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North Country Identity

Lisa Campbell in Peavine Park, Bethel, Vermont. Photo: Sarah Harris
Lisa Campbell in Peavine Park, Bethel, Vermont. Photo: Sarah Harris

A year after Irene, Vermont reflects on recovery

Tropical Storm Irene devastated mountain villages across the Northeast a year ago. Vermont was particularly hard hit. Major flooding downed bridges, tore houses off their foundations, washed out roads, and even left some towns inaccessible. The state's been hard at work rebuilding since.  Go to full article
Clare and Carl's hot dog stand in Plattsburgh has served Michigans for more than half a century. Photo: Sarah Harris

Michigans: a North Country delicacy

The North Country has its own special take on the hotdog: michigans. They're a beef or pork hot dog, or sometimes a Malone-made Glazier, slathered in mustard, onions, and a rich meat sauce. Michigans are stick-to-your-ribs type food. They first appeared in Plattsburgh in the 1920s and have a storied history in the Champlain Valley. On a hot July Friday, Sarah Harris visited michigan stands across Plattsburgh, ate one and a half hot dogs, and has our story.  Go to full article
Tenzin Dorjee

Tibetan culture comes to Plattsburgh

Last spring downtown Plattsburgh got a new restaurant: a Himalayan restaurant. It's owned and operated by Tenzin and Yangchen Dorjee, a Tibetan couple who moved to northern New York with their two kids in 2007.

This month they're putting on a Tibetan arts festival where visiting monks will make a mandala out of sand, and offer lectures on topics ranging from Tibetan medicine to religious ethics. Sarah Harris visited the restaurant and talked to Tenzin Dorjee about the family's journey to Plattsburgh and how they're keeping their culture alive in the North Country.  Go to full article
John Martin in the main woodworking shop.

How it works: a tour of the Croghan Island Mill

At one time, there were four mills located at the Croghan Dam, on each side of the Beaver River. John Martin is owner and operator of the last remaining, the Croghan Island...  Go to full article
The interior of the Strand Theater

Two downtown spaces bring art to Plattsburgh

Plattsburgh is a city in transition. There's a lot of effort to attract new families and businesses and rebrand the lakeside city as a destination. As Sarah Harris reports, a...  Go to full article
Brett McLeod over the evaporator

Neighbors gather for a warm-weather "boil"

The unusually warm weather this March hasn't been great for sugar makers. Maple syrup yields across northern New York and Vermont have been low, and a lot of producers are...  Go to full article
The tap...

Heard Up North: tapping the trees

Cold nights, warm days, sunshine: chickdees are busy, and the sap is rising. It all adds up to maple syrup season. Whether your operation includes a bulk holding tank and...  Go to full article
Cuttting and prying loose the blocks of ice. Photo: Sustainble Living Project

Old ways add up nicely for one subsistence family

It's a scene that was common-place in the early 20th century, horses out on a frozen lake cutting through the ice with bladed plows.

Ice harvesting may not be...  Go to full article
Articles written in 1928 about the incident at Massena.

Massena's history still tied to 1928 "blood libel" incident

A St. Lawrence County community is being reminded, again, of an 80 year-old rumor many people would rather forget.

A new novel re-imagines what happened when a...  Go to full article
Morgan Kelly (left) from Saranac High School and Assemblywoman Janet Duprey with delegates from Clinton and Essex county high schools

Students gather to meet lawmakers, talk politics

NCPR kicked off election coverage with a series of stories this week. See below for more on the 23rd district race for the House of Representatives.

Politics are...  Go to full article

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