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Clarkson University


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Clarkson University is a small coeducational private university in Potsdam NY with a long tradition in technology and engineering and a more recent expansion of focus into business and health curricula.

Special Reports

Photo/Audio Essay
UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter--The Iraqi Threat: How Real Is It?
Scott Ritter, former chief weapons inspector for the United Nations Special Commission in Iraq, in a recent North Country Tour, made the case against unilateral military action in Iraq.
UpNorth Forum
Paul Hawken on Natural Capitalism
Author and businessman Paul Hawken envisions a new kind of economy, one that protects natural resources, creates more jobs, and gives businesses a competitive advantage.
Andrew Himelson (Senior), Cody Rosen (Senior),  Sam Labrecque (Sophomore)
Andrew Himelson (Senior), Cody Rosen (Senior), Sam Labrecque (Sophomore)

Heard Up North: "Save a bro, grow a mo'"

"Movember" is an annual, month-long event where men grow a "mo," or moustache, as part of a campaign to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer and men's health initiatives. It started in Australia over a decade ago and has spread throughout the world.

The rules are simple: be fully shaved at the start of the month and grow a moustache throughout the month of November. There are many different moustache styles that can be used, from fully-grown to hardly noticeable. All moustaches are accepted, no matter how much someone can grow.

In that time, millions of men with a desire to do good through facial hair, and the women who support them (the Movember organization calls them "mo bros and mo sistas") have raised almost $300 million.

Movember isn't as well known in the North Country as in some other places, but at Clarkson University in Potsdam, it's getting bigger.  Go to full article
Switchgrass. Photo: <a href="">eXtension Farm Energy</a>, CC  <a href="">some rights reserved</a>

Emissions a problem in using grass as fuel

North Country farmers working with Cornell Cooperative Extension have been raising switchgrass for years. This region is a good one for growing grass. And there's lots of "marginal" land.

Switchgrass looks like a promising crop...and source of heat. But other research here shows there's a big problem with burning switchgrass pellets for heat: emissions, namely carbon monoxide.

Mike Newtown teaches in the energy technology department at SUNY Canton. He says grass pellets will emit between 1,000 to 15,000 parts per million of carbon monoxide--he says about 35 parts per million of Carbon Monoxide gas would be acceptable.

Working with colleagues at Clarkson University, Newtown's been researching how well switchgrass burns. They found that the pellets can be a good source of heat, measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs--but as it turns out, switchgrass just doesn't burn that well. Not nearly as well as cord wood, to name another native biofuel. Grass, he says, is just different.  Go to full article
Brandon Mendelson. Photo: Matthew Farenell

Former marketing consultant calls social media "B.S."

There's no avoiding social media these days--even if you're not on the internet, TV commercials urge you to like companies on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, newscasters read influential people's tweets on the air, and if you're not on Facebook, well, you're in for a lot of funny looks.

If you run a business or an organization, pressure to have an active social media "presence" can be intense--but the benefits you actually get from that presence may not be anywhere near as huge as what you were led to expect.  Go to full article
Lei Wu. Photo: Clarkson University

Clarkson prof works to modernize NY state's energy grid

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced New York would invest $250 million to develop smart grid technologies to modernize the state's energy grid.

IBM has just...  Go to full article
A panel on "Connectivity Success Stories" at the Forever Wired Conference at Clarkson University. Photo: Mark Kurtz

ADK leaders seek telecommuters inside Blue Line

"Forever Wild" is the term in New York's constitution that describes state forest preserves in the Adirondacks, and community leaders in and around the park are also using...  Go to full article
Tony Collins. Source: Clarkson University

Collins: regional economic council working

The North Country Regional Economic Development Council has emerged as one of the most influential groups shaping economic activity in the region.

The Council was...  Go to full article
One of the robot zone exhibits at the Potsdam Summer Fest.

North Country Children's Museum starts with traveling exhibit

The North Country Children's Museum is slated to open its doors in the fall of 2015. But organizers aren't waiting three years to start reaching out to their potential...  Go to full article
Former Ugandan child soldier and founder and executive director of Friends of Orphans Ricky Richard Anywar meets with Clarkson University students in Uganda. (photo: Clarkson University)

Moving the world: from child soldier to community servant

In our occasional series, Moving the World, we meet people who share their skills, expertise and resources with communities around the globe. Ricky Richard Anywar has...  Go to full article

Potsdam considers police force size

The Potsdam Village Board opened a public discussion on the size of the police force last night.

Two positions have remained unfilled since one sergeant resigned...  Go to full article
Amy Cotler

Creating healthier food cultures in schools, communities

Amy Cotler is an author, chef and local food advocate, who says it's an exciting time for the locavore movement, but more needs to be done. Cotler is author of the book,...  Go to full article

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