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Jill Vaughan is a writer, educator, and dairy farmer. She lives on her farm in the Franklin County town of Moira.

Commentary: Ice Storm Anniversary

Where were you five years ago? Holding a flashlight, huddled around a heater? Commentator Jill Vaughan remembers the Ice Storm, and how the scars have healed.  Go to full article

Commentary: 'Home For the Holidays'

Like many North Country natives, Commentator Jill Vaughan's son is home for the holidays from Alaska. That phrase -- 'home for the holidays' -- makes Jill think of security and roots.  Go to full article

Commentary: Voter Participation

New York makes an effort to enroll low-income voters. But many never go to the polls. Commentator Jill Vaughan says it's the issues that are out of reach, not the polling places.  Go to full article

Commentary: A Dairying Life

Small dairy farms have been in steady decline in the North Country for decades. Commentator Jill Vaughan's farm is one that had to go out of business. But she says she's...  Go to full article

Commentary: Parent-School Partnerships

As school gets underway this week, children will bring home notes asking parents to form a partnership with the schools. As reasonable and natural as that may sound,...  Go to full article

Commentary: North Country Economic Disparity and the Landscape

In April, the Fiscal Policy Institute released a study that found New York has the most unequal income distribution of any state in the nation. Commentator Jill Vaughan says...  Go to full article

Commentary: Lessons In Parenthood

A lot of parents like to think their children's lives will be better because they can learn from the experiences of their elders. Commentator Jill Vaughan found out earlier...  Go to full article

Commentary: A Democratic Summer Solstice

The summer solstice is a day easily overlooked. No official holiday, no day off. But for commentator Jill Vaughan, June 21st is the beginning of something we've been...  Go to full article

Commentary: Memories of a Teenage Mom

Memories of a teenage mom from commentator Jill Vaughan.  Go to full article

Commentary: Northern Lights, Earthquake, and a Family Camp-out

The Earth has put on quite a show lately, with summery sun, spring snows, the Northern Lights, not to mention a North Country earthquake. Commentator Jill Vaughan slept...  Go to full article

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