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August 26, 2014 | NPR · At the same time, the Ukrainian and Russian presidents are to meet on Tuesday amid speculation that they might discuss the possibilities for a political solution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine.
August 26, 2014 | NPR · David Greene talks to George Mason University Professor Mark Katz, who believes both Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Obama's policies have helped to advance the Islamic State.
August 26, 2014 | NPR · The rise of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has raised the spirits of Hindu nationalists. But it also appears to be increasing tensions between Hindus and the Muslim minority.

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August 26, 2014 | NPR · Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has arrived in West Africa to assess the Ebola outbreak. The situation in Liberia, he says, is "absolutely unprecedented."
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August 26, 2014 | NPR · An inquiry in the U.K. has found that more than 1,400 children have been sexually abused by an organized ring of men in the northern English town of Rotherham.
August 26, 2014 | NPR · Robert Siegel speaks with Stephen R. Kelly, a visiting professor at Duke University, about how North and South Carolina hope to resolve questions about the border between them. The original border, which was mandated by the British during the colonial era, was never surveyed properly. That's caused headaches ever since the 18th century.

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August 23, 2014 | NPR · Nearly 1,500 people have died in the Ebola outbreak, and more nations in the region are closing their borders. NPR's Scott Simon speaks to Africa correspondent Ofeibea Quist-Arcton about the epidemic.

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August 24, 2014 | NPR · In the wake of violent clashes between protesters and police in Ferguson, Mo., President Obama is ordering a review of the federal programs that help local police departments purchase military gear.

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Jul 17, 2011 — NPR coverage of Jamestown by Matthew Sharpe. News, author interviews, critics' picks and more.
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Jul 21, 2009 — Lady Idina Sackville's five husbands and life of high-society debauchery in colonial Kenya scandalized the Edwardians, inspiring more than one novel. The Bolter, her hard-to-put-down biography, shows us the shadow side of a prim and proper era.
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Jun 26, 2007 — Sharpe's novel is a funny, violent, romantic tale that begins when a cataclysmic event in a futuristic Manhattan sends a busload of survivors fleeing for the wilds of Virginia — into the past, and encounters with Powhatan and Pocahontas.
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Jun 26, 2007 — Matthew Sharpe's Jamestown is "a brilliant, bloody and blisteringly comic chronicle of the near future," recommended by Glen Weldon. After civilization's collapse, refugees journey to Virginia, where characters find themselves unwittingly replicating the historical founding of Jamestown.
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Jun 4, 2007 — As kids we preferred indoor recess to the playground hullabaloo. As adults we're film dorks, comic book geeks and indie-music nerds. We do not, as a general rule, jet-ski. This is what we'll be reading as we try to avoid the sun.
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