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Aug 18, 2014 — This third-largest wildfire in California's history struck the area near Yosemite National Park. Since then, controversy has broken out over whether to log the trees and replant seedlings.
Aug 18, 2014 — The agency's fleet of planes shrank dramatically in the early 2000s, falling from 40 air tankers to nine. Now, the addition of new airplanes is both expanding and modernizing the firefighting fleet.
Jun 7, 2014 — Dignitaries like President Clinton, first lady Michelle Obama and Oprah spoke at the memorial service at Wake Forest University.
Jun 6, 2014 — An environmental group is blasting Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme for buying palm oil from suppliers who destroy rain forest and peatlands. The group says sustainable palm oil should be used instead.
Feb 9, 2014 — To see what services the Forest Lawn company has to offer, there's no need to go to an actual funeral home or cemetery. In shopping centers across Southern California, the business is setting up kiosks that look like they could as easily be marketing homemade pottery instead of urns.

Special Features

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Protecting the Tug Hill Plateau: Fish Creek
Last summer, New York State, the Nature Conservancy, and a Boston-based timber company announced a plan to preserve 45,000 acres of forest on the Tug Hill Plateau. David Sommerstein visited the “East Branch of Fish Creek Working Forest” to see how the plan is shaping up.
Photo Audio Essay
Discovering Adirondack Old Growth Forest
The Adirondacks are home to some of the East's largest Old Growth Forests. Martha Foley talks with a naturalist who spent part of this summer finding the towering trees.
Audio Series
Green Initiatives
Brian Mann reports on businesses in the Adirondacks that are embracing private sector green initiatives. It's a new kind of management that weds profits with a healthy environment.

Natural Selections: Forest, old and new

There is actually more mature forest in the Northeast now than there was a century ago, but it is a very different kind of forest from the ancient pre-colonial woodlands. Dr. Curt Stager and Martha Foley take to the woods.  Go to full article
Students learn the old ways of logging at the Adirondack Woodsman School.

Summer school, lumberjack style

The Adirondack woodsman is a North Country archetype - brawny, independent, deeply versed in the ways of the North Woods. There are still loggers working in the forests of the Adirondacks and Tug Hill Plateau, though most are aided by chain saws and huge machinery today.

At Paul Smiths College, a summer school program is keeping the skills and ethos of the Adirondack woodsman alive. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article
Joe Orefice, mid-butchery. Photo: Kate Glenn

Farmers Under 40: A farmer and a teacher, too

Our Farmers Under 40 series continues throughout the summer. Today we have a profile of Joe Orefice, an assistant professor of forestry at Paul Smith's College.

Orefice taught the school's first sustainable community agriculture course this past year. He also owns and operates a small farm, which he uses as a teaching tool.

This summer Paul Smith's culinary students visited Joe's farm for a lesson in local meats. Sarah Harris joined them and has our story.  Go to full article
John Ferrier offers tips on safety and sharpening. Photo: Lucy Martin.

Safety first with chainsaws

There are plenty of reasons to have a chainsaw, from getting ready for winter to cleaning up after a storm.

Useful as it may be, a chainsaw can slice through...  Go to full article
The Nature Conservancy acknowledges that silt from this site reached a trout stream (Photo:  Dan Snyder)

Nature Conservancy loggers accused of damaging Adirondack trout stream

The Adirondack Nature Conservancy has emerged in recent years as one of the largest owners of timberland in the North Country.

The green group uses certified...  Go to full article
Finch Pruyn deal changes Adirondack conservation map (Source: ANC)

Year ends with $30M timberland protection deal

Environmental groups are praising the state of New York for its decision to buy conservation and recreation easements on nearly 90,000 acres of timberland and wilderness...  Go to full article
Deborah Dunleavy

The Crystal: A New Year's tale from northern Quebec

Brockville storyteller Deborah Dunleavy shares a midwinter tale about a young logger and a flying canoe at a lumber camp in northern Quebec.  Go to full article
Gaylan Parke, left, and dad Adam get ready to deliver an 11-foot tall Balsam to a Brooklyn family. He'll even help set up the tree. Photo by Amy Eddings.

Christmas tree farmers go to market--in Brooklyn

December is typically a good time for business. And one of the best places to sell things is New York City. That's why every year a number of hardy Northeastern tree farmers...  Go to full article
Adult Emerald Ash Borer

Biologist predicts end for ash trees

The invasive Emerald Ash Borer is expected to kill off all ash trees across the U.S. That's according to Mark Whitmore. The Cornell University entomologist spoke with...  Go to full article
Rick Bates stands next to his wood-powered truck

Fill 'er up - with wood

For just about everybody who drives, filling up the tank is one of those things you just have to do. But not Rick Bates. His pick up truck runs on wood.

So,...  Go to full article

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