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War in Afghanistan
Jul 18, 2014 — The Afghan presidential election has been a financial disappointment. Businesses say revenue is down, and even companies you'd think would make money off a campaign, say they're in the red.
Jul 15, 2014 — The attack occurred Tuesday morning near a market in the eastern province of Paktika. At a time of political uncertainty, deadly attacks are taking place on a near-daily basis.
Jul 13, 2014 — Secretary of State John Kerry has helped the candidates in Afghanistan's contested election work out a formula to resolve their dispute over the runoff election results. All votes will be audited.

War in Iraq
Jul 30, 2014 — A U.S. judge has blocked an effort by Iraq's Kurdistan region to sell $100 million worth of crude oil to refiners in the U.S. It's sitting in a giant tanker ship off the coast of Texas. The judge agreed with the Iraqi government that the oil belongs to it and not the Kurds.
Jul 29, 2014 — For centuries, Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds had coexisted in Mosul, but some fear ruptures there may be harbingers of the partition of Iraq. If that happens, Ahmed Ali may never see his farm again.
Jul 27, 2014 — Bloodshed is escalating in Baghdad as the militant group known as the Islamic State seeks to expand its territory in Iraq. NPR's Eric Westervelt talks to reporter Alice Fordham in Erbil about life under the rule of the radical Islamic group.

Special Reports

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Soldiers learn to spot IEDs at Ft. Drum
Improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, kill more American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan than any other weapon. David Sommerstein visits a hands-on IED training exhibit at Fort Drum near Watertown.
faso cartoon
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Crash-course in combat photography in Iraq
Photojournalist Bill Putnam was in the Army when he met David Sommerstein in Kosovo in 2002. He’s been living in the heart of the chaotic, violent world of Baghdad for two years. Putnam spoke with David Sommerstein about war-time photojournalism.
prairie summer
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Lebanon, First-Hand
Prairie Summer has lived in southern Lebanon for the last half year, working with teenagers, and was on the way home when war broke out. She told Martha Foley she's fallen in love with Lebanon and is planning to return there as soon as she can.
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Peace Poets in Potsdam
Primary and secondary students from six New York counties read their peace poetry at SUNY Potsdam May 19, 2006. Artists displayed their peace posters in the lobby. Todd Moe previewed the event with organizer Paul Saint-Amand.
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Iraq Through a Camera Lens: Watertown Daily Times Photojournalist Mark Dye
Mark Dye, a photojournalist with the Watertown Daily Times, spent a month in Baghdad earlier this winter. He was embedded with troops from Fort Drum, and sent daily photos and stories documenting the lives of soldiers and civilians in Iraq.
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Iraq Diary: A Soldier Goes Home
Earlier this month, Army photojournalist Cpl. Bill Putnam completed his tour of duty in Iraq. He flew out of the country on a Blackhawk helicopter and sent one last audio diary.
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Iraq Diary: A Raid on an Insurgent Suspect
Army photojournalist Corporal Bill Putnam is stationed in Baghdad with the 122nd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment. Troops frequently conduct raids to find insurgent leaders. Putnam went on one raid last month in the Al-Rashid neighborhood of Baghdad. Soldiers were looking for a suspected cell leader of Sunni insurgents.
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Iraq Diary: Chatting at a Baghdad Bakery
Corporal Bill Putnam is a photojournalist with the Army's 122nd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment at Camp Ferrin-Huggin in southern Baghdad. A few days ago he was with a unit patrolling through a run-down neighborhood of Baghdad near the airport. They came upon a bakery, a hotspot for conversation and gossip, and stopped to chat.
Photo/Audio Diary
An Iraq Diary
Maj. Eric Olsen is chaplain to a battalion of the New York Army National Guard stationed in the Sunni Triangle north of Baghdad. His thirty-part audio diary begins in 2004. He and his family live in Saranac Lake.
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Lysistrata Project Reading in Canton
North Country residents joined more than a thousand groups worldwide in readings of the Greek antiwar comedy Lysistrata on March 3, 2003.
Photo Audio Essay
Rally and Walk for Peace in Iraq
Hundreds turned out in the zero-degree chill in Canton NY as part of an international day of protests supporting peace with Iraq on Saturday, February 15, 2003. Audio includes complete addresses of rally speakers, and conversation with walkers and onlookers. David Sommerstein reports.
Photo/Audio Essay
UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter--The Iraqi Threat: How Real Is It?
Scott Ritter, former chief weapons inspector for the United Nations Special Commission in Iraq, in a recent North Country Tour, made the case against unilateral military action in Iraq.
Photo Audio Essay
Return from Afghanistan
NCPR News talks with Ft. Drum soldiers and families.
Photo Audio Essay
On Patrol in Vitina
10th Mountain Division Peacekeepers in Kosovo. pt 1
Photo Audio Essay
The Real Life of Peacekeepers
10th Mountain Division Peacekeepers in Kosovo. pt 2
Photo Audio Essay
10th Mountain Peacekeepers in Kosovo
David Sommerstein spends a week living and patrolling with 10th Mountain Division troops on a peacekeeping mission in the Serbian province of Kosovo.
Eric and Susan Olsen celebrate his homecoming from Iraq. NCPR file photo
Eric and Susan Olsen celebrate his homecoming from Iraq. NCPR file photo

