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State board of elections figures  show two Adirondack land swap ballot proposals passing by handy margins, though the NYCO minerals project in Essex County appeared significantly closer. The land swap that would allow mining on roughly 200...
UPDATE:  8:55:  Okay, folks, that’ll do it for the In Box live blog for tonight.  After this, as actual NY numbers start coming in, we’ll be using the micro-blog on the front page of  You can still feel free...
Tuesday is election day. One of the more heated races in the North Country has been the district attorney race in St. Lawrence County. Republican challenger Mary Rain has aggressively attacked Duvé, the incumbent Dem, criticizing her for a...
This morning, in my conversation with Martha Foley, I reported that the Township 40 land deal in the Adirondack hamlet of Racquette Lake is relatively uncontroversial, compared with the NYCO minerals deal in Lewis. Both issues will be on the...

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Election Day is Tuesday, November 5

NCPR will be reporting results as they come in. Polls close at 9 pm. There are six propositions on today's ballot. We have been reporting on Prop 1, which would expand casino gaming in New York, on Prop 4, which would settle land titles in Raquette Lake, on Prop 5, which calls for a land swap in the Forest Preserve, and Prop 6, which would raise the retirement age of some judges in New York to age 80.

In addition, NCPR has been following the St. Lawrence County DA race, mayoral races in Canton and Plattsgurgh, and the races for City Council seats in Watertown.


NYCO's Mark Buckley points to the border between mine-owned lands and the state forest Preserve.  Photo: Brian Mann
NYCO's Mark Buckley points to the border between mine-owned lands and the state forest Preserve. Photo: Brian Mann

NYCO spent big on Forest Preserve land swap

NYCO Minerals spent more than half a million dollars to win support for a controversial land swap with the state approved by voters statewide last week. That's according to financial disclosure statements the Willsboro-based mining company filed with the state Board of Elections in the months and days leading up to the vote on Proposition 5.

Proposition 5 gives NYCO the right to mine a 200-acre tract in the Jay Mountain Wilderness in exchange for 1,500 acres elsewhere that will be added to the Forest Preserve.  Go to full article
This 200-acre parcel of forest preserve land known as Lot 8 is likely to be mined under a deal that approved by voters last week.  The issue has sharply divided green groups.  Photo: Dan Plumley, Adirondack Wild

"Serious fault line" splits Adk green groups

Green groups in the Adirondacks remain bitterly divided following last week's vote over the NYCO minerals land deal.

Voters across the state narrowly approved the controversial project.

It will allow NYCO minerals to expand its mining operations in the Essex County town of Lewis onto roughly 200 acres of forest preserve land.

Now a fierce war of words has erupted between green groups, with some environmental leaders lobbing accusations of unethical behavior and dishonesty.  Go to full article
NYCO's Mark Buckley points to the border between mine-owned lands and the state forest preserve.  His company will push that boundary back now that voters have approve the deal. Photo: Brian Mann

Both Adirondack land swap amendments are approved

Voters across New York state approved two amendments to the state Constitution that allow land swaps to go forward in the Adirondack Park.

An effort to settle long-standing property disputes in Raquette Lake in Hamilton County passed by a wide margin, with 72-percent support according to unofficial tallies.

A controversial plan by NYCO minerals to mine roughly 200 acres of forest preserve land in the Essex County town of Lewis also passed, though with much narrower support of roughly 53 percent statewide.

Adirondack Bureau Chief Brian Mann talks with Martha Foley about the ballot propositions.  Go to full article

James Calnon wins Plattsburgh mayoral race

The city of Plattsburgh has a new mayor this morning, with Republican James Calnon taking the seat that was vacated by Mayor Donald Kasprzak, who chose not to run again....  Go to full article

Tony Jordan wins Washington County DA race

Long-time Assemblyman Tony Jordan has claimed the district attorney's post in Washington County, handily defeating sitting DA and fellow Republican Kevin Kortright.
...  Go to full article
Democrat Nicole Duvé, left, and Republican Mary Rain. Photos: David Sommerstein

Rain apparent winner in St. Lawrence county DA race

Republican challenger Mary Rain appears to have unseated two-term Democratic district attorney Nicole Duvé in St. Lawrence County. According to unofficial results, Rain won...  Go to full article

Essex County votes out 5 incumbent supervisors

It was a tough night for incumbents in Essex County. Five out of six town supervisors who were on the ballot were sent packing by voters.

Sitting supervisors were...  Go to full article

Six amendments top statewide ballot

There are six amendments on Tuesday's ballot, ranging from whether New York should allow seven resort style gambling casinos, to whether judges should be allowed to serve on...  Go to full article
Turning Stone Casino. Photo: Oneida Nation

Casino approval number one ballot item

New Yorkers will decide Tuesday whether they want to allow seven new gambling casinos in the state.

The amendment to the state's constitution to allow the casinos...  Go to full article
Casino gaming sites in New York. Photo: NY Governor's Office

Casinos: how did we get here from Las Vegas?

