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The Plattsburgh Press Republican is reporting this morning that state environment officials are still trying to contain an outbreak of destructive feral hogs around the town of Peru, on the fringe of the Adirondack Park. “DEC is continuing...
Over the weekend, people gathered from New York and Vermont to celebrate the completion of the new Lake Champlain Bridge, from Crown Point to Addison. The hero of the day was bridge designer and world-renowned architect Ted Zoli, who was born in...
Yikes.  The big Laurentian Aerospace project, widely seen as the Next Big Thing for Northeastern New York, has been snagged for years as it seeks to lock down private financing.  (New York state has already offered up a generous incentive...
The Burlington Free Press notes that a year ago today the waters of Lake Champlain rose above flood stage, launching a battle for survival that gripped the valley for months.  (The lake didn’t drop below flood stage again until June...
Back in January, NCPR’s Brian Mann reported on the feral pig problem in the North Country. The story garnered a lot of comments, probably because of its juicy headline–”Feral Hogs Invade Champlain Valley,...

Special Reports

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King's Garden at Ft. Ticonderoga
1920s landscape architect Marion Coffin designed a pleasure garden for the Pell family's summer home, the Pavillion, at Fort Ticonderoga. It was neglected and almost forgotten until, about ten years ago, workers began to restore the garden to Coffin's plan. Todd Moe takes a tour.
Photo Audio Essay
Lake Champlain Maritime History
Wreck diving off Burlington, the Battle of Valcour Island and the Battle of Plattsburgh with Brian Mann.
Photo Audio Essay
Fort Ticonderoga's Grand Encampment
Fort Ticonderoga, a bottleneck of history—a visit to the annual "grand encampment" where stories of the French and Indian War and the Revolution come to life amid the sounds of fifes, drums and cannon fire.
Lorraine Franklin, in front of her gift shop sign. Photo: Sarah Harris
Lorraine Franklin, in front of her gift shop sign. Photo: Sarah Harris

Addison County, VT: A point of intersection

Addison County, Vermont, is home to wide swaths of farmland, quaint towns, and the western slope of the Green Mountains. It's also home to one of the two bridges that cross Lake Champlain. The bridge is a lifeline for people who live on one side of the lake and work on the other. But when the old bridge was demolished in 2009, commuters had to find another way around. Lorraine Franklin owns a gift shop in West Addison, Vermont. The bridge closure directly affected her businesses -- so she decided to fight back.  Go to full article
Chimney Point Historic Site, VT, the final stop for the progressive mixer. Photo: Sarah Harris

Across the bridge: a mixer in VT and NY

I'm driving around Lake Champlain, checking in with communities in Vermont, Quebec, and New York. My first stop was last week: at a "progressive dinner" that started on one side of the new Champlain Bridge, and ended on the other.  Go to full article
Winooski residents applauded when the city council voted to oppose the F-35. Photo: Sarah Harris

Winooski city council says no to fighter jets

Two communities near the Burlington Airport are voting on the F-35 this week. On Monday, South Burlington approved the plane. But the Winooski City Council voted unanimously against basing the F-35 at the airport.  Go to full article
An anti F-35 sign in front of Chamberlin School. Photo: Sarah Harris

South Burlington city council approves fighter jet

Last night the South Burlington City Council changed their mind on the F-35. The council voted three to two in support of basing the fighter jet at the Burlington airport....  Go to full article
Winnoski River on Friday at Winooski, VT. Photo: Sarah Harris

Flooding update: where the danger is greatest

The National Weather Service says more heavy rain is in the forecast for much of the North Country today -- and that could mean serious flooding in parts of the region....  Go to full article
Turtle crossing near the flooded approach to the RT 22 bridge in Wadhams. Archive Irene flooding photo: Matt Foley

Update: Flash flood concerns ease, but high water remains a danger

Update, 10:00 a.m. Saranac Lake and the state Department of Environmental Conservation have issued a press release about high river levels there ...  Go to full article
The Lois McClure on Lake Champlain. Photo: Sarah Harris

Sailing through history in Vermont, NYS, Canada

The Lois McClure is a replica of an 1862 canal schooner.

She's a freight ship that's also a floating museum.
This summer she's recreating a piece of the...  Go to full article
Montreal and Plattsburgh are only 62 miles apart. Image:

Is Plattsburgh Montreal's U.S. suburb?

It's only 40 minutes on the highway from Plattsburgh to Montreal and the two regions share a border, a history - and an economy.  Go to full article
Juan Carlos (left) lives in a converted farm office in the barn of this dairy farm. He and Freddy want to be able to go home and come back to work on dairy farms here. Photo: David Sommerstein

What undocumented dairy workers think of immigration reform

Dairy farmers - and their workers - have a lot at stake in the immigration debate underway in Washington.

A survey by Cornell University found that 2,600...  Go to full article
Young buds on a tomato plant. Photo: <a href="">lord bute</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

TLC for struggling tomatoes

Tomatoes love sun and warm temperatures. Both have been in very short supply this growing season, and there are more cool days and nights in this week's forecast. In their...  Go to full article

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