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Elle Garrell Berger


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Elle shares her home on Lake Champlain with one human and two canine companions. When not writing, she enjoys walks in the countryside.

Commentary: So many Calendars, so Little Wall Space

How many calendars did you receive this year? Probably too many to use, and several were probably too pretty to throw out. Commentator Elle Garrell Berger has confronted her own calendar crisis.  Go to full article

Commentary: Registration

Shopping has become easier today with the expansion of different registries. Commentator Elle Garrell Berger has some thoughts on the potential of really efficient shopping.  Go to full article

Commentary: Who Would Ever Have Dreamed

Not everyone is born with a constitution that seeks out adventure, but even a reluctant risk-taker, like commentator Elle Garrell Berger, can become braver as she travels through life.  Go to full article

Commentary: Built to Last

Have you had an appliance fixed lately? Commentator Elle Garrell Berger did and discovered that in our world of disposable gadgets, repairs are not as easy as they used to...  Go to full article

Commentary: Black Holes

As communication technology improves, are you feeling more ignored? Do you leave messages that go unanswered? Commentator Elle Garrell Berger wonders why so many of us have...  Go to full article

Commentary: Who's To Blame for the Cool Spring?

It's been a late, cool spring. And after such a rugged winter, too.
Commentator Elle Garrell Berger thinks she knows why we've had to wait so long for a little warmth.  Go to full article

Commentary: Bitter Cold

Okay, it's been really cold, and for long enough that it's crept into the house, and down into the ground. Pipes that haven't frozen in years have frozen this week. Trees...  Go to full article

Commentary: Thoughts on War From One of the Undecided

Surveys of public opinion show deep skepticism about the reasons for war against Iraq. Commentator Elle Berger is among those thinking hard about the choices the country is...  Go to full article

Commentary: Returns

After holiday shopping comes holiday returning for all the things we'll never use and don't really fit. For returning them efficiently, however, requires some special...  Go to full article

Commentary: Leftovers

At holiday time, leftovers are a favorite. But not all leftovers are edible. As commentator Elle Garrell Berger tells us, leftovers of all kinds can provide nourishment...  Go to full article

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