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Elle Garrell Berger


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Elle shares her home on Lake Champlain with one human and two canine companions. When not writing, she enjoys walks in the countryside.

Commentary: The Green Standard

Many Americans try to grow the perfect lawn, lush green, manicured expanse without weeds. But, according to commentator Elle Garrell Berger, what we have come to think of as the best kind of lawn may be the worst lawn for us and our environment.  Go to full article

Commentary: The Early Summer Garden

The garden is full of promise in early summer, even, or perhaps, especially, the amateur's garden. Elle Berger is enjoying growth with order, so far.  Go to full article

Commentary: Demographics

Ad agency executives are always talking about demographics. But commentator Elle Garrell Berger suspects that many of them may be too young to notice who is really out there buying all those things they want to sell.  Go to full article

Commentary: Watching the Drought

Most of New York is watching to see if last summer's drought will continue. Commentator Elle Berger is watching water levels, too, but has a new perspective.  Go to full article

Commentary: Unusual Nature of a New Kind of War

As we fight the War on Terrorism at home and overseas, many of us have returned to the normal routines of our daily lives. Commentator Elle Garrell Berger share her...  Go to full article

Commentary: Winter

The National Weather Service offices in New York and Vermont announced today that this has, in fact, been the warmest winter ever recorded. And there hasn't been much snow...  Go to full article

Commentary: Making Change

As the new year progresses, we look back on the last as one that changed everything. But, according to commentator Elle Garrell Berger, life for most of us is pretty much...  Go to full article

Commentary: What We are Giving

Thoughts about this holiday season--Elle Berger looks beyond the shopping statistics for signs of consumer confidence.  Go to full article

Commenatry: Giving Thanks

Appreciating health and happiness this Thanksgiving week. We hear from commentator Elle Garrell Berger.  Go to full article

Commentary: Vacationing at Home

Commentator Elle Garrell Berger explains how a cancelled European vacation led to a dandy fall break in her own backyard.  Go to full article

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