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It’s become pretty clear that shipping oil by rail raises serious issues. That might make the case for pipelines seem more attractive, but nothing’s ever simple, is it? We’re still left with questions about pipeline safety. Plus...
The supply and price of natural gas is buffeted by local factors and global markets. Between those two pressure points, natural gas prices are suddenly on the rise. Two weeks ago an In Box post mentioned that a major supplier of natural gas in...
Winter seemingly came early this time around. It stayed late and it sure hit hard. With apologies, perhaps that was our fault. You see, the spouse and I enjoy cross country skiing. Every year we earnestly pray for snow. Hey! Success! As one...
BP announced earlier today that it’s ”divesting” from the controversial Cape Vincent project it’s been working on for nearly a decade. Our reporter Joanna Richards is working on the story, but here’s a statement...
Those who follow the debate about the Keystone XL Pipeline have very likely formed their own opinion about the project’s merits, or dangers. Further presentations may not change any minds. The controversial project is still awaiting approval...

Apr 14, 2014 — Luminescent paint absorbs energy during the daylight hours and then glows green in the dark. If widely adopted, the inventor envisions an energy-saving smart highway.
Apr 9, 2014 — As vertical farming takes root in cities around the world, critics fear it's leaving a big carbon footprint. An experiment in Chicago turning garbage into energy aims to prove them wrong.
Apr 4, 2014 — Thanks in large part to hydraulic fracturing, the U.S. finds itself awash in domestic energy — and moving rapidly toward self-sufficiency and a position of strategic and economic strength.
Apr 2, 2014 — It has been nearly 2 months since a metal stormwater pipe ruptured near the Dan River. A federal criminal probe was launched into the relationship between Duke Energy and a state environmental agency.
Mar 31, 2014 — In many ways, the world is "ill-prepared" for the dangers, scientists say in a new report. They also say efforts to improve energy efficiency and cut water consumption could help make a difference.

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wind tower
Audio Slideshow:
Life beneath the Tug Hill wind turbines
David Sommerstein talks with neighbors of the Maple Ridge windfarm on the Tug Hill Plateau to find out what it's like living with the new energy technology in your own back yard.
Audio Series
Wind Power in the North Country
NCPR reporter David Sommestein looks at the rise of wind power development in the region and its opponents.
Audio Series
The Biofuel Economy
NCPR reporter Gregory Warner looks at the development of renewable alternative energy fuels from agriculture and other biological sources.
Audio Slideshow
A Journey to Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
In the US Senate debate over the country's energy plan, New York's senators oppose plans to drill for oil in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Brian Mann spent a month in the Alaskan wilderness to research this half-hour documentary report.
Photo Audio Essay
President Bush: Earth Day in the Adirondacks
President George Bush was met with hospitality & protests while celebrating Earth Day in the Adirondacks. Brian Mann reports from Wilmington.
Photo Audio Essay
Relicensing the St. Lawrence-FDR Power Project
The St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Project was the largest public works project in the world. The power project's 50-year operation license expires in 2003. A three-part series by David Sommerstein.
Photo Audio Essay
The New Potsdam Co-op Bakery
The Potsdam Food Coop's new wood-fired brick oven is producing crunchy, chewy sourdough and wholewheat breads. Todd Moe talks with the Coop's baker, Chris Affrey.
A new plan announced by Gov. Cuomo would convert the NRG power plant in Dunkirk, NY to natural gas. Photo: Kate O'Connell
A new plan announced by Gov. Cuomo would convert the NRG power plant in Dunkirk, NY to natural gas. Photo: Kate O'Connell

Advocates: Deal for power plant "undermined" PSC

Earlier this week, we reported on Gov. Andrew Cuomo's role in pushing sometimes conflicting sides to agreement on a new wilderness area in the central Adirondacks.

Now the governor's had a hand in a $150-million deal that will see a coal-fired power plant on Lake Erie converted to burn natural gas.

Many of New York's power stations are reaching the end of their operating lives. The Public Service Commission has been assessing options for the future of the Dunkirk power station for months.

The deal that announced by the governor this week wasn't actually one of them, even though the agreement is supposed to be contingent upon PSC approval.  Go to full article
The team already knows having loons on a lake raises property values. Common loon adult and young. Photo: Nina Schoch

Clarkson researchers wonder how water quality affects property values

Researchers from Clarkson University are gearing up to study the effect water pollution has on property values across 26 counties in upstate New York.

They'll study water quality data and correlate that with property sales over the past 10 years.  Go to full article
Cape Vincent Town Councilman Brooks Bragdon addresses state officials about BP's proposed wind farm at a meeting Monday night at Cape Vincent Elementary School. From left, Town Councilmen John Byrne and Clif Schneider, town attorney Paul Curtin, and Supervisor Urban Hirschey listen. Photo: Joanna Richards

Cape Vincent tells state: we want decision on wind farm

The town of Cape Vincent, in Jefferson County, has been divided over a proposed wind farm for a decade. The latest company to pursue the project is BP. But now, with a potential sale in the works, residents told the state power project siting board they're getting impatient with the uncertainty.  Go to full article
Wind turbines are already visible from Cape Vincent's shoreline - on Canada's Wolfe Island. There could be a lot more if BP's proposed project moves forward under a new owner. Photo: <a href="">NapaneeGal</a>, Creative Commons. some rights reserved.

Cape Vincent meeting may clarify wind farm's future

A proposed wind farm in Cape Vincent, in Jefferson County, has been in limbo since energy company BP said earlier this year that it's planning to sell off its entire wind...  Go to full article
Environment New York says wind power helps keep New York's air clean. Photo: David Sommerstein

Green energy advocates push the upsides of wind power

A new report is touting the environmental and health benefits of wind power.

The analysis from Environment New York's Research and Policy Center says wind power...  Go to full article
Where drillers want to use hydrofracking in New York: pending well permit applications for high-volume hydraulic fracturing. Image: Innovation Trail

Landowners plan suit over fracking delays

A landowners group says it intends to file a lawsuit against what it says are the Cuomo Administration's unreasonable delays on hydro-fracking before the end of the year....  Go to full article
A methane dome is a recognizable part of an anaerobic digester system. Photo: <a href="">Dan Hartung</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved.

St. Lawrence co. dairy gets digester grant

A large dairy farm in St. Lawrence County is getting more than $400,000 for a methane digester. The grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture will help Woodcrest Dairy in...  Go to full article
Eileen Simollardes (at right) from Vermont Gas outlines the pipeline project.  Cornwall select board chairman Bruce Hiland (in blue) looks on at left.  (Photo:  Brian Mann)

NY-VT tension shapes Ticonderoga gas pipeline project

The US and Canada are carrying more and more energy produced in North America on rail tank cars. That's controversial, especially after this summer's disaster in...  Go to full article
The poposed Vermont Gas Systems pipeline runs from Cornwall, VT to Ticonderoga, NY. Map: Addison County Regional Planning Commission

Will the Vermont Gas line serve all of Ticonderoga?

One lingering question on the New York side of the lake is whether this gas pipeline project will benefit consumers in Ticonderoga other than International Paper.
...  Go to full article
Photo: Kate O'Connell

Energy regulator responds to transparency challenge

New York's Public Service Commission - or PSC - has come under scrutiny in recent weeks with claims that it's proceedings lack transparency.

The commission's...  Go to full article

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