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Some of you use CBC content and some of you don’t. But major changes just announced by the CBC will certainly affect future programing. Today at least, the most detailed reporting on this is coming out of CBC news: CBC to cut back supper-hour...
If you’ve ever been in desperate need of a job, you’ve probably been a victim of Career Induced Nausea (C.I.N.). This is a term I have coined regarding the phenomenon that occurs after you have been asked, “Where are you interning...
If you listen to NPR's Planet Money podcast, you know what they've been doing all year: following the production of a T-shirt – their T-shirt – from cotton to, well, T-shirt. Their reporting has spanned across continents, and is...
I'm loving Politico's brand new Morning Agriculture column. If you want a quick and easy way to keep up with farm and agriculture policy news, with a deep-politics, inside-the-Beltway focus, this is the read for you, too. The column comes out at 10...
A phone is a communications tool. A phone with a camera is not a celebration. It is a way to record an event. When do tools become the purpose of our lives rather than the means to achieve purpose? And how many pictures can you look at ever again?...

Jul 27, 2014 — The relationship between the Obama Administration and the press corps is rocky. NPR's Arun Rath talks to correspondent David Folkenflik about why the corps lodged a formal complaint — over astronauts.
Jul 25, 2014 — Despite sweeping changes in the ways that the news media operate, one thing hasn't changed: the difficulties journalists face in covering the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.
Jul 24, 2014 — The magazine has helped depict and define American men since 1933. David Granger says male attitudes toward style — and women — have seen big shifts in the 17 years he's been at Esquire's helm.
Jul 24, 2014 — From being mistaken for Randy Jackson to confronting network executives about diversity issues, TV critic Eric Deggans runs down highlights of the two-week blizzard of parties and press conferences.
Jul 24, 2014 — A casting call asked for attractive light-skinned women of any race but black women who looked "poor" and "not in good shape." A panel of industry insiders weighs in.

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NCPR web manager Dale Hobson has been sharing perfectly good thoughts that would otherwise go to waste in his introductions to the station's e-newsletter The Listening Post. In the spirit of good stewardship, nearly a decade's worth are composted here.
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Photo: dolanh via Flickr
Photo: dolanh via Flickr

Can TV make kids better readers?

More than two decades ago, the Federal Communications Commission enacted the Children's Education Act. The goal was to increase the amount of children's educational programming on television.

Since then, the airwaves have offered a variety of children's television programs that aim to educate as well as entertain. Some shows even try and use television to make better readers.
But have they succeeded? For Front & Center, our collaboration with WBEZ Chicago, Anthony Martinez has the story.  Go to full article
CJHR volunteer Mary Alice Enright with Dai Bassett and Bill Parker

"The People's voice" CJHR celebrates Ottawa Valley Heritage

All sorts of radio stations these days are busy blending old content with modern technology. Staying relevant, while reaching out to new listeners.

Take CJHR, a non-profit station in Renfrew, Ontario. "Valley Heritage Radio" serves up an eclectic mix for a mostly-rural audience. The format is at least half Canadian content, and about 20% of that is local. The station saves space for something called Ottawa Valley music, a country style influenced by Celtic and French roots, refined in lumber camps that once spanned the region.

Lucy Martin dropped by the CJHR booth at the Ottawa Valley Farm Show in March to hear how they're making community radio happen.  Go to full article
Times Washington Correspondent is a byline tag that will be seen no more.

North Country readers lose eyes and ears in DC

An era in north country and national journalism came to a quiet close at the end of March. The Watertown Daily Times closed its Washington, D.C. bureau, laying off the last of its capitol beat reporters, part of a tradition that stretches back more than 60 years.

The closure is part of a steep decline in regional newspapers providing their own eyes and ears on the ground in Washington, looking out for their readers' and their regions' interests as federal policy is made. Joanna Richards has more.  Go to full article CEO Patrick Ambron works from his office at the Syracuse Tech Garden. Photo: Ryan Delaney, Innovation Trail

Company offers protection for your "brand"

Search engines and social media have put a whole new spin on managing your good name. An entire industry has developed in the quest to control what people find when they...  Go to full article
David Kirkpatrick

Contemporary issues: "The Facebook Effect"

David Kirkpatrick, author of The Facebook Effect, speaks at the Contemporary issues Forum at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY. February 28, 2012.  Go to full article
Photo from

PBS Amish documentary looks at diversity, highlights North Country communities

A new film called "The Amish" premieres tomorrow night on the PBS program American Experience. There's an advance showing tonight at SUNY Potsdam.

For many people...  Go to full article

Adirondacks media partnership

Two of the most visible media outlets in the Adirondacks are joining forces. The Adirondack Explorer magazine and the Adirondack Almanack on-line blog have formed a...  Go to full article

Curley steps down as head of AP

Earlier this week, Tom Curley announced his retirement after nine years as president and CEO of the Associated Press. The 63 year-old Curley spent his tenure working to...  Go to full article
Nip Rogers' self portrait

Connections in cyberspace, art in real space

Todd Moe talks with Lake Placid artist Nip Rogers about his "Portraits of Other Artists" project and how social networking websites are bringing artists and art together. ...  Go to full article

Cuomo looks to website to make government more transparent

Following recent criticism, Governor Cuomo has launched a new website aimed at making his administration more transparent to the public.

The site lists events...  Go to full article

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