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Moving the World


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“Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I will move the world.”

—Archimedes, 220 BC

Special Reports

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Photojournalist Mark Dye in Haiti
Photojournalist Mark Dye went to cover the effects of the earthquake in Haiti for AOL News and This American Life. Mark used to live in Potsdam, where he reported for the Watertown Daily Times.
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Help, and hope, for Malawi
In the summer of 2008, eight North Country churchwomen traveled to Malawi, bringing donated medical supplies, eyeglasses, soccer balls.
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Lebanon, First-Hand
Prairie Summer lived in southern Lebanon for half a year in 2006, working with teenagers. While there, she finished her master’s degree in International Educational Development from Columbia University.
Audio Series
Farm to Farm, Family to Family: David Sommerstein travels with NC dairy farmers to a Mexican village many of their migrant workers call home.
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10th Mountain Peacekeepers in Kosovo
David Sommerstein spends a week living and patrolling with 10th Mountain Division troops on a peacekeeping mission in the Serbian province of Kosovo.

Sustaining a better life in Malawi

A group of women from Canton and Watertown leaves for south-eastern Africa this summer. It's part of an on-going mission by the Presbytery of Northern New York to help widows and orphans in Malawi rebuild their homes and lives. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article

Eyewitness to Kenya post-election

Kenya, previously one of the most stable countries in Africa, degenerated into violence after Dec. 27 presidential elections that international observes say were rigged. More than 1,000 deaths have been reported since then. Last week, the Peace Corps announced it was pulling the last of its volunteers out of the country. Most had been brought home in January. A spokeswoman in Washington said none of its people had been targeted and that the organization hopes it can return very soon.

St. Lawrence University has sent students to its "Kenya semester" program for 34 years. The school has a home base in Nairobi, but students typically combine study time in the capitol with weeks of home-stays in a rural, agricultural community and two long field trips. Not this semester. Early in January, the college had thought its program could go ahead, but when the violence got worse instead of stopping, and the political and ethnic picture became more and more difficult, St. Lawrence cancelled.

Dan Schafer is a senior at SLU. He's an alumnus of the Kenya program, and was in the country as that decision was being made, scouting NGOs for a trip he planned to lead there next summer. He arrived Dec. 29, two days after the polls had closed. That evening, the election results would be announced. He told Martha Foley the protests and violence had already begun.  Go to full article
Gregory Warner (center) with a group of Afghan men.

Eyewitness to Afghanistan

Afghanistan is sliding, politically, militarily, and in human terms. Six years after the Taliban was driven from the capital city of Kabul the conventional word for the radical Islamists is now "resurgent." Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice flew to London yesterday to try to convince NATO to do more to help defeat the Taliban. The United States has about 27,000 troops in Afghanistan, around half of them in a NATO-led force. More than 1400 New York National Guard troops are due to go to Afghanistan in March for 10 months. Britain has about 7700 soldiers there, Canada 2500. Rice and Defense Secretary Robert gates have been pressing allies for more.

Meanwhile the news out of Afghanistan gets worse. According to a new UN report, the country now accounts for 0ver 90% of the world's opium. And opium and marijuana are major sources of income for the Taliban. Former All Before Five host Gregory Warner has made four trips to Afghanistan since last March as a reporter, and a mentor to radio journalists there. He's in Kabul now, probably his last trip given the deteriorating security conditions. His blog entries have given glimpses of taxi drivers and interpreters, lovers and clowns, as well as aid workers and tribal chiefs. He's found his accordion to be a real icebreaker. But over the year, he's been a witness to the country's deterioration, and the tone is grimmer these days. He spoke with Martha Foley yesterday.  Go to full article
Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars

Refugee All-Stars: songs of war turn to hope

A chance encounter by two filmmakers in a refugee camp in Guinea, West Africa brings us our next story. Zach Niles and Banker White met the Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars in...  Go to full article

Malawi youth choir begins tour

Thirteen members of the Mzuzu Youth Choir from Malawi begin a month-long tour of the North Country this week. Their visit is sponsored by the Presbytery of Northern New...  Go to full article

McKibben leads national climate change rally

A Vermont activist has sparked a national protest over global warming set for this Saturday, with more than 1300 events planned in all 50 states. Late last summer,...  Go to full article
Mohawk chief Jim Ransom addresses his Venezuelan guests.

For Mohawks, CITGO spells relief

Leaders of the St. Regis Mohawks and eleven other tribes from Maine and Minnesota gathered in Akwesasne Tuesday night to give thanks to an unlikely source. CITGO, the U.S....  Go to full article
Peggy Bakker

Rural Ontario market offers global crafts and culture

What if your family could combine a love of travel with a knack for shopping, and turn it all into a big, shared adventure? That's the attraction of "The Third World...  Go to full article
Prairie Summer

Lebanon, first-hand

World leaders are beginning to call for deployment of an international peace force in Lebanon. British Prime Minister Tony Blair said an international force could stop the...  Go to full article

Heard Up North: Watching the World Cup

Yesterday was a grim debut for Team USA in the World Cup in Germany. The Americans had little to surprise heavily favored Czech Republic in their 0-3 loss. According to an...  Go to full article

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