If voters pass the proposed amendment to the state constitution to allow casino gambling today, New York will become the 21tst state to legalize commercial, Las Vegas style...  Go to full article
Democrat Nicole Duvé (left) faces a challenge from Republican Mary Rain for St. Lawrence County district attorney. Photos: David Sommerstein

Accusations, but little information, in St. Lawrence DA race

The district attorney race has dominated the election season in St. Lawrence County. Incumbent Democrat Nicole Duvé has run a low-key - you could say, lawyerly - campaign for...  Go to full article
City Council candidate Stephen Jennings tells a small audience at the Italian-American Civic Association in Watertown that he wants to get the city involved in improving deteriorating neighborhoods. Photo: Joanna Richards

Watertown council candidates get last word before election day

Watertown's City Council hopefuls got one final chance before tomorrow's election to make their case at a meet-the-candidates event last week. The four opponents advocate...  Go to full article
Some green groups say valuable forest lands would be lost in the proposed NYCO land swap. Photo:  Brian Mann

2 Adirondack land swaps proposals on ballot

Two of the six amendments on Tuesday's ballot deal with land swaps in the Adirondack Park. One of the proposals has split environmental groups.

Proposition 4 would...  Go to full article
Prop. 5 would swap "Lot 8," 200 acres of Forest Preserve land adjacent to NYCO mining operations, for 1500 acres that could be added to the Jay Mountain Wilderness. Map: NYCO

A deeper look at the Adirondack land swap proposals

When voters across New York open their ballots tomorrow, they'll find lots of local races. They'll also find a half-dozen statewide propositions dealing with everything from...  Go to full article
The St. Lawrence County courthouse and legislative building.

St. Lawrence County District 9 electing legislator for 1 year

There's a special election for St. Lawrence County legislator in District 9 this year. District 9 includes downtown Canton and stretches south along Route 11 towards DeKalb....  Go to full article
Plattsburgh City Hall. Photo: Mark Kurtz

Three candidates seek to become Plattsburgh mayor

Voters go to the polls in Plattsburgh tomorrow to elect a new mayor. Incumbent Republican Donald Kasprzak decided not to seek re-election.

Democrat Mark Tiffer,...  Go to full article
Village trustee Mary Ann Ashley challenges mayor Dave Curry on Tuesday. Photos: David Sommerstein/Lisa Lazenby

Two Republicans face off for Canton mayor

An odd numbered year means a sprinkling of local races on Election Day next Tuesday.
In St. Lawrence County, the race between Democratic incumbent district attorney...  Go to full article
The NY Court of Appeals hearing a case. Photo: <a href="">Tracy Collins</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Ballot proposal would allow some judges to work until 80

A proposal on Tuesday's ballot would raise the retirement age for some New York judges from 70 to age 80. Supporters include the state's 68-year-old chief judge. Opponents...  Go to full article
Kevin Crosby takes the mic at the St. Lawrence County Republicans meet-the-candidates dinner. Photo: Sarah Harris

Why do we elect a coroner, anyway?

In St. Lawrence County, four coroners are notified when a fatal accident happens.

One of them takes the call, drives to the scene, day or night. Besides issuing...  Go to full article
"Electing a coroner is a holdover from British Common Law." Photo: <a href="">Degi Hari</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Talking with a voter about the coroner race

It's almost election day. And in St. Lawrence County one of the races is a public office you might forget about -- coroner. There are 2 open seats this year, and 3...  Go to full article
Turning Stone Casino. Photo: Oneida Nation

Casino expansion number one amendment on Tuesday's ballot

On Tuesday, New Yorkers will decide whether the state should allow up to seven new resort style casinos. Supporters claim it's about new jobs, not casinos. Opponents say...  Go to full article
The NY Court of Appeals hearing a case. Photo: <a href="">Tracy COllins</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

No consensus on raising judicial retirement age to 80

A proposal on the November ballot to allow some judges to serve until they are 80 years old is not drawing a lot of support. One court expert says that's a shame.  Go to full article
New York's plans to expand gambling  must be approved by voters in November. Photo: ragingwire, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Pro casino coalition airs first ads

The first ad is out promoting the ballot amendment to build new casinos in New York. It focuses on the benefits the casinos might bring, and not on actual gambling activity.  Go to full article
Turning Stone Casino. Photo: Oneida Nation

Casino ballot language may influence vote

A poll finds that the positive wording of a November ballot amendment to expand gambling in New York is continuing to influence voters.

The Siena College poll...  Go to full article
St. Lawrence County District Attorney Nicole Duvé speaks to the press Wednesday in the Grand Jury room in the county courthouse building in Canton. Photo: David Sommerstein.

Duve fights back against DA challenger

St. Lawrence County District Attorney Nicole Duve defended her record yesterday from attacks by her Republican challenger.

Duvé, a Democrat, said former public...  Go to full article

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