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Betsy Kepes share her homemade house in Pierrepont, New York with her husband, Tom VandeWater, and her sons Lee, age 15, and Jay, age 7. She teaches piano to children and adults and performs with the Little River Trio. In the summer, she works for the United States Forest Service in Idaho as a forest fire lookout and contract trail crew. In her spare moments she is an amateur historian, a gardener, a runner and a writer of women's history, poetry and short stories.

Commentary: Cracking the Code for Reading

As part of our literacy series, commentator Betsy Kepes tells us about her youngest son just learning to read, being a literacy volunteer and being functionally illiterate while living in Japan.  Go to full article

Commentary: Dunking the Holiday Blues

A December swim in the Raquette River. Betsy Kepes has the shocking details.  Go to full article

Commentary: November In Between

It may be the short days, the weather, or the scenery, between fall foliage and winter snow--late November can be a tough time--even for writers, as our commentator Betsy Kepes found last week.  Go to full article

Commentary: A Cross-Border Hike

Deer season sends thousands of northern New Yorkers into the woods for family tradition, blood sport and fellowship. It also drives thousands out of the woods--including...  Go to full article

Betsy Kepes: Flowers Feed Us

This fall, flowers seem just as nurturing as vegetables to commentator Betsy Kepes.  Go to full article

Commentary: The Long View

Fire towers are almost all gone from mountaintops in the Adirondacks. But not so in the West: commentator Betsy Kepes has the long view from a ridgetop in Idaho, where her...  Go to full article

Commentary: Room with a View

Commentator Betsy Kepes has the view from her summer home--atop a fire tower in Idaho.  Go to full article

Commentary: Explaining Oneself

How would you explain your life to a total stranger? It wouldn't be easy, especially to someone who has never visited the North Country. A near miss with national media this...  Go to full article

Commentary: Running the Ottawa Marathon

It's been four days since Commenator Betsy Kepes ran in the Ottawa Marathon--and she can almost walk down a flight of stairs without wincing in pain. Was it worth it?...  Go to full article

Commentary: Spring Skiing in Vermont

The joys of spring skiing in Vermont from commentator Betsy Kepes.  Go to full article

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