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Paul Smiths College


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Paul Smith's, The College of the Adirondacks is set in the Adirondacks on the shores of Lower St. Regis Lake. Programs include Biology; Business; Culinary Arts and Service Management; Natural Resources; Recreation, Adventure Travel and Ecotourism, Fish and Wildlife Technology; Forest Recreation or Forest Technician; Liberal Arts; Ecology and Environment Technology; Hotel and Restaurant Management; Outdoor Recreation; Surveying; or Urban Tree Management.

Paul Smith's College is a founding member of NCPR's Adirondack News Fund, and hosts our Adirondack News Bureau.

NCPR's long-running series on the natural world, Natural Selections, is co-hosted by Paul Smith's College biologist, Dr. Curt Stager.

A housing unit at Camp Gabriels. Photo: Chris Knight, courtesy Adirondack Daily Enterprise
A housing unit at Camp Gabriels. Photo: Chris Knight, courtesy Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Public will see plans for the new Camp Gabriels next week

The public will get its first look next week at the plan to convert a now shuttered state prison near Paul Smiths into a summer camp and year-round educational retreat.

A pair of downstate men are in the process of purchasing Camp Gabriels, which the state closed in 2009. The state approved the sale of the property just last week.  Go to full article
Paul Smiths President John Mills will step down in June 2014. Photo: Paul Smith's College

Paul Smiths president Mills to retire: "best job I ever had"

The president of Paul Smiths College says he'll retire next summer, after more than a decade leading the school north of Saranac Lake.

John Mills, who first joined the college in 2000 as vice president of academic affairs, led the effort to transform Paul Smiths from a two-year college to a four-year program.

In a statement issued late yesterday, Mills called his time at Paul Smiths "the best job I ever had."  Go to full article
You could win this handmade loon quilt in a raffle Sunday. Photo: Nina Schoch

A loon celebration at Paul Smiths

This Sunday, loon lovers will get together to celebrate the iconic Adirondack bird, and raise money for loon research. The Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation is hosting a day of music, food, and games at the Paul Smiths VIC from 9 to 5 on Sunday. There'll also be a silent auction, a raffle for handmade loon quilt, and a loon calling contest.

Nina Schoch, the loon center's director, told David Sommerstein there will also be a field trip to see and learn about loons from the experts.  Go to full article
A forested floodplain: Lousiana bayou along the Pearl River. Photo: <a href="">Josh Kellogg</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Natural Selections: Flood-plain forest restoration

Trying to put nature back the way we found it can be more complicated than just leaving things alone. Dr. Curt Stager talks with Martha Foley about attempts to restore "green...  Go to full article
You'll find horses, axes, logs and more on Saturday during the Adirondack Rural Skills and Homesteading Festival at the Paul Smiths VIC.  Photo: Brett McLeod

Learning rural "lost arts" at the Paul Smiths VIC

NCPR is media sponsor for the Adirondack Rural Skills and Homesteading Festival this Saturday (10-to-4) at the Paul Smiths VIC. Exhibitions will include logging and farming...  Go to full article
Iraq war veteran Josh Jones cracks the books. Photo: Mark Kurtz

For many veterans heading to college, a long road

College students are back in class across the North Country. That means all the fun rituals of campus life, settling into dorms with new roommates, joining clubs, coping...  Go to full article
Montreal artist Aquil Virani (in gray) chats over a collection of doodles with a group of new students at Paul Smiths College.  Photo:  Todd Moe

Aquil Virani: revealing the artist in everyone

New artwork created during Welcome Week at Paul Smiths College will be unveiled this afternoon. A Canadian visual artist worked with first year Paul Smiths students over the...  Go to full article
Celia Evans, lower right, teaches Russian students some of her favorite songs. Photo: Celia Evans

Teaching and learning in Siberia

This fall, an ecology professor at Paul Smiths College traveled thousands of miles to learn about a new culture, and share a bit about life in the Adirondacks. Celia Evans...  Go to full article
Paul Smiths College will ban all tobacco products, including chew and cigarettes, by August 2014.  (Photo: Wikipedia)

Tobacco ban at Paul Smiths College sparks debate

Paul Smiths College in the Adirondacks announced earlier this month that it plans to phase out the use of all tobacco products on its campus and on its affiliated...  Go to full article
Josh Jones studies at Paul Smiths College. Photo: Mark Kurtz

Young veterans struggle in civilian economy

Sunday, across the North Country, small towns held parades and ceremonies honoring the region's veterans. But as the wars wind down in Afghanistan and Iraq, experts say more...  Go to full article

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