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Disability Issues


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Mar 3, 2014 — In 2002, the Supreme Court banned the execution of the "mentally retarded." Monday the court is looking at the case of a convicted man who says Florida's definition of mental disability is too strict.
Feb 27, 2014 — One-third of people who have strokes when they're young struggle with disability and loss of independence nine years later, a study finds. About 10 percent of strokes hit people under 50.
Nov 28, 2013 — Most people know about advance directives for end-of-life care. But many don't know about a one-page form designed to let people who are very old or sick specify just how much medical care they want. It's signed by a physician, so it's got teeth. But some disability advocates say it may go too far for some people.
Nov 4, 2013 — Investigative reports from the Center for Public Integrity and ABC News concluded that the program "helped coal companies thwart efforts by ailing mine workers to receive disability benefits."
Oct 21, 2013 — The standard by which a felon is judged to be mentally competent to face execution will be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court. The court agreed Monday to hear a case involving a Florida man convicted of a 1978 murder; he has an IQ that's close to the state threshold.

Special Series Disability Matters: Find disability resources and links on this special page created for a Sound Partners collaboration between North Country Public Radio and North Country centers for independent living.

This new handicapped sign appeared in New York City in summer 2013.
This new handicapped sign appeared in New York City in summer 2013.

NY to change signs for disabled access

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation to revise New York's signs showing access points for disabled individuals.

The measure calls for removing the word "handicapped" from replacement or new signs, while using an updated wheelchair logo suggesting mobility, both intended to help remove any stigma attached to the designations.  Go to full article

NY lawmaker: 12,000 disabled waiting for care

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) New York lawmakers have passed legislation intended to clear what one lawmaker calls a waiting list of 12,000 disabled individuals who need services or housing.

The bill directs the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities to clarify and implement new guidelines by April 1 identifying services needed for families to keep a disabled relative at home and indicating when residential placements are appropriate.  Go to full article
NY Capitol. Photo: Trevor Alfred

16 arrested for New York state Capitol protest

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) State police say they've arrested 16 members of a disability rights advocacy group after they disrupted legislative work in the Assembly and remained in the Capitol after its 7 p.m. closing time.

Protesters from the Center for Disability Rights stormed the chamber Wednesday afternoon to push for action on legislation that would allow a new category of caregiver for the disabled. Advocates say inaction by the Legislature is keeping New York state from getting $350 million in federal funding.  Go to full article

NY mum on thousands of reports of disabled abuse

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) The New York state agency established last year to protect the disabled in state-funded institutions has received nearly 25,000 reports of significant...  Go to full article
A sign for Interstate 81 sits under an overpass in Syracuse, N.Y. City officials and residents are debating what to do about an aging stretch of the highway that cuts through the city. Photo: Zack Seward

Group wants I-81 decision to focus on moving people, not just cars

Another group has formed to weigh in on the future of Interstate 81's path through downtown Syracuse. This one calls for a focus on moving people, not cars.  Go to full article
Some of the staff and young people in the Transitions program's social/media space in Canton. Photo: Todd Moe

NYSARC's Transitions program ready to expand

A St. Lawrence County program that helps developmentally disabled young people lead more independent lives is serving an increasing number of clients, despite a decline in...  Go to full article
Maynard Baker's lawsuit sought access to remote ponds and lakes by planes like this one, of Helms flying service. Photo: by permission from Tom Helms

Former Warrensburg supervisor drops motorized access suit

Former Warrensburg supervisor Maynard Baker has dropped his federal lawsuit seeking floatplane access to more than three dozen remote ponds and lakes in the Adirondacks. ...  Go to full article
Helms flying service. (Photo: Used by permission from Tom Helms)

Judge limits disabled access suit

There's been an ongoing fight in the Adirondacks over the use of motorized vehicles and float planes in remote areas. Supporters say four-wheelers, float planes and power...  Go to full article

NY lawmakers to vote on "Justice Center" legislation for people with disabilities

The Assembly and Senate are expected to vote on legislation they say will curb abuses against people with disabilities in state care. According to the Albany Times Union, the...  Go to full article

Opposition grows to Cuomo plan to protect NYers in state care

Opposition is growing in the legislature to Governor Cuomo's top end-of-session priority. The governor would like to enact a new agency to curb abuse of people with mental...  Go to full article

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