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Clarkson University


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Clarkson University is a small coeducational private university in Potsdam NY with a long tradition in technology and engineering and a more recent expansion of focus into business and health curricula.

Special Reports

Photo/Audio Essay
UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter--The Iraqi Threat: How Real Is It?
Scott Ritter, former chief weapons inspector for the United Nations Special Commission in Iraq, in a recent North Country Tour, made the case against unilateral military action in Iraq.
UpNorth Forum
Paul Hawken on Natural Capitalism
Author and businessman Paul Hawken envisions a new kind of economy, one that protects natural resources, creates more jobs, and gives businesses a competitive advantage.
Just as important as it is to get the agenda out there, itís as important for senior staff to listen to whatever people might have to say.

Scozzafava delivers Cuomo message

Dede Scozzafava, Deputy Sec. Of State and former North Country Assemblywoman, was in St. Lawrence County yesterday. She's part of the team of top staffers sent out to deliver what the governor's office called "regional State of the State Messages."

Scozzafava spoke at Clarkson University.

She stopped in the North Country Public Radio studios on her way.

She spoke with Martha Foley regional economic development councils, the proposed "energy highway," and relief for local governments struggling to pay for expensive state-mandated services.  Go to full article
A hydro-fracking tower. (Photo: The Innovation Trail.)

Financial expert criticizes economics of shale gas exploration

Drilling companies have been criticizing New York for delaying permits to drill for gas in the state's underground shale formations. The Department of Environmental Conservation says it is still considering regulations, and might not issue permits until 2013.

Deborah Rogers is glad New York is asking questions before allowing this type of drilling. Rogers has become a leading critic of the economics of shale gas exploration. She's an advisor to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas. Rogers spoke Tuesday night at Clarkson University, and earlier in the day with Julie Grant.  Go to full article
Paul Maroun, mayor-elect in Tupper Lake, joins host of new faces (Source:  Maroun campaign)

Voters shake up local leadership, incumbents ousted or vulnerable from Ogdensburg to Lake George

The city of Watertown returned incumbent mayor Jeff Graham for another term last night.

And in Ogdensburg the race is still too close to call with city Mayor Bill Nelson, a Republican, holding on to a nine-vote lead over challenger Jack McGrath, an independent.

But in much of the North Country, voters ushered in big changes in local leadership yesterday.

In Potsdam, Clarkson professor Steven Yurgartis will take the helm as mayor after defeating Republican Sharon Hutchinson by a wide margin.

From Malone to Lake George, more than a dozen incumbents were either defeated or chose not to seek re-election. Brian Mann has our story.  Go to full article
Tony Collins.

NC Economic Development Council to vet draft plan Friday

Monday was the deadline for businesses and others who want a share of state money from the 10 new regional economic development councils.

The councils, including...  Go to full article
Clarkson University's Stephen Bird

St. Lawrence County studies climate action plan

This summer, the St. Lawrence County legislature considered a measure to create a climate action plan. The plan would find ways to save money while reducing the county...  Go to full article

Potsdam moves toward dissolution vote

Village of Potsdam residents and interested parties gathered Monday night for one of their last chances to weigh in on whether the village should dissolve and become just...  Go to full article

Details emerge as regional economic council meets

The western New York Regional Council held its first public meeting in Buffalo yesterday. It's one of 10 councils the Cuomo Administration has set up in a new regional...  Go to full article
Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks in Potsdam Thursday

Cuomo unveils regional economic council in Potsdam

Governor Andrew Cuomo chose SUNY Potsdam as the place to unveil his North Country economic development council. The council will compete with other regions of the state for...  Go to full article
Photo: David Chanatry.  The Maple Ride Wind Farm in Lewis County has had a positive effect on property values, unlike projects in other counties.

Study shows wind turbines have mixed affect on property values

Wind power projects have been controversial in the North Country ever since the Maple Ridge Wind Farm started turning in Lewis County more than five years ago. One of the big...  Go to full article
Clarkson's Colleen Murphy created her own animated Aesop's Fables.

Digital arts and science merge in Clarkson senior show

Combining art and computer science isn't a new concept. But in the last few years, more universities around the country have taken digital arts more seriously. Todd Moe...  Go to full article

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