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Harold Weston: Remembering an Adirondack painter's "Wild Exuberance"
The Adirondack Museum features a Weston exhibition this summer: "Wild Exuberance." Brian Mann with curator Caroline Welsh.
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Researcher Finds New Mite Species In Adirondacks
Heather Root has found at least one new type of tiny tree mite at the Huntington Wildlife Forest near Newcomb. Root does her research while dangling in a harness high above the ground in the maple tree canopy, where she also found rare forms of lichen not seen in the Adirondacks for decades.
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A Look Inside Temple Beth Joseph, Tupper Lake
Beth Joseph Synagogue in Tupper Lake is the oldest synagogue in the Adirondacks. Built in 1905, its origins stem from the late 1800s, when Jewish immigrants from Russia and eastern Europe arrived in America. It had been closed up for decades when a summer resident asked to take a look inside. What she found was a national treasure.
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St. William's on Long Point
In the late 1800s, St. William's was the parish church for Raquette Lake and served many of the Irish and French-Canadian Catholics who were the early pioneers on the Lake. Today, it's a seasonal camp and cultural center, accessible only by boat. Todd Moe visited during restoration work.
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Skiing The Route of the Seven Carries
Over the weekend, temperatures in the Adirondacks topped sixty degrees. There's not much snow in the backcountry, but many lakes still have a solid layer of ice—and people are still getting outdoors. Brian Mann skied the Route of the Seven Carries—a traditional canoe route north of Saranac Lake.
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90 Miles by Canoe… in a Single Day
The 90-mile Adirondack Canoe Classic takes paddlers from Old Forge to Saranac Lake. Race organizer Brian McDonnell paddled the entire course in a single day—a journey he describes as the "90-mile cannonball."
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A Trek up Mt. Adams
A land deal will add thousands of acres to the state forest preserve, but it will almost certainly mean the removal of an antique fire tower that sits on Mt. Adams, near the town of Newcomb. Brian Mann made the climb.
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Adirondack Rail: on the Old New York Central Line
For seventy years, the New York Central carried passengers to Malone and Lake Placid and points in between. The old line is all but abandoned now. But trains still make the run a few times each year, bringing supplies and equipment to the tourist railroad in Lake Placid. Brian Mann made the trip this spring.
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Children's Camps in the Adirondacks
The Adirondack Museum opens today for the summer season. A major new exhibition looks at the history of the region's summer camps.
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Gary Randorf: Wild Adirondack Photography
Gary Randorf is one of the region's veteran photographers. His new book is called The Adirondacks: Wild Island of Hope. Brian Mann talked with him on a shoot in the Dix Mountain Wilderness.
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Summer at the Seagle Music Colony
For 87 years, the Seagle Music Colony in the eastern Adirondacks has offered talented young singers a secluded summer haven to polish their skills.
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Winter Camping in the Adirondack High Peaks
The Adirondacks' High Peaks can be a hard place to find peace and quiet during the busy summer months. Many people choose the winter to get their fix for solitude among New York's tallest mountains. Winter camping offers unique pleasures and sometimes, unexpected perils. Brian Mann and David Sommerstein got plenty of both on a late winter expedition to Lake Colden and Algonquin Peak.
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Rock Climbing in the Adirondacks
People climb looking for adventure and amazing views—and a deeper connection to the mountains. Brian Mann climbed Hurricane Crag during the peak of this year's leaf season.
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Discovering Adirondack Old Growth Forest
The Adirondacks are home to some of the East's largest Old Growth Forests. Martha Foley talks with a naturalist who spent part of this summer finding the towering trees.
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Preserving Adirondack Alpine Meadows
Adirondack Nature Conservancy program volunteers haul rocks up into the High Peaks to protect fragile ecosystem from erosion.
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A Barn-Raising in Upper Jay (Real 6:23)
These days, most new barns are built quickly with steel frames and sheet-metal siding. But some landowners are taking a little more time, using methods and materials passed down over hundreds of years.
An early Weston landscape (Source: Adk Museum)
An early Weston landscape (Source: Adk Museum)

Remembering an Adirondack painter's "Wild Exuberance"

The artist Harold Weston spent much of his life, living and painting in Keene Valley. He passed away in 1972. Weston is largely forgotten now in the art world. He's remembered regionally as an Adirondack landscape painter and the author of a book about the mountains called "Freedom of the Wilds." But in the years before World War 2 he was one of the most acclaimed painters, activists, and organizers in America. His work evolved dramatically over the decades, from landscapes to nudes to 1960s abstractions. The Adirondack Museum is featuring Weston this summer in an exhibition called "Wild Exuberance." Brian Mann spoke about the show with curator Caroline Welsh.  Go to full article

The simple life on Raquette Lake

For the last few weeks, we've been bringing you excerpts from StoryCorps, the national oral history project that visited the North Country last month. Well, we recently learned about someone who couldn't make it to StoryCorps, but she sure has stories to tell. Josephine Marbury has spent every summer for nearly 90 years on her family's island on Raquette Lake. This past Sunday we brought our microphones to Bluff Point on Raquette Lake to record Josephine being interviewed by her friend Mary Gearhart about what an Adirondack Summer was like back in the teens and early twenties.  Go to full article
Reaching high for a rugby jumpball

Rugby tournament brings "elegant" violence to Adks

The 33rd annual Can-Am Rugby tournament was held over the weekend in Saranac Lake and Lake Placid. Roughly a hundred teams from around the Northeast and Canada competed. The local favorites, the Mountaineers Old Boys, from Saranac Lake, reached the finals yesterday, but lost to an 45-and-older team from White Plains, New York. Brian Mann spent a couple of days watching the scrum and has our story.  Go to full article
Racing through the Adirondack Park (File photo)

Racing in the Adirondack wilderness

The Adirondacks have long been famous as a destination for world-class sporting events. From the Olympic venues in Lake Placid to international rugby tournaments in Saranac...  Go to full article

Theater review: The Philadelphia Story in Saranac Lake

The Philadelphia Story is currently running in repertory at the Pendragon Theater in Saranac Lake. Resident theater critic Connie Meng was at opening night and has...  Go to full article

Giving Voice: "Voices in the Mountains" Concert

The poetry of the young often has a direct and sincere simplicity that lends itself to musical arrangement. In this edition of "Giving Voice," Todd Moe talks with young poets...  Go to full article

Wise Buys, Hackett's eye merger

Two North Country retail chains may join forces. The move could position Hackett's and Wise Buys to better compete with the arrival of new "big box" giants, like Walmart. ...  Go to full article

Blazer says ski weekend invitation process needs reform

The head of the state authority that organizes a Lake Placid ski weekend for members of Congress says the way people are invited to the event needs to be changed. Martha...  Go to full article

North Country poems inspire music

The acclaimed Gregg Smith singers this month presented a concert of original music inspired by winning poems from the Great Adirondack Poetry Contest for school children. ...  Go to full article

Pataki pledges $20 million for Lake Placid conference center

More than two years after Governor Pataki first announced plans to upgrade Lake Placid's convention center space, the funding to move the project forward has now been set...  Go to full article

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