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Series: State of Disrepair


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State of Disrepair: aging roads & bridges

Today we begin a week-long series looking at the state of New York's infrastructure, called State of Disrepair. It's a collaboration among all the public radio stations across the state.

The safety of New York's network of roads and bridges has fallen victim to the shaky economy, as highway officials struggle to balance their own budgets. Dave Lucas has more on their call for financial assistance from the state.  Go to full article
The Croghan Island Mill

Crumbling dam threatens historic Croghan mill

Our series on New York's aging infrastructure continues this morning with a look at a crumbling dam in Lewis County and why it threatens a community's identity and culture.

There are more than 5,000 dams in New York State. They're mostly used for flood control, to provide drinking water, for hydropower, and to create lakes and ponds for recreation.

Even dam safety officials don't know how many need repair. But they do know 50 of the most potentially hazardous ones need to be fixed or dismantled.

One of those is on the Beaver River in the village of Croghan. If it can't be fixed, it may force the closure of one of the state's last water-powered sawmills. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article
Brockport's historic bridge over the Erie Canal.

State of Disrepair: Erie canal bridges (almost) falling down

This week, we're looking at New York's infrastructure in a collaboration with New York's public radio stations called "State of Disrepair." From Buffalo to New York City, reporters are taking an in-depth look at the impact of government decisions regarding New York's aging infrastructure.

Today, we look at the bridges crossing the Erie Canal. There are more than 200 of them, and 60 of those were built about century ago. Carlet Cleare takes us to a small village near Rochester,where three of these aging bridges are located.  Go to full article

As NY infrastructure fades, Crown Point bridge rises

This week, in a series called State of Disrepair, public radio stations around New York have been looking at infrastructure problems that threaten our highways, bridges and...  Go to full article

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