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New York's pre-k tug-o-war

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Obama on national security: too weak, too strong

One of the weird muddles complicating the scandals swirling around the Obama administration is that the accusations... more

How the mighty (corrupt) have fallen

While traveling this week in Costa Rica, I’ve been following the unfolding narrative of New York’s own... more

Yes, the Republican Party is changing

The last couple of weeks brought another cycle of painful news stories for conservatives and for the Republican... more

NY21: What in the world happened to Bill Owens?

CORRECTION:  Bill Owens did not vote for the Federal stimulus plan backed by Barack Obama in 2008.  He... more

NY21: What in the world happened to Matt Doheny?

Matt Doheny left the North Country’s political stage last week after falling at least 4,000 votes shy of toppling... more

Can the GOP weed out the crazies?

I know this will be heresy to many Republicans, but it’s time — long overdue, in fact — for the GOP... more

GOP outflanked in NY and nation

The Republican Party’s brand new crisis in New York state is a metaphor for what’s happening to the GOP... more

The chink in the Democrats’ armor

[NOTE:  This essay first appeared in May of this year.  I've posted it again here with a few small... more

NPR Analysis

Jul 25, 2014 — Republican Congressman Paul Ryan has a new plan to address poverty. Host Michel Martin talks with commentators Corey Ealons and Ron Christie about it and other political stories of the week.
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Jul 24, 2014 — From being mistaken for Randy Jackson to confronting network executives about diversity issues, TV critic Eric Deggans runs down highlights of the two-week blizzard of parties and press conferences.
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Jul 22, 2014 — As Gaza, Ukraine and Syria trend on Twitter, has social media changed the way conflicts are covered? Host Michel Martin finds out from reporter Anne Barnard and Peter Bouckaert of Human Rights Watch.
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NPR Commentary

Jul 29, 2014Tell Me More's diverse panel of moms join the program one final time to offer some common sense and savvy advice.
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Jul 29, 2014 — Fathers often get left out of parenting conversations, whether they're about packing the diaper bag or work-life balance. For more, host Michel Martin is joined by a diverse panel of dads.
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Jul 29, 2014 — After graduation, a group of college students landed a nutty job — quite literally. For the next year, they will don the monocle of Mr. Peanut and drive the Planters Peanut Nutmobile.
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NPR Ombudsman

Jul 26, 2014 — NPR's Scott Simon reflects on as it celebrates its 20th birthday this month, examining the ways in which we're courted online to buy just about everything.
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Jul 26, 2014 — The cosplay community has descended on the annual Comic-Con in San Diego. They're the dedicated folks who create lovingly accurate costume reproductions of their favorite fictional characters.
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Jul 22, 2014 — A South Carolina mother was jailed on charges of child neglect because her 9-year-old daughter was found playing at a park by herself. Should she have been punished? A panel of parents weigh in.
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