But David Sommerstein found a decent sized group watching yesterday's match at St. Lawrence University in Canton.

Click listen to hear Chris Custer, Eileen Coyle, Emily DePoy, Caroline Crandell, all involved with soccer at St. Lawrence University.

The USA soccer team moves on to the elimination round and will almost certainly face a powerful Belgian team next Tuesday at 4pm.  Go to full article
33,000 fans pack the Carrier Dome for an SU game. Photo: <a href="">Theresa Murray</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Syracuse hoops topped nation in 2013-14 attendance

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) Syracuse is back as the No.1 draw in college basketball.

NCAA figures released recently show that Syracuse averaged 26,253 fans for its 18 home...  Go to full article
Instructors Brett McLeod and Bob Brhel teach the students how to saw down a tree. Photo: David Sommerstein

Summer school, lumberjack style

The Adirondack woodsman is a North Country archetype - brawny, independent, deeply versed in the ways of the North Woods. There are still loggers working in the forests of...  Go to full article
Larger, heavier "UTVs" increase trail erosion, the Adirondack Council says. Photo: <a href="">Jimmy Smith</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Groups: keep larger ATVs off New York trails

A coalition of environmental groups wants to make sure bigger, heavier all terrain utility vehicles stay off of New York's public trails.

The environmentalists...  Go to full article
Third grader Ty Lester is serious about dodgeball. Photo: Sarah Harris

Inside School: 5th graders organize sports day, raise money

North Country schools have their budgets set for the coming year. Canton Central School District managed to keep the tax levy low and not make any job cuts by relying heavily...  Go to full article
President Obama greets guests at the baseball hall of fame. Photo: Ryan Delaney/WRVO

Obama pitches tourism in Cooperstown

President Barack Obama sees tourism as a valuable American export, and he wants to make it easier for foreigners to visit and spend money in the United States. He made his...  Go to full article
The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Photo: <a href="">Beyond My Ken</a> via Wikimedia Commons

President Obama highlights tourism at Baseball Hall of Fame

President Barack Obama is speaking this hour at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown to highlight the economic benefits of the tourism industry.  Go to full article
Cheerleaders doing splits. Photo: <a href="">Richelle Antipolo</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

NY moving to classify cheerleading as a sport

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) New York education officials are moving to recognize competitive cheerleading as a sport for the safety of its participants.

A committee of the...  Go to full article

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