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North Country Identity

Lorraine Franklin, in front of her gift shop sign. Photo: Sarah Harris
Lorraine Franklin, in front of her gift shop sign. Photo: Sarah Harris

Addison County, VT: A point of intersection

Addison County, Vermont, is home to wide swaths of farmland, quaint towns, and the western slope of the Green Mountains. It's also home to one of the two bridges that cross Lake Champlain. The bridge is a lifeline for people who live on one side of the lake and work on the other. But when the old bridge was demolished in 2009, commuters had to find another way around. Lorraine Franklin owns a gift shop in West Addison, Vermont. The bridge closure directly affected her businesses -- so she decided to fight back.  Go to full article
Dustin Whitcomb makes sure to wear proper headgear. Photo: Sarah Harris

To the outhouse race!

Most towns have 4th of July parades. But they don't all have outhouse races. Each year in Bristol, Vermont, runners pushing outhouses on wheels barrel down the main street.  Go to full article
The Lois McClure on Lake Champlain. Photo: Sarah Harris

Sailing through history in Vermont, NYS, Canada

The Lois McClure is a replica of an 1862 canal schooner.

She's a freight ship that's also a floating museum.
This summer she's recreating a piece of the history of transportation by taking a 19th century voyage from Lake Champlain, across New York's canal system to Buffalo, down the St. Lawrence River to Montreal, and back again.  Go to full article
Re-enactors haul the cannon. Photo: Joseph Andriano

Memorial Day at Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Ticonderoga is "America's fort" - perched on the New York side of Lake Champlain, it was instrumental in the American Revolution and other early wars. Now, it's a...  Go to full article
Les and Erica Goodman. Photo: Sarah Harris

From milk to beer: Dairy family switches to hops

Agriculture in the North Country is changing - and the evidence is everywhere. For the Goodmans, a longtime dairy family in Fort Ann, in Washington County, it's time to get...  Go to full article
The Ticonderoga outside the Skenesborough Museum in Whitehall, NY. Photo: Sarah Harris

What happens to an old warship, 200 years later?

The war of 1812 may seem like it happened a long time ago. But in Whitehall, New York, residents have a daily reminder: the Ticonderoga.

For the past 50 years,...  Go to full article
Bob Sauter and Roger Bailey cranking the press. Photo: Bonnie Obremski

Many hands help at neighborhood cider pressing

It is absolutely cider season, from big operations to small. Martha Foley and her neighbors usually gather at this time of year for "cider day." The hand-cranked press lives...  Go to full article
Reenactors portraying British soldiers advance through the woods at Beekmantown. Photo: Sarah Harris

Plattsburgh commemorates War of 1812 victory

Tuesday was the 198th anniversary of the Battle of Plattsburgh. In 1814, British and American forces clashed on Lake Champlain and in the city of Plattsburgh. The Americans...  Go to full article
Lisa Campbell in Peavine Park, Bethel, Vermont. Photo: Sarah Harris

A year after Irene, Vermont reflects on recovery

Tropical Storm Irene devastated mountain villages across the Northeast a year ago. Vermont was particularly hard hit. Major flooding downed bridges, tore houses off their...  Go to full article
Clare and Carl's hot dog stand in Plattsburgh has served Michigans for more than half a century. Photo: Sarah Harris

Michigans: a North Country delicacy

The North Country has its own special take on the hotdog: michigans. They're a beef or pork hot dog, or sometimes a Malone-made Glazier, slathered in mustard, onions, and a...  Go to full article

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