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Series: Inside School


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Guidance counselors Kelley Glasgow and Heather Marin, in front of the food shelf at Canton Central's Banford Elementary school. Photo: Sarah Harris
Guidance counselors Kelley Glasgow and Heather Marin, in front of the food shelf at Canton Central's Banford Elementary school. Photo: Sarah Harris

Inside school: How Canton Central keeps kids fed and warm

Twenty percent of North Country children live in poverty. That means that in winter, a lot kids have to deal with hunger and cold. Then, when they go to school, it's hard to learn. Schools in districts like Canton Central, where more than one in three students qualifies for free and reduced lunch, have to pick up the pieces with food and warm clothes.

Canton administrators say they're doing what they can, with help from students.  Go to full article
Canton superintendent Bill Gregory explains the how and why of a potential merger. Photo: Sarah Harris

Canton-Potsdam school merger: what's happening now?

School districts across the state are being pressured to consolidate or share services. If you live in Canton or Potsdam, you've probably heard the rumblings about a possible merger of the two school districts. But where are the schools in the process? And how will the decision to merge ultimately be made?  Go to full article
Sarah Rivers, 10th grader and student representative to the merger committee. She liked Potsdam's sugar shack, but has concerns about the auditorium size and a divided middle and high school. Photo: Sarah Harris.

Inside school: to merge or not to merge?

Canton and Potsdam school districts are considering a merger.
The idea is to save money and offer more opportunities to students.

A 28-person committee of administrators, teachers and students and a Buffalo-based consulting firm are studying how it could work, and what the pay-offs would be. They're on a short deadline, with a recommendation due in the late spring. Then the two communities will vote.  Go to full article
Canton Central School. Photo: Lizette Haenel

Auditing Canton Central: It's all in the (fund) balance

When the state Comptroller audited Canton Central School District recently, auditors found what school officials already know too well: the district can't rely on its...  Go to full article
The finished product. Photo: Sarah Harris

Inside school: making gingerbread houses

Canton first graders are having fun before the holidays making gingerbread houses. There's a trick: they use a milk carton for the base and plaster it with graham crackers,...  Go to full article
Common Core isn't working for everyone, including (according to her parents) six- year-old Maddie. Photo: courtesy of Jennifer Hansen

Common Core: looking for alternatives

Common Core is making its way into classrooms across New York state. The new standards and curriculum emphasize conceptual learning and critical thinking. But that approach...  Go to full article
5th grade math. Photo: Sarah Harris

Inside school: navigating Common Core

Common Core has become a lightning rod for dissatisfaction with educational policy. New York's Education Commissioner John King has been shouted down at public forums...  Go to full article
A zentangle. Photo: Sarah Harris.

Inside school: Canton educators make do with less

On the surface, Canton Central School is really vibrant: happy kids talking in the hallway and laughing at lunch, teachers engaged in their work. But the school is also deep...  Go to full article

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