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Globalization and Trade


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Globalization & Trade
Oct 1, 2013 — Steve Inskeep talks to President Obama about the widening gap between rich and poor in the U.S. The president says the decades-long trend has accelerated because of globalization and technology. Because of those two factors, a lot of manufacturing jobs have left the U.S.
Sep 23, 2012 — The automaker, a symbol of Italy's industrial revolution and the country's biggest employer, had threatened to shut down its operations. It's part of a wider problem: A decade of globalization and three years of the euro crisis have accelerated Italy's industrial decay.
Mar 14, 2012 — Far right politician Marine Le Pen is officially in the French presidential race after getting the required 500 mayors' signatures to appear on the ballot. She launched her campaign in a small town in the north of France, a poor region where many see globalization and immigration as France's biggest problems.
Aug 8, 2011 — With Hollywood movies dubbed over in Spanish and steadfast trade with Latin America, Spaniards haven't needed to be bilingual until now. Globalization and a recession have sparked a run on language classes in Spain. But it's not English proficiency they're after. German academies are seeing a surge in enrollment, as Spaniards look northward for jobs in Europe's strongest economy.

Some Globalization Links

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Special Reports

Photo Audio Essay
Globalization: The Borders of Trade
David Sommerstein was on the streets of Ottawa to ask demonstrators how the anti-globalization movement has changed since September 11.
Audio Slideshow
Free Trade Protests at the Border (Real)
The Free Trade Area of the Americas pact is drawing protestors to talks in Montreal. Crossing the border proved to be difficult for many.

Montreal and Plattsburgh are only 62 miles apart. Image:
Montreal and Plattsburgh are only 62 miles apart. Image:

Is Plattsburgh Montreal's U.S. suburb?

It's only 40 minutes on the highway from Plattsburgh to Montreal and the two regions share a border, a history - and an economy.  Go to full article
McKnight Farm, Montpelier, Vermont. Photo: Sarah Harris

Vermont grants driver's licenses to migrant workers

Dairy farms in Vermont and northern New York have faced a major labor shortage, which means that migrant laborers from Mexico and Guatemala are now milking many of the region's cows.

Farm country here is not an easy place to be a migrant worker: It's rural, hard to get around, and there's not a big Latino population. But a new law means that migrant workers in Vermont will soon be able to drive legally.  Go to full article
The Beauharnois generating station. Photo courtesy of Hydro-Quebec

Would Quebec-NYC power line benefit North Country?

The Champlain Hudson Power Express is a proposed underground transmission line that could supply New York City with hydropower generated in Quebec. But opponents say the line won't benefit New York state's energy producers - or communities along the route.  Go to full article
The Dalai Lama and Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy. Photo: Sarah Harris

Dalai Lama addresses thousands in Middlebury

The Dalai Lama visited Middlebury College in Vermont last Friday and Saturday. Thousands of people descended on the college town to hear his message.  Go to full article

Vermont considers driver's licenses for migrant workers

The dairy industry in Northern New York and Vermont relies heavily on migrant labor. A lot of the farm workers are undocumented. That causes problems when the workers have to...  Go to full article

Schumer wants efficient, safer border

Sen.Chuck Schumer says Homeland Security will begin tapping into Canadian military radar later this year to detect low-flying aircraft used to smuggle drugs from Canada into...  Go to full article
The <em>Hermann Schoening</em> [Photo from Erie Shipping News blog]

Aboard a cold Seaway ship with a sick crew

Twenty-two Chinese seamen are resting up in Montreal after a harrowing Christmas journey through the St. Lawrence Seaway. The crew aboard the German-owned Hermann Schoening...  Go to full article
Artist's rendering of maintenance hangar (Source:  Laurentian Aerospace)

Pieces fall into place for Laurentian and Plattsburgh

A company called Laurentian Aerospace says it is ready to move forward with a project in Plattsburgh that would bring roughly 900 high-paying jobs to the city. The company...  Go to full article

More with Anne Harrington

Anne Harrington is the new Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Non-Proliferation at the National Nuclear Security Administration. She and her staff at the National...  Go to full article
Atop Mt. Marcy

Audio Postcard: The world from Mt. Marcy

The view from Mt. Marcy is pretty extraordinary, but its made even better when shared with friends from Kenya, Zimbabwe, the Maldives, and the North Country. Sarah Harris...  Go to full article

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