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Sometimes we’re just fish in water, oblivious to our own surroundings. That was part of the message two tourists from Europe shared recently, in an “Open letter to the people who hold power and responsibility in Canada.” In it,...
Some of you use CBC content and some of you don’t. But major changes just announced by the CBC will certainly affect future programing. Today at least, the most detailed reporting on this is coming out of CBC news: CBC to cut back supper-hour...
News flash out of Seattle: the minimum wage has just been raised to $15/hour, by far the highest in the country. Indeed, it’s double or more the rate in Arkansas ($6.25) and about half the states,  almost triple the rate in Georgia and...

Aug 28, 2014 — A new survey by Rutgers University found two out of three Americans felt no improvement in the last year. And only about one in four expect things to get better in the year to come.
Aug 28, 2014 — Arthur T. Demoulas has regained control of the company in a deal worth $1.5 billion. The move ends a battle between rival factions of the family that left store shelves bare and stakeholders angry.
Aug 28, 2014 — A federal appeals court in Oregon ruled FedEx Ground misclassified more than 2,000 drivers in California as independent contractors. There could be back claims for unpaid wages and benefits.


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Grindstone Financial
The Artful Blogger grew up in Lafargeville, made his bones on Wall Street, and returned to the North Country in 2003, settling in Clayton to raise his family and dabble in the markets.
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Passport Rules Chill Tourism

The Bush administration said this week that Americans re-entering the U.S will need to show a passport by 2008. It's part of ongoing efforts to tighten border security. Administration officials also say Canadians will have to show a passport to enter the U-S. They have been the only foreigners allowed to come into the country with just a driver's license. Yesterday, Canadian officials say they are now considering a tit-for-tat requirement for Americans. The passport rules will change a long tradition for people living in what are called "near border communities". Gary DeYoung is director of tourism at the Thousand Islands Tourism Council. The council is based at one of the North Country's busiest border crossings - the Thousand Islands Bridge in Alexandria Bay. He talked with Martha Foley.  Go to full article
Lake Placid Film Festival ends run

Lake Placid Film Festival Fades To Black After 5-Year Run

The Lake Placid Film Festival won't go on this summer. The event lost twenty thousand dollars last year. Ticket sales were flat, despite an appearance by legendary director Martin Scorcese. As Chris Knight reports, organizers say there wasn't enough sponsorship support to stage a quality festival.  Go to full article

Preview: 3rd Annual Burt Symposium at SLU

A day long symposium at St. Lawrence University Thursday will take another look at the North Country's economic, environmental and educational vitality, and ways to encourage local strengths. It's the 3rd Annual Ellen C. Burt Symposium. The theme this year centers on collaboration among community and educational institutions. The event will be held in the Eben Holden Conference center on campus. Martha Foley talks with Shannon Brown, coordinator of this year's conference.  Go to full article
Nobel laureate John Fenn

Nobel Laureate: Money Hurting Science Ed.

A Nobel prize winner is on campus at Clarkson University today. John Fenn is a research professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. He was awarded the Nobel...  Go to full article

Empire Zones Renewed, With Safeguards

As a part of the budget, lawmakers agreed to extend one of the state's main economic development programs. The Empire Zones program gives more than 9,000 businesses tax...  Go to full article

$4 Million Worker Housing Project Planned For North Creek

A non-profit group called Comlinks plans to build 20 affordable apartments and townhouses in North Creek. Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton unveiled the $4 million development...  Go to full article

Mandatory Passports May Hurt Tourism

The Department of Homeland Security is weighing a new proposal for border crossings. It could require everyone to show a valid passport to enter the U.S. The possibility...  Go to full article

Mercy of Northern New York Files Reorganization Plan

Mercy of Northern New York in Watertown took what they hope is their first step out of bankruptcy in court on Monday. If they don't succeed, potential buyers of the health...  Go to full article

Commentary: Richer and Poorer

Many people believe that time and progress walk hand in hand, many don't. Here's a cautionary tale from commentator Mike Owen. He's one of the latter.  Go to full article

Mohawk Land Claim: State Entices Counties With Cash

The Franklin County legislature yesterday threw its support behind Governor Pataki's settlement to the 23-year old Mohawk land claim. St. Lawrence County is expected to do...  Go to full article

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