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On the Home Front


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{credit: Damon Winter, NYT]
{credit: Damon Winter, NYT]

Ft. Drum soldiers fight insurgents and boredom

The first troops of President Obama's surge in Afghanistan have returned home. Some 50 soldiers from the 10th Mountain's 1st Brigade touched down at Fort Drum Wednesday. Over the coming months, the rest of the 3500 member brigade will come home after training the Afghan army and police in the northern part of the country.

According to the Watertown Daily Times, the brigade commander Colonel Willard Burleson says he's seeing signs of progress, including some Taliban insurgents giving up their fight.

Still, the Pentagon reports security gains as "slow" in Afghanistan, with members of the Afghan army also deserting. This as the U.S. military enters a four-year scheduled withdrawl from the country.

The New York Times has been taking a deep look at a teeny slice of the war effort. Through articles, photos, and video, the Times is reporting on one unit of Fort Drum's 1st Brigade, the 1-87th Infantry Battalion. Readers can submit their own photos and videos. Many come from fellow troops and family members.

The latest installment in the Times series came out earlier this week. The article told the story of Delta Company's six day mission against insurgents in the village of Nahr-i-Sufi, near Kunduz in northern Afghanistan. In a nutshell, the article invokes oft-quoted truism of war - that war is abject boredom sprinkled with brief moments of intense action and terror. Reporter Jim Dao says that was the pervading reality on the ground.  Go to full article

More with Anne Harrington

Anne Harrington is the new Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Non-Proliferation at the National Nuclear Security Administration. She and her staff at the National Nuclear Security Administration keep an eye on materials, outside the U.S., that could be used to make a nuclear weapon.

Harrington is a native of Long Lake. She spoke with Jonathan Brown recently about her work, her background and the path that brought her from one to the other. Here's more of their conversation.  Go to full article
Anne Harrington, Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Non-Proliferation. Source: Nuclear Street

Moving the World: Anne Harrington

Long Lake native Anne Harrington was recently named Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Non-Proliferation.

It's a wordy title. It means she and her staff at the National Nuclear Security Administration keep an eye on materials, outside the U.S., that could be used to make a nuclear weapon.

For our occasional series, Moving the World, Harrington spoke with Jonathan Brown about starting out in the Adirondacks and working on global security in Washington D.C.  Go to full article

VA clinic construction under way in Saranac Lake

The first concrete has been poured for a new veterans' clinic in Saranac Lake. Officials hope to be able open the center early next year, despite a contract delay that held...  Go to full article

Poll: Most want developers to move mosque

A new poll finds New Yorkers split about whether a proposed mosque and community center should be constructed near Ground zero in lower Manhattan, but nearly three quarters...  Go to full article

Helicopters hold off during nesting season

Military leaders at Fort Drum have agreed not to resume helicopter training missions at Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks during the time that a rare bird is nesting on...  Go to full article

Biden thanks Fort Drum for Iraq success

Vice President Joe Biden says Fort Drum's 2nd Brigade deserves "a hero's welcome" for its work training security forces in Iraq. Biden made a personal visit to the Army base...  Go to full article

SLU golf course to host fundraiser for wounded soldiers

The St. Lawrence University Golf Course in Canton will host a tournament on August 13th to help raise money for wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The...  Go to full article
McHugh speaking to reporters...

McHugh returns to roots at Ft. Drum

It was a memorable homecoming for Secretary of the Army John McHugh. The longtime North Country Congressman made his first visit to Fort Drum since becoming Secretary as the...  Go to full article

Patriot Hills - a return to Saranac Lake's roots

A group in Saranac Lake is moving ahead with plans for a respite and reintegration center for active duty solders, veterans and their families.

The proposed...  Go to full article

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