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“Navigable waters” is an awkward mouthful. Not a very sexy topic to the average layperson. But for some landowners and paddlers, them’s fighting words. Why? Because if a waterway is considered navigable, that comes with...
This summer, Paul Smith’s College and the East Shore Schroon Lake Association are working on a program aiming to control the spread of aquatic invasive species. Researchers are trying to see how effective it is to flush a boat’s...
Every so often some new sinkhole makes the news. This week the local hole worth knowing about opened up in West Quebec and closed Highway 148 between Luskville and Quyon. That got me poking around the Internet on the subject of sinkholes in...
Several converging experiences over the last week got me to thinking about the role predators play in the food chain and even, it turns out, on the shape of our landscape. It began with my hen house, led to the ridge at the top of my hay field, and...
This is the time of year when all manner of critters are out and about with their offspring. And most of us just go “Aww!” when the oh-so-cute babies go by. But it bears remembering that parents can be very protective. Wild or...

Jul 22, 2014 — A program that provides food and shelter to migratory birds has enlisted immigrant women in the effort. "When I see them here," says one woman, "it reminds me of my garden back home in Mexico."
Jul 20, 2014 — The state is experiencing the worst drought in decades, but water consumption in the southern coastal region is actually higher than in previous years. New rules and incentives aim to change that.
Jul 18, 2014 — How do you make people conserve water? Officials in California are asking that question, as the state enacts unprecedented water-use restrictions during the severe drought.

Consumer Consequences from APM: What would the world look like if everyone lived like you?

A 'Dimmer' View of Climate Change

You've probably heard about global warming, maybe also climactic cooling. Scientists have identified another phenomenon called 'global dimming'. They say the world is getting darker. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Whiteface Plan Includes Day-Use Rental Cabins

The Adirondack Park Agency is poised to approve a new plan for the ski area at Whiteface Mountain. The most controversial addition will be a series of rental day-use cabins. Environmental groups say the structures would violate the "forever wild" provision of the state's constitution. Chris Knight has details.  Go to full article

"Got Milk?" Campaign Provokes Lawsuit

Dairy farmers across the country contribute part of their paychecks into a government program which pays for a national advertising campaign. Supporters say the "Got Milk?" and "3-A-Day" messages have helped keep the price of milk strong. But one small dairy farm is taking on the U.S. government. The farmers say their milk is different - and they don't want to pay to advertise their competitors' product. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Brad Linder reports.  Go to full article

Tracking Money Trail of Dirtiest Power Plants

A study by two environmental groups finds close ties between the Bush campaign and some of the top polluters in the power plant industry. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's...  Go to full article

Tour de Burn Barrel Visits Albany

A bill now circulating in the state legislature would ban the open burning of trash and other toxic materials in rural communities around the state. The legislation is backed...  Go to full article

Court Case Still Affecting Polluters

Thirty years ago, a court case on the far reaches of Lake Superior changed the balance of power between polluters and the government. For the first time ever, a judge issued...  Go to full article

Study: Acid Rain Depletes Forest Soil

Acid rain isn't a new threat to the environment. But its effect on trees and soils has been a point of debate. Now, a new study supports the theory that acid rain can deplete...  Go to full article

Muddy Waters Around Wetlands Ruling

Around the country, there are small, isolated swampy areas that are home to a lot of plants and animals. You can often hear frogs singing, or see ducks dabbling for food in...  Go to full article

Governors Call For Uniform Water Standards

Some Great Lakes governors have agreed they should adopt a consistent set of rules for determining whether their water is clean and safe. We have more from the Great Lakes...  Go to full article
Lake Ontario fisherman John Rorabeck on Point Traverse

Saving the American Eel

For centuries, the American eel dominated the waters of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Only 50 years ago, the snake-like fish accounted for half of the biomass of...  Go to full article

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