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Globalization and Trade


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Globalization & Trade
Oct 1, 2013 — Steve Inskeep talks to President Obama about the widening gap between rich and poor in the U.S. The president says the decades-long trend has accelerated because of globalization and technology. Because of those two factors, a lot of manufacturing jobs have left the U.S.
Sep 23, 2012 — The automaker, a symbol of Italy's industrial revolution and the country's biggest employer, had threatened to shut down its operations. It's part of a wider problem: A decade of globalization and three years of the euro crisis have accelerated Italy's industrial decay.
Mar 14, 2012 — Far right politician Marine Le Pen is officially in the French presidential race after getting the required 500 mayors' signatures to appear on the ballot. She launched her campaign in a small town in the north of France, a poor region where many see globalization and immigration as France's biggest problems.
Aug 8, 2011 — With Hollywood movies dubbed over in Spanish and steadfast trade with Latin America, Spaniards haven't needed to be bilingual until now. Globalization and a recession have sparked a run on language classes in Spain. But it's not English proficiency they're after. German academies are seeing a surge in enrollment, as Spaniards look northward for jobs in Europe's strongest economy.

Some Globalization Links

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Special Reports

Photo Audio Essay
Globalization: The Borders of Trade
David Sommerstein was on the streets of Ottawa to ask demonstrators how the anti-globalization movement has changed since September 11.
Audio Slideshow
Free Trade Protests at the Border (Real)
The Free Trade Area of the Americas pact is drawing protestors to talks in Montreal. Crossing the border proved to be difficult for many.

Clock is ticking on new rules targeting invasive species

Ocean-going ships on the St Lawrence River must start using new treatments that will clear invasive species from their ballast tanks. They have three years - starting today - to buy and install equipment preventing foreign marine life from reaching the St Lawrence and Great Lakes. Invasives - like zebra mussels and round gobies - have no natural enemy here to limit their numbers. They've hurt local aquatic ecosystems. And Jennifer Caddick with Save the River tells Jonathan Brown that current regulations aren't stopping them.  Go to full article

Clinton moving on, and up

First, a First Lady. Then U.S. Senator. Now, if confirmed, Secretary of State. President-Elect Barack Obama introduced his national security team yesterday in Chicago, naming Hillary Clinton to lead his diplomatic corps.
But it's New York's, and the North Country's, loss. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
Holding hands with widows in Mchengatewa, Malawi.

Moving the World: help, and hope, for Malawi

In our occasional series, Moving the World, we meet North Country people who take their skills, expertise and resources to share with communities around the globe.

This summer, eight women from Canton and Watertown traveled to Malawi, a landlocked former British colony in east Africa. The CIA's world fact book ranks Malawi as the poorest country in the world. Wikipedia agrees that Malawi is among the world's least developed countries. It's also among the most densely populated, though it's mostly rural, and the economy mostly based in agriculture. The North Country women, from Canton and Watertown churches, brought donated medical supplies, eyeglasses, soccer balls. They were invited into peoples' homes. They met with widows struggling to earn the means to raise their children. They visited schools and medical clinics. The Canton group was led by Linda Potter, who joined Martha Foley and Todd Moe in the studio to share stories and sounds from the visit.  Go to full article
Michel Shuman

A Fresh Start for Main Street's economy: "small things that have a big impact"

We're asking people to think big, for the Obama Administration. Michael Shuman thinks big, about small things: small business, local economies. He's brought his ideas about...  Go to full article

Bill McKibben pushes politicians to focus on environment

Environmentalist Bill McKibben cautioned a standing-room-only audience at St. Lawrence University that materialism and growth don't lead to happiness. It's part of a larger...  Go to full article
Jacob Edgar pulls a CD from his vast archives at the home of Cumbancha Records.

Cumbancha Records: world music with Vermont roots

Walk into a coffeehouse or boutique almost anywhere, and you may see a display of brightly-colored world music CDs. Putumayo Records' compilations are famous for bringing...  Go to full article
Jacob Edgar with his world toothpaste collection, a product of lots of travels.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: A world music insider

If you love world music, Jacob Edgar of Cumbancha Records is the guy to talk to. Edgar's on the inside of the world music industry. Cumbancha recently won a major industry...  Go to full article

Economy, wounded veterans focus of Clinton's visit to the North Country

Senator Hillary Clinton made several stops in the North Country yesterday. She spoke with Jonathan Brown about what drew her to the region and what she found here.  Go to full article

Covidien cuts 40 jobs in Watertown

One of Watertown's biggest private sector employers is cutting 40 jobs by the end of the year. Massachusetts-based Covidien is moving two lines of medical equipment to a...  Go to full article

Potsdam leaders consider 'long emergency'

The cold seems a long way away, but across the North Country, communities are already planning ahead for the impact of high heating bills this winter. The cost of heating...  Go to full article

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