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Paul Smiths College


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Paul Smith's, The College of the Adirondacks is set in the Adirondacks on the shores of Lower St. Regis Lake. Programs include Biology; Business; Culinary Arts and Service Management; Natural Resources; Recreation, Adventure Travel and Ecotourism, Fish and Wildlife Technology; Forest Recreation or Forest Technician; Liberal Arts; Ecology and Environment Technology; Hotel and Restaurant Management; Outdoor Recreation; Surveying; or Urban Tree Management.

Paul Smith's College is a founding member of NCPR's Adirondack News Fund, and hosts our Adirondack News Bureau.

NCPR's long-running series on the natural world, Natural Selections, is co-hosted by Paul Smith's College biologist, Dr. Curt Stager.

Fieldwork includes studying what the hares eat and where in the forest.
Fieldwork includes studying what the hares eat and where in the forest.

Tracking snowshoe hares in the Adirondacks

A group of Paul Smiths College students has spent the last few years studying one of the region's smallest mammals. Bears, moose and loons usually come to mind when you think of wildlife in the Adirondacks. But biology and ecology students at Paul Smiths are tracking and monitoring the behavior of snowshoe hares. They're small, furry and cute, but also a big part of the region's ecosystem. Wildlife experts say hares are important because they're prey for almost everything in the forest that eats meat, including raptors, foxes and coyotes.

The data collected from school field trips will help wildlife managers better understand the food cycle in the Adirondacks from predators to prey and plants.

Todd Moe tagged along with Paul Smiths biology students as they tracked snowshoe hares to find out what they're eating and how they choose their habitat in the woods near campus.  Go to full article
Curt Stager taking sediment core samples in Africa (Photo source:  C. Stager)

North Country scientist rewrites history of global climate change

A researcher in the Adirondacks is literally rewriting the history of global climate change.

Curt Stager, a scientist at Paul Smiths College, is publishing an article later this month in the journal Science that describes an ancient drought that transformed Asia and Africa thousands of years ago.

The "H1 mega-drought" may have wiped out whole tribes of humans, as it dried up rivers and lakes across whole continents.

As Brian Mann reports, Stager thinks that devastating event could be a warning for people living in a new period of global warming.  Go to full article

Celia Evans: songs that celebrate gratitude, love, life

Adirondack folk singer Celia Evans celebrated a CD release party on-air during the Eight O'Clock Hour this morning. Her third cd is an album of simple folk melodies, both traditional and contemporary, and a few folk rock tunes, too. She told Todd Moe that Hardwood includes music that celebrates gratitude, family, love and observations over the past few years.  Go to full article

Paul Smiths College braces for biggest class since 1981

Paul Smiths College is expecting a lot more students in this year's incoming class. Spokesman Ken Aaron says it's likely good economic news for the area, especially Saranac...  Go to full article

Music in the mountains for the joy of it

The first Mountain Arts Gathering took place at Paul Smith's College all of last week. It's a music camp for adults who have been playing for a while, or just beginning. ...  Go to full article

Preview: new music camp for adults

A new music camp for adults will be held in the Adirondacks this summmer. Paul Smiths College will host Mountain Arts Gathering, a weeklong music camp from July 18-24. The...  Go to full article

Talking about service

NCPR station manager Ellen Rocco will be delivering the commencement address at Paul Smith's College this weekend and will receive an honorary degree. The theme of her...  Go to full article
This woodpecker in the Adirondacks seems unfazed by the cold weather

Spring snows may hurt birds more than bugs

Before we were blanketed with spring snows, black flies and plenty of other bugs were already buzzing in the warm, April air.

Now, that buzz has all but died away....  Go to full article
Rep. Bill Owens (D-Plattsburgh) (Source:  File photo)

Rep. Owens says healthcare reform should come in small pieces

Healthcare reform is back in the headlines. President Barack Obama plans to unveil his own legislation today. He's called for a bipartisan summit with lawmakers in...  Go to full article
Haley Johnson of Lake Placid in the women's individual 15 kilometer biathlon yesterday. Photo by Nancie Battaglia.

More struggles for North Country Olympians

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver are just about halfway done. There are just four medal events on the schedule today, and they're all being held at Whistler. First up is the...  Go to full article

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