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If you listen to NPR's Planet Money podcast, you know what they've been doing all year: following the production of a T-shirt – their T-shirt – from cotton to, well, T-shirt. Their reporting has spanned across continents, and is...
I'm loving Politico's brand new Morning Agriculture column. If you want a quick and easy way to keep up with farm and agriculture policy news, with a deep-politics, inside-the-Beltway focus, this is the read for you, too. The column comes out at 10...
A phone is a communications tool. A phone with a camera is not a celebration. It is a way to record an event. When do tools become the purpose of our lives rather than the means to achieve purpose? And how many pictures can you look at ever again?...
There’s a new service in the North Country online news environment that you will likely be hearing about from a number of different sources, called North Country Daily. Despite the name, it is not a new daily newspaper that covers all or part...
I'm quite a bit late to the party on this one. But given that PepsiCo and a German company cut the ribbon on their $206 million yogurt plant in Batavia this week, it seems like a good time to spotlight this handy map of yogurt production in New York...

Apr 18, 2014 — Professor and economist Matthew Gentzkow, the recent winner of the John Bates Clark Medal, discusses how to predict media slant and use big data in economics.
Apr 17, 2014 — The Los Angeles Register is a newspaper that just launched this week. Despite dropping newspaper sales, Ben Bergman of KPCC reports that the publisher thinks there's still an audience for print.
Apr 17, 2014 — "Selfie" may have been the 2013 word of the year. But "belfies," or "butt selfies" are now in the spotlight. We learn more about why they earned a fitness model a spread in Vanity Fair magazine.
Apr 17, 2014 — In 1954, the Supreme Court outlawed segregation. David Greene talks to ProPublica's Nikole Hannah-Jones about her story in The Atlantic. She examines the failure of school desegregation.
Apr 16, 2014 — After years of circulation declines and painful staffing cuts, this year's two Pulitzer Prizes are especially sweet. David Greene talks to Marty Baron, the executive editor for The Washington Post.

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"Carried," by Kris Rozelle
"Carried," by Kris Rozelle

Pictures: In Potsdam, an exhibit of mixed-media art

There's new art on display at the St. Lawrence County Arts Council's Gallery at Town Hall in Potsdam. The show merges the collage-like work by two area artists: Cheryl Mirer and Kris Rozelle. The exhibit officially opens tomorrow night (details) and runs until April 23.  Go to full article
NYCLU says this kind of solitary confinement cell is widely used in New York's prisons, including Upstate Correctional Facility in Malone. Source: NYCLU

NY will limit solitary confinement time for prison inmates

Last week, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo agreed to sweeping changes to the way state prisons use solitary confinement. The deal was prompted by a federal lawsuit filed by critics who say thousands of inmates, some of whom are pregnant or have mental illness, are being held for months and even years in isolation, often for minor infractions.

The deal will end the use of solitary confinement for the most vulnerable inmates, and will also mean strict limits on the length of time an inmate can be locked away.

The lawsuit focused in part on inmates housed at Upstate Correctional Facility in Malone, but will affect disciplinary procedures at a dozen state prisons across the North Country.  Go to full article
At a forum on Common Core and standardized testing in Plattsburgh last week, a moderator asks all the parents in the audience to raise their hands. Photo: Sarah Harris

Student privacy a major concern

The state's Education Commissioner, John King, faced a bi-partisan grilling by liberal and conservative Assembly members at a hearing on growing concerns over student privacy.  Go to full article
Franklin County legislator Billy Jones calls for action to stop the closure of Chateaugay Correctional Facility in his home town. Photo: Brian Mann

Another North Country town rallies to save its prison

This year, we're looking in-depth at the North Country's prison industry, how it grew into one of the region's top employers and how it's changing.

Over the...  Go to full article
Charles Rangel (L) at the signing of a drug-war era law with Nancy Reagan and President Ronald Reagan. Photo:  Wikipedia

Charles Rangel: America's "front-line general" in the drug war

America's black leadership supported the drug war for decades in large part because of the efforts of one man.

Charles Rangel, a former federal prosecutor and...  Go to full article
Once a public school, the Lyon Mountain Correctional Facility operated from 1984 until 2011.  Now it's up for sale. Photo: New York state

Want to buy a North Country prison? Bargain basement prices!

What happens to prisons and correctional facilities when there aren't enough inmates to fill the jail cells?

That's the dilemma facing nearly a dozen communities...  Go to full article
John Johnson Jr. looks through some clippings from the Watertown Daily Times's archive Wednesday at the newspaper's offices in Watertown. Photo: Joanna Richards

John Johnson Jr. steps down at Watertown Daily Times

After a long career at the helm of the Watertown Daily Times, John Johnson Jr. is far from calling it quits. But he is stepping down from daily oversight at the Times and its...  Go to full article
Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Photo: Zack Seward

Why there's less press access under Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo is keeping a firm grip over communication between state agencies and journalists, ...  Go to full article
Former state Department of Transportation engineer Mike Fayette holds a copy of the Aug. 30, 2012 issue of the Enterprise, which contained a story about DOT's response to Tropical Storm Irene that he was quoted in. The story prompted DOT to threaten to fire him for talking to the press without getting the necessary approval. Photo: Chris Knight, courtesy of Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Cuomo spokesman on the offensive over DOT case

The Cuomo administration went on the offensive Thursday against a ...  Go to full article
Title screen courtesy Mountain Lake PBS

Mountain Lake PBS takes a local look at "After Newtown"

A special live edition of Mountain Lake Journal tonight (Thursday) will discuss how local schools are responding to the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in...  Go to full article

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