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Author and commentator Paul Willcott divides his time between Saranac Lake and New York City.

Special Features

Irving Bachellor
Audio Novella:
A Franklin Manor Christmas
Paul Willcott of Saranac Lake reads his original Adirondack holiday story set in a down-at-heels former cure cottage and monastery occupied by a lonesome ex-professor.

Commentary: Snapshots

Commentator Paul Willcott divides his time between New York City and Saranac Lake. He thinks sometimes about what it would be like to live full-time in the Adirondacks. Not having the 300-mile drive most Fridays and Sundays would be welcome in a way, but the effect of the drop-in, drop-out rhythm is something he values a great deal.  Go to full article

Commentary: Ending Terrorist Attacks

Immediately after the terrible events of 9/11, this country and some other western nations commenced what is called the "War on Terrorism". That has entailed a variety of measures, including public relations, diplomacy, shipping suspected terrorists abroad of interrogation, and invading Afghanistan and Iraq. Commentator Paul Willcott has a suggestion for another effort that is being overlooked at our peril.  Go to full article

An Objection to the "F-word"

As we're told, English is a wonderfully elastic language. It's colorful, inclusive, and in a state of constant change. But some changes are less welcome than others. Commentator Paul Willcott has an issue with the expanding use of a particular bit of profanity.  Go to full article

Commentary: Four Old Men Eat Tomatoes on a Porch

There comes a moment every spring when the sun is so warm it takes you back to summer memories. Commentator Paul Willcott, who has roots in Texas, has been watching the...  Go to full article

Commentary: How to Fix Social Security

For some time President Bush has been sounding an alarm that funds to support the Social Security system will begin to run short before many people now in the work force...  Go to full article

At Last. A BIG Christmas Tree

Commentator Paul Willcott and his wife, Ann, had long dreamed of the perfect Christmas tree. When they became the new proud owners of a rambling old cure cottage in Saranac...  Go to full article

Commentary: Early Morning

One often hears people describe themselves as "night owls" or "morning people", sometimes this refers to circadian rhythms and when their bodies are more functional. For...  Go to full article

Commentary: Just Like Mom Used to Microwave

Over the past few generations a number of changes have occurred in the way we prepare and consume food. For example, few people alive today have actually churned butter by...  Go to full article
Paul Willcott

The Pleasures of the Front Porch

Every season has its special delights. Summer has many -- picnics, family reunions, swimming and boating. Commentator Paul Willcott has an abiding love for the great American...  Go to full article

Commentary: "Liberal" is Not a Dirty Word

As political campaigns become more active in the run up to the elections, political labels become increasingly prominent. One's opponent is a radical, an extremist, or...  Go to full article

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