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Renate Wildermuth


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Renate Wildermuth is a freelance writer for The Albany Times Union, and Adirondack Life Magazine. Her articles have appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Charlotte Observer, and the North of Boston magazine Motherwords. Her poetry has appeared in the Poetry Jumps off the Shelf program and in the online journal Mannequin Envy. She lives in North Creek with her husband, and two-year-old son, August.

Commentary: Remembering "V-mail"

It's the same in every war. Soldiers send their love and thoughts back home. The only thing that changes is the "how." Commentator Renate Wildermuth recently came across "V-mail" from World War II.  Go to full article

Commentary: The King of Crumbs

This Sunday is Father's Day. Commentator Renate Wildermuth, of North Creek, remembers her dad and a lesson on the importance of the smaller things in life.  Go to full article

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