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Summer is in full flush, with so many things to do. But, whatever the season, more and more research suggests everybody needs to get up off the couch!  (Or at least move around while rooting for Argentina or Germany on the big...
A nasty virus that's killed millions of pigs and raised the price of pork is causing New York State Fair officials to cancel this year's piglet and sow exhibits at the annual show in Syracuse. In a press release , state veterinarian David Smith said...
A pilot program starting in Ottawa next fall would provide supervised walking groups instead of the traditional school bus. Of course there would be problems during inclement weather. And this idea won’t work at all for most rural school...
Washington County school officials are alarmed by the results of a 2012 substance abuse survey of 1,340 students from six county school districts, the Glens Falls Post-Star is reporting. The survey found that “nearly 21 percent of students...
With more New York state residents getting measles than they have since 1996, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is urging New Yorkers to vaccinate. In a press release Friday, Gov. Cuomo said “measles is serious, highly contagious disease that is not just...

Health Care
Jul 25, 2014 — A husband and wife who are doctors have been working on fact boxes for drugs that, like nutrition labels for foods, would more concisely convey a medicine's benefits and risks.
Jul 25, 2014 — Experts are more likely than the general public to buy generic products — but not always. Here's a breakdown of which foods and drugs experts buy generic.
Jul 24, 2014 — Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital are working on ways to help patients better understand their chances of suffering heart attacks and surgical complications.
Jul 24, 2014 — A 1996 law has been cited to scold a mom taking a picture of her son in a hospital and to keep information away from police investigating a possible rape at a nursing home.
Jul 23, 2014 — Federal data, obtained by ProPublica under the Freedom of Information Act, show that nearly 1 million insurance transactions have taken place since the middle of April.



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Audio Series
Drinking and Safety on College Campuses: A rash of alcohol-related fatalaties among students at North Country colleges has re-ignited debate about the role of alcohol in campus social life. Brian Mann talks to students, educators, and law enforcement officials in this series.
Photo Audio Essay
Arts & Healing: Living Well In the Shadow of Cancer
Brian Mann traveled to a retreat in the Adirondacks for women living with cancer. He found that many of the women still see joy and hope in a world filled with uncertainty.

Advocates fear new rules could hamper Medicaid

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) Some Vermont legal advocates say they are worried that new health care rules will make some people ineligible for long-term care Medicaid.

State officials say that the eligibility requirements are more streamlined but have not changed in law or practice.  Go to full article
"I like when I look in the mirror. I like who's looking back," says Kelly Metzgar. Photo: Zach Hirsch

For Kelly Metzgar, being a woman is a work in progress

As the New York legislative session came to an end, the LGBT community waited to see how lawmakers would handle the Gender Non-Discrimination Act, or GENDA, which would make it illegal to discriminate against transgendered people.

There are laws in New York State protecting people on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, race, and ethnicity, but not gender expression. For the seventh time, Republican leaders blocked GENDA from coming to the Senate floor for a vote.

"We're not asking for more rights. We're not asking for special rights. As I say in all my columns, we are only asking for equal rights, and equal protections as every other person enjoys," says Kelly Metzgar, an activist from Saranac Lake and a transgendered woman herself.

Kelly says she's been doing advocacy for a couple of years on the state, national, and even international levels - but she says the toughest battles have always been right at home: two divorces, depression, and hiding her true identity from her employer.

We first met Kelly last fall, not long after she first came out to her sister. Here's an update on her search for acceptance.  Go to full article
Uihlein Living Center nursing home in Lake Placid.  Photos: Mark Kurtz

Adirondack Health will sell Lake Placid nursing home

Adirondack Health plans to sell its nursing home in Lake Placid to a New York City-based healthcare services company. The organization's president and CEO, Chandler Ralph, announced the news in guest commentaries published Tuesday in local newspapers.

She said Adirondack Health will partner with Post Acute Partners, which operates nursing homes, assisted living, independent living and other healthcare facilities in New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. This is one in a long list of big changes for the largest private employer in the Adirondack Park.  Go to full article
Senate medical marijuana sponsor Diane Savino discusses successful vote  in the Senate. Photo: Karen DeWitt

Medical marijuana passes NYS senate 49-10

The sponsor of the successful medical marijuana measure in the Senate, Sen. Diane Savino, says she's "gratified" by the larger-than-expected number of yes votes, and hopes...  Go to full article
Yogurt, Photo: <a href="">ehpien</a>, CC <a href="">some rights reserved</a>

NY yogurt makers picked for school lunch program

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) School children in seven states will be eating New York yogurt this fall under a school lunch program operated by the federal government.

U.S....  Go to full article

SPJ Winner: Dying inmates in NY struggle to get home

This spring North Country Public Radio's news team has been honored with several awards for some of the work we've brought you over the past year. Much of that recognition...  Go to full article
Legally-grown marijuana in Colorado, which has legalized marijuana for both medicinal and recreational uses, with some restrictions. Photo: <a href="">Brett Levin</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

New York will allow limited medical marijuana under agreement

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the legislature have agreed to a limited medical marijuana program for patients with cancer, AIDS, and childhood seizure disorders. It will not allow...  Go to full article
Heroin needle, Photo: <a href="">Danielle Sprags</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

NY Legislature passes package of anti-heroin bills

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) New York's Legislature has passed a series of bills to curb heroin and opioid use throughout the state.

The 11 bills, which passed unanimously...  Go to full article

NY lawmaker: 12,000 disabled waiting for care

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) New York lawmakers have passed legislation intended to clear what one lawmaker calls a waiting list of 12,000 disabled individuals who need services or...  Go to full article
Medical marijuana advocates demonstrating in hallway outside Gov. Cuomo's offices. Photo: Karen DeWitt

Cuomo, legislative leaders agree on anti heroin bills, still discussing medical marijuana

Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders have agreed to a package of bills to combat heroin addiction, and say they are still discussing other issues, including medical...  Go to full article

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