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Disability Issues


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Mar 3, 2014 — In 2002, the Supreme Court banned the execution of the "mentally retarded." Monday the court is looking at the case of a convicted man who says Florida's definition of mental disability is too strict.
Feb 27, 2014 — One-third of people who have strokes when they're young struggle with disability and loss of independence nine years later, a study finds. About 10 percent of strokes hit people under 50.
Nov 28, 2013 — Most people know about advance directives for end-of-life care. But many don't know about a one-page form designed to let people who are very old or sick specify just how much medical care they want. It's signed by a physician, so it's got teeth. But some disability advocates say it may go too far for some people.
Nov 4, 2013 — Investigative reports from the Center for Public Integrity and ABC News concluded that the program "helped coal companies thwart efforts by ailing mine workers to receive disability benefits."
Oct 21, 2013 — The standard by which a felon is judged to be mentally competent to face execution will be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court. The court agreed Monday to hear a case involving a Florida man convicted of a 1978 murder; he has an IQ that's close to the state threshold.

Special Series Disability Matters: Find disability resources and links on this special page created for a Sound Partners collaboration between North Country Public Radio and North Country centers for independent living.

Top down shake-up at Sunmount

Top administrators of Sunmount Developmental Center are leaving the state-run facility. Sunmount employs roughly 1700 people in Tupper Lake and provides a payroll of roughly $70 million to the Tri-Lakes economy. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Preview: ?Flame? in Canton

Flame is a rock band that has impressed celebrities, politicians and overwhelmed audiences of all ages. Based in Fulton County, they play over 100 popular classic hits from the past five decades, and are changing the world through music. They'll be in concert Friday night at the Best Western University Inn in Canton. The eleven band members happen to have developmental and physical disabilities, including autism, Down's syndrome and blindness. Vocalist Kenny Dickson grew up in Potsdam and now lives in Gloversville. Kenny told Todd Moe that, despite being mentally challenged, he's fulfilled a life long dream of being in a band.  Go to full article

Ozone threatens health across NY and Vermont

It's hot. With 90-degree days today and tomorrow, the New York State Departments of Health and Environmental Conservation issued an Air-Quality Health Advisory. The agencies are worried about ozone. It's a gas that forms on these hot days and it can be harmful. Jonathan Brown has more.  Go to full article
Some of the NYSARC and SUNY Potsdam students in the Spring Showcase

Preview: Spring Showcase in Potsdam

Poetry, Shakespeare, tap dance and an original one-act play are all part of an evening of creative works by people with disabilities this weekend. The Spring Showcase will...  Go to full article

Readers & Writers: Michael Berube, Life As We Know It

A conversation with Michael Berube, author of Life As We Know It, a personal history of parenting a Down syndrome child. Born with Down syndrome, Jamie presented his...  Go to full article

North Country seeks new med-evac provider

Northern New York has two providers of med-evac helicopter flights that don't charge patients. One of them, the U.S. Army unit based at Fort Drum in Jefferson County, is...  Go to full article

Ranks of uninsured grow at alarming rate

A recent survey by the St Lawrence County Health Initiative found more than 33% of residents don't have any health insurance. State and federal studies indicate only 10% are...  Go to full article

Readers & Writers: The Ha-Ha by Dave King

Howard Kapostash, the protagonist of The Ha-Ha, has not spoken in thirty years. Ever since a severe blow to the head during his days in the Army, words unravel in his...  Go to full article

Bruno wants investigation into autistic boy?s death

The leader of the State Senate wants Governor Spitzer's Inspector General to investigate state agencies that care of children with autism, following the death of a...  Go to full article

Temple Grandin, Thinking in Pictures (partial audio due to technical error)

Oliver Sacks recognized Temple Grandin's uniqueness in an essay whose title "An Anthropologist on Mars" captures the strangeness of the relationship of a person with...  Go to full article

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