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NPR has a terrific series going on to start 2014 looking at the effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement 20 years after it took effect. How the free trade pact affected labor, immigration, wages, the environment, and much more. All the...
Want to watch celebrities milk a cow? Sample the excitement as media personalities concoct the tastiest milkshake? You can witness a calve being born, see the butter sculpture contest, watch the dairy day parade, and then wash it all down with a 25...
Need work? Got skills? Willing to try life in Canada? Well, Canada’s federal government has opened a skilled labor program for  “…to 24 eligible occupations, in addition to applicants with a qualifying job offer or those...
The dairy lobby is flexing its legislative muscles this week with some progress on a couple fronts. Today, Governor Cuomo came through on a promise he made at the Yogurt Summit last summer to raise the threshold when strict environmental rules...
Plenty of White House budget analysis in the news today. On the agriculture side of things, President Obama wants to make deep cuts to the direct payment to farmers program, which has been widely criticized as misguided government spending. Farmers...

Aug 12, 2014 — A critique of America's immigration policy is that people ordered to immigration court often don't show up. Steve Inskeep went to an immigration court in Los Angeles to see if that narrative is true.
Aug 11, 2014 — The Obama administration is considering executive action on immigration, and it could come within weeks.
Aug 8, 2014 — A call to stop fast-tracking deportation hearings of unaccompanied minors comes from an unusual source: a judge who says the current practice could lead to many appeals.
Aug 8, 2014 — Jose Gomez is the Archbishop of Los Angeles — he was born in Mexico, and became an American citizen a few years ago. Steve Inskeep talks to Gomez about his views on U.S. immigration policy.
Aug 8, 2014 — More than $400 million is being moved from other programs to keep Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection from running out of money.

Special Reports

Audio Series
Farm to Farm, Family to Family: David Sommerstein travels with NC dairy farmers to a Mexican village many of their migrant workers call home.
Audio Series
Hispanic Workers on North Country Farms
Five years ago, just a handful of farmers in the North Country employed Hispanic workers. Now many use workers from Latin America. The transition can be a bumpy one, for farmers and for the people they hire. David Sommerstein tells their stories in this ongoing series.

Analysis: governor takes heat on immigrant license plan

Governor Spitzer yesterday blasted Republicans for "politics of fear and selfishness" in opposing his plans to allow illegal immigrants to get state driver's licenses. Meanhwile, in Rochester, Assembly Republicans gathered at the Monroe County Office Building to keep up the pressure on the governor. Martha Foley spoke with Albany correspondent Karen DeWitt about the back and forth, and the prospects for the policy.  Go to full article

Ag chief sounds off on farmworker crackdown

It's become common knowledge that thousands of workers on New York's farms, most from Latin America, are in this country illegally. They work on the books by presenting fake social security cards. The farmer is not obligated to--and has been legally precluded from--verifying the document. New York agriculture officials have been largely silent on this arrangement since latinos began arriving on farms here in the 1980s and '90s. That changed this month when Agriculture Commissioner Patrick Hooker wrote a letter to President Bush. He complained about a new federal crackdown on undocumented workers. It would punish farmers if their workers' social security numbers cannot be proven valid within 90 days. David Sommerstein spoke with Commissioner Hooker about the new policy.  Go to full article

State GOP outraged over Spitzer plan to license illegals

Governor Eliot Spitzer's decision to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses has set off a firestorm of controversy among Republican lawmakers, and from some Republican county clerks around the state, who say they will refuse to obey the order. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

New York Farm Bureau watching immigration debate

The U-S Senate voted today to jump-start a stalled immigration measure that could legalize millions of unlawful immigrants. The test vote - limiting a filibuster - was 64 to...  Go to full article

Farm advocates not giving up on immigration policy

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid insists an immigration overhaul is not dead, although he has pulled the bill. Farm Bureau leaders see a glimmer of hope there for New York...  Go to full article
Lowville veterinarian Mark Thomas at the school in Malacapetec.

Farm to Farm, Family to Family, part 3: the view from Lewis County

This week, we've been hearing the stories of a group of New York dairy farmers. In January, they traveled to a tiny mountain town in Mexico, where many of their milkers and...  Go to full article
Above: Older houses in Malacatepec, below: new house built with wages earned on North Country dairy farms

Farm to Farm, Family to Family, pt. 2: the cycle of migration

As Congress continues to craft ways to control immigration into the United States, the reality is that the allure of good paying jobs and a chance to improve one's conditions...  Go to full article
How many kids in the school have family working in the US?

Farm to Farm, Family to Family, part 1: North Country farmers go to Mexico

In January, David Sommerstein traveled with a group of New York dairy farmers on a sort of reverse migration. They went to a tiny mountain town in Veracruz, Mexico, called...  Go to full article

Farmers want migrant workers to have more time in U.S.

Dairy farmers in New York and Vermont are now relying on migrant workers - many here illegally. So farmers are closely watching the debate in Washington over immigration....  Go to full article

New Yorkers' views on immigration

The Pew Hispanic Center estimates between 550,000 and 650,000 illegal immigrants live in New York State. Most live in New York City and its suburbs. But a growing number...  Go to full article

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