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Food and Hunger


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The U.S. Department of Agriculture has been heavily promoting its organic programs lately, particularly its increased support for organic farming in the new farm bill: "Consumer demand for organic products has grown exponentially over the past...
There is an alarming amount of hunger in the United States, despite our collective wealth. This fact has been cited so often that it has lost some of its power. Income inequality is old news, but it’s important not to take this for granted....
As we've reported for quite a while here at NCPR, the Champlain Valley has become a hotspot in the North Country for young farmers trying to forge a new path for agriculture. The Adirondack Explorer traces the roots and future possibilities of that...
Happy National Agriculture Day! You can write an essay about agriculture (theme: "365 days and 7 billion mouths to feed"), plan a get-together, or scroll through hundreds of "felfies" – farmer selfies. But definitely look at these portraits....
This week is Agricultural Literacy week in New York State, organized by Cornell's Agriculture in the Classroom program. Every year, Cornell extension agents and other volunteers head in to the classroom to read an Ag-related children's book. This...

Stories Food Life coverNCPR Food Book: Stories, Food, Life

Stories and recipes submitted by NCPR friends, listeners and staff. You can find Stories, Food Life at many bookstores throughout the region.

Apr 17, 2014 — On the eve of Easter and National Jelly Bean Day, let us probe the mysterious origins and unexpected ascendency of the humble candy. And to celebrate, we've sampled Jelly Belly's newest flavors.
Apr 17, 2014 — When Poppy Tooker was a kid, her favorite dish was her great-grandmother's Peas in a Roux. Only years later did Tooker discover that canned peas — not fresh or frozen — were the key to the recipe.
Apr 17, 2014 — It turns out the first chili peppers were grown by humans in eastern Mexico. And it's not the same region where beans and corn were first grown, according to new ways of evaluating evidence.
Apr 17, 2014 — In West Baltimore, it takes 17 minutes of work (the average hourly wage is $19.34), but in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, where wages are more than double that, it takes only nine minutes.
Apr 17, 2014 — Scientists and food activists are launching a campaign to promote seeds that can be freely shared, rather than protected through patents and licenses. They call it the Open Source Seed Initiative.

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Local Flavors: Todd Moe keeps it homegrown in this series focused on eating locally, and on sustainable agriculture and gardening.
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Watertown Schools Fight Hunger with "Empty Bowls"
the "Empty Bowls" program, which began sixteen years ago in Michigan and has grown nationwide in scope. 1,700 clay bowls that were made over the last few months at schools in Jefferson County will raise thousands of dollars for hunger relief.
Photo Audio Essay
The New Potsdam Co-op Bakery
The Potsdam Food Coop's new wood-fired brick oven is producing crunchy, chewy sourdough and wholewheat breads. Todd Moe talks with the Coop's baker, Chris Affrey.

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Sunday, 2 pm
Eric Andrus working on his farm-to-market sailboat. Photo: Sarah Harris
Eric Andrus working on his farm-to-market sailboat. Photo: Sarah Harris

Sail barge Ceres brings Champlain Valley produce to NYC

Vermont farmer Eric Andrus just completed a major voyage. Andrus built a sail-powered, carbon-neutral cargo barge called the Ceres. He filled it with produce, and sailed it from Vermont to New York City last month.

The idea was to bring farm products from the Champlain Valley to new markets via historical waterways.  Go to full article
The North Country Department Store returns to Indian River Middle School this year. Photo: Office of Addie Russell

Preview: North Country Dept Store at Indian River Middle School

The Third Annual North Country Department Store will be on Saturday, 10 am-4 pm, at the Indian River Middle School. The event showcases locally made and available products by artisans, farmers and even antiques dealers.

Assemblywoman Addie Russell is organizing the annual department store, which is part of her "Rediscovering Your Backyard" initiative. She spoke with Todd Moe.  Go to full article
Congressman Bill Owens and Richard Eakins talk about corn storage. Photo: Sarah Harris.

Owens: farm bill may happen in 2013

There's still no Farm Bill this year.

The Farm Bill sets policy for agriculture nationwide. But most of the bill--money-wise--goes to food stamps. And disagreement over cuts to food stamps has held the overall bill up for over a year.

This week, members of the House and Senate will start hashing out a new compromise version of the bill. At a visit to a North Country soybean farm, Congressman Bill Owens said that may mean progress.  Go to full article
Healthy porcelain garlic, after a successful growing season..

Last call for garlic!

Halloween is just about here, and besides pumpkins, the crop on Cooperative Extension horticulturist Amy Ivy's mind is garlic. Not harvest, but planting. Mid to late October...  Go to full article
A volunteer unloads Food Sense packages at the Potsdam Neighborhood Center on Thursday morning. Photo: Zach Hirsch

Food Sense program offers a discount to all

Next week, Congress will begin negotiating a new Farm Bill. One of the major sticking points is the food stamp program. The House and Senate are very far away over how much...  Go to full article
Photo: <a href="">Selbe B</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

As Nov. 1 approaches, social service providers brace for impact

At the end of the month, families who depend on food stamps will start getting less money for their groceries. On November 1st, a boost to food stamps from the federal...  Go to full article

"Subversive gardening" on World Food Day

Today is World Food Day, a day to think about hunger and food insecurity around the world and in our backyard.

High school students from around the North Country...  Go to full article
The WIC program serves about 10,000 people from Watertown to Malone.

WIC nutritional program will close alongside children's clinic

There's more fallout from the closing of the North Country Children's Clinic.

The clinic administers a nutrition program for women, infants and children, called...  Go to full article
Photo: <a href="">Sergio Ruiz</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

How a St. Lawrence county coop is building local food distribution

A farmer cooperative in St. Lawrence County is getting a federal grant to sell more local produce to schools and hospitals. As David Sommerstein reports, the North Country...  Go to full article
Christine Hoffman has just moved her jam and jelly business, The Spicy Wench, into the new shared-use commercial kitchen in Sackets Harbor. Photo: Joanna Richards

Sackets Harbor shared kitchen fills gap for small food producers

A new commercial kitchen in Sackets Harbor is starting to help small food producers grow their businesses. The shared-use facility is the first of its kind in Jefferson...  Go to full article

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