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Aug 18, 2014 — This third-largest wildfire in California's history struck the area near Yosemite National Park. Since then, controversy has broken out over whether to log the trees and replant seedlings.
Aug 18, 2014 — The agency's fleet of planes shrank dramatically in the early 2000s, falling from 40 air tankers to nine. Now, the addition of new airplanes is both expanding and modernizing the firefighting fleet.
Jun 7, 2014 — Dignitaries like President Clinton, first lady Michelle Obama and Oprah spoke at the memorial service at Wake Forest University.
Jun 6, 2014 — An environmental group is blasting Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme for buying palm oil from suppliers who destroy rain forest and peatlands. The group says sustainable palm oil should be used instead.
Feb 9, 2014 — To see what services the Forest Lawn company has to offer, there's no need to go to an actual funeral home or cemetery. In shopping centers across Southern California, the business is setting up kiosks that look like they could as easily be marketing homemade pottery instead of urns.

Special Features

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Protecting the Tug Hill Plateau: Fish Creek
Last summer, New York State, the Nature Conservancy, and a Boston-based timber company announced a plan to preserve 45,000 acres of forest on the Tug Hill Plateau. David Sommerstein visited the “East Branch of Fish Creek Working Forest” to see how the plan is shaping up.
Photo Audio Essay
Discovering Adirondack Old Growth Forest
The Adirondacks are home to some of the East's largest Old Growth Forests. Martha Foley talks with a naturalist who spent part of this summer finding the towering trees.
Audio Series
Green Initiatives
Brian Mann reports on businesses in the Adirondacks that are embracing private sector green initiatives. It's a new kind of management that weds profits with a healthy environment.

Adirondack Park Agency approves bigger landfill for Ti paper mill

The Adirondack Park Agency has approved a major expansion to a sludge landfill operated by International Paper in Ticonderoga. Yesterday's decision by the APA board was unanimous, despite objections from some neighbors.

As Brian Mann reports, company officials at IP say the new facility will allow the mill to continue operating for another three decades.  Go to full article
Forest Pathologist Dale Bergdahl is an expert in the butternut tree and the canker that's killing the species<br />Photo by Jane Lindholm

Researchers hope for a "super" butternut tree

Butternut trees are dying across the northeastern U.S. and southeastern Canada. A fungus is killing the big trees much like Dutch elm disease killed American elms over the last century. And just as scientists are producing resistant elms, butternut researchers hope they'll be able to produce a "super" butternut that will fight off the canker killing the old native trees.
VPR's Jane Lindholm, as Part of NPR's Local News Initiative and collaborative environmental reporting among public radio stations in the northeast, has the story.  Go to full article
Summit Steward Andy Testo at the top of Mount Marcy

Heard Up North: Teaching Hikers on Mount Marcy

Andy Testo is a summit steward posted atop Mount Marcy, New York's highest peak, this summer. He teaches hikers about the fragile alpine ecosystem, works to maintain the trail above treeline and sometimes even gets a free lunch. Sarah Harris caught up with Andy Testo at the top of Mount Marcy on a windy Saturday for today's Heard Up North.  Go to full article
Chris Van Maaren explains pond life (including leeches) to students

Sixth graders explore the natural world at annual Conservation Field Day

Friday, June 10th proved an exciting day for Saint Lawrence County sixth graders. Students attended the annual Conservation Field Day at Indian Creek Nature Center near...  Go to full article
Russell Martin checks an EAB trap last summer.

Story 2.0: purple boxes part of losing battle to save ash trees

The purple boxes are up on ash trees again this summer. They're traps for the emerald ash borer, an invasive bug that has devastated ash stands in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio....  Go to full article
Whiteface Mountain is barely visible, obscured by smoke from the Quebec forest fires yesterday.<br />Photo taken by Judy Andrus Toporcer, near Lake Placid Airport on Monday, May 31, 2010

Rain offers relief from wildfires still burning in Quebec

Rain forecast across New York and Vermont, as well as parts of Ontario and Quebec could "wash away" smokey haze that drifted south into the U.S. from Canada yesterday....  Go to full article

DEC tickets drivers for transporting firewood

As seasonal residents and tourists start returning to the Adirondack North Country, the Department of Environmental Conservation is stepping up enforcement of bans against...  Go to full article
Photo: Institute for Sustainable Communication

A new media question: paper, or digital?

We make personal choices everyday that affect the environment. At the grocery store: paper, or plastic? Going out the front door: car, or bicycle? Pay bills by check, or...  Go to full article

DEC chief focused on stewardship in lean times

Governor Paterson's proposed budget would vastly rein in what New York can do with its environmental resources. The plan would slash the Environmental Protection Fund by a...  Go to full article

No paperless office yet

When the computer-age took off in the 1990s, lots of people thought we'd use a lot less paper. But that hasn't happened. Julie Grant reports on why environmentalists are so...  Go to full article

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