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Ah, political scandals! Some splash up noisily, like Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Others slosh and churn, and slosh and churn…like (suspended) Canadian Senator Mike Duffy. Most likely you’ve heard about the Ford hullabaloo, in which the...
Are you ready to raft? I said, ARE YOU READY TO RAFT? Sorry. Anyway, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office has just now announced details of this year’s Adirondack Challenge, a daylong event to be held this Sunday to promote Adirondack tourism. You...
Weather permitting, Tuesday afternoon will be when “just folks” can take a last, up-close look at the old North Channel portion of the Seaway International Bridge in Cornwall, Ontario. (A new, low-level bridge was opened to traffic last...
  A really big case was decided by Canada’s Supreme Court on Thursday. How big? Well, most news coverage is using words like “historic precedent”, “landmark” and “game changer”. First Nation leaders are...
Well, it took long enough, but Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has officially shed his pesky Canadian citizenship. Political wonks and dedicated In Box readers already know being born in Canada had come back to haunt this possible presidential contender. As...

Jul 30, 2014 — HiIlary Clinton's book tour is over, and her final decision on a 2016 presidential bid is months away. The tour highlighted Clinton's strengths, weaknesses and possible presidential campaign.
Jul 30, 2014 — A short-term fix for the nearly empty Highway Trust Fund is a step closer to President Obama's desk. Congress has been talking about the long-term problems with the construction account, but the two chambers have not agreed on a long-term solution.
Jul 29, 2014 — A new SuperPAC aims to reduce the influence of big money in politics — and it's starting by raising millions of dollars, in part from wealthy donors.
Jul 29, 2014 — The Library of Congress has released the rather racy love letters that former President Warren G. Harding sent to his mistress, Carrie Fulton Phillips.
Jul 29, 2014 — Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy is introducing a bill to overhaul the way the National Security Agency collects telephone data under the Patriot Act.

Voter Resources

Project Sunlight: Track lobbying activities, member item spending and other legislation in New York. An initiative of the NYS Office of the Attorney General.

League of Women Voters DemocracyNet: Great one-stop election resource.

NYS Board of Elections Campaign Finance Database: Enter the last name of any candidate in New York to find out where the money comes from and where it's going.

Open Secrets: Campaign finance information broken down by industry, region, etc., for mostly federal politicans. An excellent starting point for following
money in politics.

Special Reports

heather root
Audio Slideshow:
Adirondack teens talk democracy
Face of Democracy is a national program that gives students an inside view of the democratic process by sending out to polling places to interview and photograph voters and officials. Sue Halpern, project organizer, talks with Brian Mann
faso cartoon
Cartoon Special:
Editorial cartoonist Mark Wilson Covers the NYS Party Conventions
Mark Wilson, aka Marquil, is a political cartoonist covering the 2006 New York State party conventions for NCPR. His sketches and caricatures bring the arcana of state politics to life.

Mental Health Advocates Push Passage of Timothy's Law

Mental health advocates are hoping that the New York State Senate will approve Timothy's Law when the Senate returns next week for a one-day session. The legislation extends health care benefits for people with mental illness. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
N. Elba supervisor Shirley Seney

GOP Primary: Seney Holds On in N. Elba; Incumbents Lose in Moriah & Queensbury

Republicans went to the polls yesterday, for a party primary that offered some surprisingly tough races. In North Elba, where turnout was high, town supervisor Shirley Seney survived by a narrow 40-vote margin. As Brian Mann reports, a loss would have knocked Seney off the November ballot.  Go to full article

Not-For-Profits: Pataki Should Release Member Item Funds

Not for profit groups are calling on Governor Pataki to release $200 million in legislative member items, which have been tied up in the ongoing budget fight. The groups say some of the money is meant for them, and they will have to cut services and even close altogether if they don't get the funding soon. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Environmentalists Attempt to Oust Bush Official

Some environmental groups have launched a petition drive to oust a top interior department official. However, their prospects of success are questionable. The Great Lakes...  Go to full article
Incumbent Shirley Seney

In North Elba, A Fierce (And Personal) Republican Primary

Voters across the region go to the polls tomorrow for a slate of primary elections. In North Elba - the biggest township in Essex County - the Republican race for town...  Go to full article

Tupper Lake: Altamont Town Supervisor Steps Down

In Tupper Lake, one of the region's veteran politicians says he'll step down next week. Democrat Dean LeFebvre announced that he'll resign as Altamont town supervisor after...  Go to full article

Legislators Form Great Lakes Caucus

State lawmakers from the eight states and two Canadian provinces that surround the Great Lakes have formed a caucus to coordinate legislative action on Great Lakes issues. ...  Go to full article

Potsdam Conference to Explore New Sources of Local Government Funding

For the 12th straight year, hundreds of North Country workers will spend a day in workshops designed by local government officials for local government officials. The...  Go to full article

$21 Million Essex County Jail Approved

The Essex County board of supervisors voted this week to build a 120-bed jail in the town of Lewis. The controversial project has been debated for decades and could cost as...  Go to full article

Campaign Launched to Draft Hillary Clinton for President

A Florida-based political activist has started a grassroots campaign to draft Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton into the race for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004....  Go to full article

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