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Globalization and Trade


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Globalization & Trade
Oct 1, 2013 — Steve Inskeep talks to President Obama about the widening gap between rich and poor in the U.S. The president says the decades-long trend has accelerated because of globalization and technology. Because of those two factors, a lot of manufacturing jobs have left the U.S.
Sep 23, 2012 — The automaker, a symbol of Italy's industrial revolution and the country's biggest employer, had threatened to shut down its operations. It's part of a wider problem: A decade of globalization and three years of the euro crisis have accelerated Italy's industrial decay.
Mar 14, 2012 — Far right politician Marine Le Pen is officially in the French presidential race after getting the required 500 mayors' signatures to appear on the ballot. She launched her campaign in a small town in the north of France, a poor region where many see globalization and immigration as France's biggest problems.
Aug 8, 2011 — With Hollywood movies dubbed over in Spanish and steadfast trade with Latin America, Spaniards haven't needed to be bilingual until now. Globalization and a recession have sparked a run on language classes in Spain. But it's not English proficiency they're after. German academies are seeing a surge in enrollment, as Spaniards look northward for jobs in Europe's strongest economy.

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Special Reports

Photo Audio Essay
Globalization: The Borders of Trade
David Sommerstein was on the streets of Ottawa to ask demonstrators how the anti-globalization movement has changed since September 11.
Audio Slideshow
Free Trade Protests at the Border (Real)
The Free Trade Area of the Americas pact is drawing protestors to talks in Montreal. Crossing the border proved to be difficult for many.

Stephen Maselli, at Old Adirondack in Willsboro
Stephen Maselli, at Old Adirondack in Willsboro

Building the Adirondack brand, one chair at a time

The North Country's manufacturing industry continues to decline. Jarden Plastics, in Tupper Lake, closed earlier this month. Some companies are holding on and looking for ways to survive and grow. But they face big challenges, with rising energy costs and foreign competition. Brian Mann spoke with Stephen Maselli, president of Old Adirondack Furniture in Willsboro. His company employs more than twenty craftsmen and salespeople. Maselli says the region needs to do more to develop and protect the Adirondack brand. One of the national furniture catalogs that used to sell his company's Adirondack chairs now buys chairs from a plant in Asia.  Go to full article

Farmers back immigration reform

A raid this week by federal immigration agents on a migrant camp in upstate New York led to the arrest of 16 farm workers. The 11 men and five women are being held in an immigration detention center in Batavia. Two are from Guatemala; 14 from Mexico. Acting on a tip, immigration agents and state police raided the Wayne County camp just after 6 a.m. Wednesday. The workers were employed by Martens Farms and worked at a processing plant in Port Byron, west of Syracuse. Jonathan Brown reports on reaction among farming advocates.  Go to full article

Environmentalists conflicted over St. Lawrence wind farm

An 86-tower wind farm will soon go up on Wolfe Island in the St Lawrence River. Each tower will be more than 240-feet tall, with turbine blades stretching beyond 175 feet. They'll be a prominent feature of the landscape, visible from Cape Vincent, New York and Kingston, Ontario. Canadian Hydro is developing the wind farm. The company says it will generate enough electricity to power a city the size of Kingston, or 75,000 homes, for a year. Jonathan Brown has more.  Go to full article
Photographer Nevada Wier in the field.

People-to-people aid to Myanmar

By the Myanmar junta's own count, at least 134,000 people are dead or missing after a cyclone three weeks ago. The U.N. says up to 2.5 million survivors are hungry and...  Go to full article
Munarsih Sahana, with NCPR web manager Dale Hobson.

Visiting journalist hopes to take the public radio model home

North Country Public Radio is getting acquainted with a colleague from Indonesia this week. Munarsih Sahana is a Humphrey Scholar, studying at the University of Maryland....  Go to full article

Saving a school to save a remote town in the Adirondacks

Schools have been closing and consolidating across the North Country for decades. Declining birth rates and shrinking class sizes threaten schools in nearly every district....  Go to full article

House vote shows broad support for ballast water rule

The U.S. House of representatives voted 395 to 7 yesterday on legislation to force ocean-going freighters to treat ballast water for invasive species before they enter US...  Go to full article

Expert: federal policy shortchanges rural America

The sixth annual North Country Symposium convenes tomorrow at St Lawrence University to consider how to make the region more self-sustaining by "going local." Dr. Chuck...  Go to full article

New passport rules raise ire along the border

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security finalized new passport rules yesterday. As of June, next year, a passport or some other approved document will be required to enter...  Go to full article
Jarden operates from the former Oval Wood Dish facility in Tupper Lake

Tupper Lake plastics plant to close

A long-time employer in Franklin County will be closing its doors for good. The Jarden Plastics Plant in Tupper Lake, formerly the Oval Wood Dish Inc., will be shutting down...  Go to full article

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