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The Plattsburgh Press Republican is reporting this morning that state environment officials are still trying to contain an outbreak of destructive feral hogs around the town of Peru, on the fringe of the Adirondack Park. “DEC is continuing...
Over the weekend, people gathered from New York and Vermont to celebrate the completion of the new Lake Champlain Bridge, from Crown Point to Addison. The hero of the day was bridge designer and world-renowned architect Ted Zoli, who was born in...
Yikes.  The big Laurentian Aerospace project, widely seen as the Next Big Thing for Northeastern New York, has been snagged for years as it seeks to lock down private financing.  (New York state has already offered up a generous incentive...
The Burlington Free Press notes that a year ago today the waters of Lake Champlain rose above flood stage, launching a battle for survival that gripped the valley for months.  (The lake didn’t drop below flood stage again until June...
Back in January, NCPR’s Brian Mann reported on the feral pig problem in the North Country. The story garnered a lot of comments, probably because of its juicy headline–”Feral Hogs Invade Champlain Valley,...

Special Reports

Audio Slideshow
King's Garden at Ft. Ticonderoga
1920s landscape architect Marion Coffin designed a pleasure garden for the Pell family's summer home, the Pavillion, at Fort Ticonderoga. It was neglected and almost forgotten until, about ten years ago, workers began to restore the garden to Coffin's plan. Todd Moe takes a tour.
Photo Audio Essay
Lake Champlain Maritime History
Wreck diving off Burlington, the Battle of Valcour Island and the Battle of Plattsburgh with Brian Mann.
Photo Audio Essay
Fort Ticonderoga's Grand Encampment
Fort Ticonderoga, a bottleneck of history—a visit to the annual "grand encampment" where stories of the French and Indian War and the Revolution come to life amid the sounds of fifes, drums and cannon fire.

Investigation of Comptroller's office expands

The probe of possible illegal activities at the State Comptroller's office is widening, as the newly appointed State Comptroller, and State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, announced a widening of the investigation. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Doubling tax rebates for senior citizens

Senate Republicans are looking to double property tax breaks for New York' senior citizens, saying they were shortchanged in this year's state budget. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Standoff brewing in Albany over Spitzer's choice to head the APA

State Senator Betty Little, a Republican from Queensbury, says she'll work to block confirmation hearings for the man Governor Spitzer wants to head the Adirondack Park Agency. Dick Booth, a professor at Cornell University in Ithaca, was appointed by Spitzer to the APA board earlier this week. The governor says Booth should take over as chairman of the agency. The nomination drew fierce criticism from local government leaders, because of Booth's close ties to pro-environment groups and because he lives outside the blue line.  Go to full article

Reform in Albany no match for partisan politics

There's been some bitter rhetoric this week at the State Capitol, between Governor Eliot Spitzer and Republicans in the State Senate, over campaign finance practices. Karen...  Go to full article

Sexually violent predators must go home - if they're released

Earlier this year, Governor Spitzer won support among legislators for civil confinement: holding sexually violent predators after they've completed their prison sentences....  Go to full article

North Country judges demand pay raises

The state's judges are fuming over pay raises - they haven't had one in over eight years. Three judges were at the St Lawrence County courthouse yesterday, making their case...  Go to full article
NY Executive Mansion in old postcard view

It's more than decor: the Gov's mansion goes green

New York's First Lady, Silda Wall Spitzer, wants the state governor's mansion to be an example of energy efficiency and environmental sensitivity. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Accusations and political rhetoric fly in Albany on Law Day

The annual celebration of Law Day at the Capitol turned political, as the state's top Judge castigated some New York politicians for not granting the judicial branch a pay...  Go to full article

North Country seeks new med-evac provider

Northern New York has two providers of med-evac helicopter flights that don't charge patients. One of them, the U.S. Army unit based at Fort Drum in Jefferson County, is...  Go to full article

Keeping prying eyes off your prescriptions

Assembly Democrats and Senate Republicans want to outlaw the data mining of drug prescription information from pharmacies. Drug companies use that data to sell more drugs to...  Go to full article

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