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July 29, 2014 | NPR · House and Senate negotiators reached a compromise, $17 billion agreement to improve medical care for veterans. The deal comes in the final week before Congress leaves town for a monthlong recess.
July 29, 2014 | NPR · Washington Post reporter Liz Sly tells Renee Montagne that U.S. arms may be flowing to moderate Syrian rebels, but the aid seems to be too little too late to affect the course of the civil war.
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July 28, 2014 | NPR · The militant group threatens to kill parents who immunize their children. As a result, polio has come roaring back in Pakistan. Eradication now hinges on whether the country can control the virus.

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July 29, 2014 | KERA · After caring for Ebola patients for several months in West Africa, Dr. Kent Brantly noticed last week that he had symptoms. The 33-year-old immediately put himself into a Liberian isolation ward.
July 29, 2014 | NPR · Virologist Thomas Geisbert has spent decades studying Ebola and other hemorrhagic fevers. He speaks to Audie Cornish about the current Ebola outbreak, the worst in history, and how it might be contained this time around.
July 29, 2014 | NPR · The Eid festival, which celebrates the end of Ramadan, serves as a time for visiting relatives and exchanging gifts. But one family's holiday in Gaza traces the death and displacement wrought by the war between Hamas and Israel.

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July 26, 2014 | NPR · Hezbollah has been a longtime ally of Hamas, but during this most recent conflict between Israel and Gaza they've taken a sideline role. NPR's Scott Simon talks to the BBC's Kim Ghattas in Beirut.

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July 27, 2014 | NPR · Fighting in Ukraine near the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 has international investigators staying away. NPR's Arun Rath talks with OSCE's Michael Bociurkiw about the investigation.

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American prose literature

Jul 17, 2011 — NPR coverage of The Gang That Wouldn't Write Straight: Wolfe, Thompson, Didion and the New Journalism Revolution by Marc Weingarten. News, author interviews, critics' picks and more.
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Feb 27, 2006 — Not long ago, "new journalism" referred to changes in approach and style, ushered in by such writers as Hunter S. Thompson and Joan Didion. They're the subject of Marc Weingarten's new book.
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Oct 30, 2004 — In his award-winning profile "The Confessions of Bob Greene," writer Bill Zehme chronicles the fall from grace of the former Chicago Tribune columnist. Zehme speaks with NPR's Jennifer Ludden in the second of a series of interviews with National Magazine Award Winners.
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Oct 23, 2004 — In March 2003, reporter Evan Wright was in central Iraq with Marines leading the charge toward Baghdad. He captured his experience in "The Killer Elite," this year's winner of the National Magazine Award for "Excellence in Reporting." NPR's Jennifer Ludden speaks with Wright.
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