The Road from 9/11: How the war on terror changed one North Country family

One of the uncomfortable truths about the terror attacks on 9/11 is that some families have carried a far greater burden during the months and years that followed. The Olsen family, from Saranac Lake, have spent much of the last decade separated; Chaplain Eric Olsen first mobilized for duty at ground zero in New York City, then for war in Iraq.

In a special documentary production aired for the 10th anniversary of the terror attack, Brian Mann produced a special documentary telling the story of how 9/11 shaped the lives of Eric and Susan Olsen, and their sons Garth and Evan.

This first aired Sept. 12, 2011. It recently won an Edward R. Murrrow award for best radio documentary.  Go to full article
NY National Guard Chaplain Col. Eric Olsen, of Saranac Lake, is an advocate for Homeward Bound Adirondack.

Saranac Lake vet reintegration center struggling

It was billed as a project that could transform the community and bring hope and healing to veterans and their families.

Two years later, Patriot Hills at Saranac Lake has a different name, no paid staff, little money raised and held only two programs last year.

Organizers of what is now called Homeward Bound Adirondacks, a proposed retreat and reintegration center for veterans and their families, insist the project is still moving forward, although not at the pace they initially hoped.

As Chris Knight reports, fundraising challenges and disputes about the project's direction are largely to blame.  Go to full article
Maryam Laly of Kabul, Afghanistan, is finishing her first year at St. Lawrence University.  (Photo: Julie Grant)

Afghani SLU student thankful for safety of the north country

A suicide bomber killed at least 10 people, including three American soldiers, at a park in Afghanistan this week. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, in what's usually a relatively peaceful region north of Kabul.

Such violence is one big reason 20-year old Maryam Laly wanted to leave Kabul, and attend school in the north country. She's currently a first year student at St. Lawrence University. Julie Grant spoke with Laly, and files this report...  Go to full article
Shubel Clark's War of 1812 jacket at the Potsdam Museum.

Heard Up North: An old coat is War of 1812 relic

The Potsdam Museum recently rediscovered an historic War of 1812 officer's uniform in its archives -- just in time for bicentennial commemorations. Museum officials say the...  Go to full article
The story of Navajo code talkers (above) is well known. But Native American soldiers speaking Mohawk, Chochtaw, Commanche and other native languages also helped to win the war.

Mohawks seek recognition for WWII code talkers

A Mohawk veterans group wants the federal government to recognize the contributions of "code talkers" during the D-Day invasion of Europe during World War Two. The Navajo...  Go to full article
Col. Patrick D. Frank, Brigade Commander, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division. Photo:

Fort Drum brigade commander says deployment has been tough, but successful

Fort Drum's 3rd Brigade Combat Team is beginning to come home after a year-long deployment in Afghanistan. The brigade, about 3,500 soldiers, was sent to an area just west of...  Go to full article
From left, St. Joseph's CEO Bob Ross, Cindy Garso of North Woods Engineering and Joe Lomonaco of Architecture Plus review the site of a proposed community residence in Saranac Lake. Photo: Adirondack Daily Enterprise

St. Joe's, neighbors seek compromise on vets' residence

Neighbors of St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Center in Saranac Lake are concerned about plans for a new treatment facility for veterans struggling with substance abuse addiction...  Go to full article
The mangled remains of an engine of a B-47 bomber sits among the rocks on the summit of Wright Peak. Photo: Chris Knight, courtesy <em>Adirondack Daily Enterprise</em>.

Twisted remains mark site of 1962 mountaintop plane crash

Fifty years ago, in the early morning darkness of Jan. 16, 1962, an Air Force jet bomber slammed into the top of Wright Peak, in the Adirondack backcountry near Lake Placid....  Go to full article

Owens optimistic about Ft. Drum's role in refocused defense

President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced sweeping plans for the country's defense yesterday. The new strategy has to accommodate a half billion...  Go to full article

Fort Drum gets funding for construction projects

A $54 million federal appropriation will set off another round of construction at Fort Drum.
Some of the money will go toward new projects and some will go toward...  Go to full article

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