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April 23, 2014 | NPR · They say they were placed on the list for refusing to inform on other Muslims. The suit is part of a broad wave of cases challenging the secretive no-fly list and U.S. counterterrorism strategies.
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April 23, 2014 | NPR · Activists say a federal law that allows employers to pay people with disabilities pennies per hour is out of date and should be changed. But some say the law is a lifeline for the disabled.
April 23, 2014 | NPR · Shakespeare's Globe Theater aims to take the Bard's iconic play to every country in the world. It will perform everywhere from prestigious theaters to Pacific island beaches.

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April 21, 2014 | NPR · Last year a scientist said he'd found a new form of botulinum toxin, and was keeping details secret to keep the recipe from terrorists. But other science and public health labs were shut out, too.
April 23, 2014 | NPR · Pharmaceutical companies are suddenly trading entire divisions the way sports teams swap players. Glaxo, Novartis and Ely Lily are all involved in a complicated deal announced Tuesday, and so far this year, five deals exceeding $2 billion have been announced. What's driving the deal-making?
April 23, 2014 | NPR · In the '60s, submarines picked up a mysterious quacking sound in the Southern Ocean. This "bio-duck," as it came to be known, has been heard on and off ever since, but scientists haven't been able to trace it — until now. New research shows that the quack is coming from minke whales, but researchers still don't know why.

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April 19, 2014 | NPR · The search continues for hundreds of people, mostly students, who were on board a South Korean ferry when it sank this week. Correspondent Anthony Kuhn shares the latest with NPR's Wade Goodwyn.

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April 20, 2014 | NPR · Monday is the 2014 Boston Marathon. Security will be tight, and this year's race will be an emotional event that will be about more than who wins.

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Pew Research Center For The People and The Press

Mar 20, 2013 — Having a gay friend or family member has led many Americans to change their stance from opposing to supporting same-sex marriage.
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May 4, 2011 — Conservatives were once categorized as fiscal or social conservatives. While the split is not gone, it's apparently eroding as more conservatives combine both opposition for abortion and gay marriage with antipathy for deficits and the debt.
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Mar 24, 2011 — President Obama held a 10-percentage point lead over a generic Republican candidate and led among political independents. Meanwhile, no presumptive Republican candidate had a clear lead overall though Mitt Romney led with those in the Tea Party movement while Huckabee led with evangelicals.
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Sep 23, 2010 — A new Pew poll shows political independents giving Republicans a big edge due to their anger with the party in power, a trend in recent years. They are specifically upset with President Obama's handling of the economy.
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