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Clarkson University


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Clarkson University is a small coeducational private university in Potsdam NY with a long tradition in technology and engineering and a more recent expansion of focus into business and health curricula.

Special Reports

Photo/Audio Essay
UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter--The Iraqi Threat: How Real Is It?
Scott Ritter, former chief weapons inspector for the United Nations Special Commission in Iraq, in a recent North Country Tour, made the case against unilateral military action in Iraq.
UpNorth Forum
Paul Hawken on Natural Capitalism
Author and businessman Paul Hawken envisions a new kind of economy, one that protects natural resources, creates more jobs, and gives businesses a competitive advantage.
One of the robot zone exhibits at the Potsdam Summer Fest.
One of the robot zone exhibits at the Potsdam Summer Fest.

North Country Children's Museum starts with traveling exhibit

The North Country Children's Museum is slated to open its doors in the fall of 2015. But organizers aren't waiting three years to start reaching out to their potential audience. They're on the road with a traveling exhibit this summer, visiting festivals and conferences with what they call their museum without walls. Jasmine Wallace ran across the robot zone booth in the middle of the busy, noisy Potsdam Summer festival earlier this month.  Go to full article
Former Ugandan child soldier and founder and executive director of Friends of Orphans Ricky Richard Anywar meets with Clarkson University students in Uganda. (photo: Clarkson University)

Moving the world: from child soldier to community servant

In our occasional series, Moving the World, we meet people who share their skills, expertise and resources with communities around the globe. Ricky Richard Anywar has survived his share of trouble. At 14, he was abducted by Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda and forced into slavery as a child soldier. His family was killed by the LRA. But Anywar escaped two years later. Despite what he calls an "interrupted childhood," he earned a college degree. That led to work with the Ugandan Ministry of Education. For more than 10 years he has worked to give back to his native Uganda by empowering and reintegrating former child soldiers.

Anywar is founder and executive director of "Friends of Orphans," or FRO, which pays the school fees for former child soldiers and young mothers. It runs vocational programs, counseling groups, and HIV/AIDS clinics. Clarkson University is working with FRO to help establish a community-based radio station. A group of Clarkson business students visited Uganda and the site for the proposed radio station in May.

Todd Moe spoke with Ricky Richard Anywar last week during his visit to Clarkson. He was on campus to speak to students and faculty about rebuilding war-ravaged northern Uganda.  Go to full article
Failure to provide adequate resources is neither prudent nor acceptable

Potsdam considers police force size

The Potsdam Village Board opened a public discussion on the size of the police force last night.

Two positions have remained unfilled since one sergeant resigned last year, and another was promoted to chief. That's prompted questions about how big a police force the village needs.  Go to full article
Amy Cotler

Creating healthier food cultures in schools, communities

Amy Cotler is an author, chef and local food advocate, who says it's an exciting time for the locavore movement, but more needs to be done. Cotler is author of the book,...  Go to full article
Sue Stebbins  (Photo: SUNY Potsdam)

Diversity expert among critics of NYPD surveillance of Muslim students

New York civil rights advocates want a meeting with Gov. Andrew Cuomo following a decision by the attorney general's office not to investigate the New York Police Department...  Go to full article

Scozzafava delivers Cuomo message

Dede Scozzafava, Deputy Sec. Of State and former North Country Assemblywoman, was in St. Lawrence County yesterday. She's part of the team of top staffers sent out to deliver...  Go to full article
A hydro-fracking tower. (Photo: The Innovation Trail.)

Financial expert criticizes economics of shale gas exploration

Drilling companies have been criticizing New York for delaying permits to drill for gas in the state's underground shale formations. The Department of Environmental...  Go to full article
Paul Maroun, mayor-elect in Tupper Lake, joins host of new faces (Source:  Maroun campaign)

Voters shake up local leadership, incumbents ousted or vulnerable from Ogdensburg to Lake George

The city of Watertown returned incumbent mayor Jeff Graham for another term last night.

And in Ogdensburg the race is still too close to call with city Mayor...  Go to full article
Tony Collins.

NC Economic Development Council to vet draft plan Friday

Monday was the deadline for businesses and others who want a share of state money from the 10 new regional economic development councils.

The councils, including...  Go to full article
Clarkson University's Stephen Bird

St. Lawrence County studies climate action plan

This summer, the St. Lawrence County legislature considered a measure to create a climate action plan. The plan would find ways to save money while reducing the county...  Go to full article

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