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Fun Sochi fact: The system most media outlets (including NPR) are using is broken. Here’s how we can fix it: Going into today, Norway leads all nations with double digit Gold Medals with 10, but according to most media outlets  they rank...
Along with friends and neighbors, I’m rooting for all of the athletes representing the US and Canada and, most importantly, the Adirondack North Country, Vermont and eastern Ontario and Quebec. These are my people! By now, I hope you know we...
Ah, the Olympics. Where to start? The larger complaint is familiar: the dreams and energy of athletes feed a tightly-controlled monopoly – which throws a mega-party, for which host countries foot horrendous bills. I suppose one defense would...
OK, that’s a trick headline. The fact that such a swim did happen exploits a little-known geo-political detail: France still has territory on the edge of modern-day Canada. Here’s the swim story, by way of CBC. On August 9th, Jordan Wood...
It’s nice to get a mix of topics moving through the In Box, so here’s a modest sport news update for today. An Ottawa area team, the East Nepean Eagles, has won the Canadian Little League Championship and will compete at the Little...

Apr 20, 2014 — At the end of a long season, a team's games are even more important. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with's Mike Pesca about how teams strategize about players' performances.
Apr 19, 2014 — Some of the NBA's hottest teams missed the cut for this year's playoffs. And to what lengths will Cuban athletes go for a chance to play in the MLB?'s Howard Bryant tells NPR's Wade Goodwyn.
Apr 19, 2014 — The NCAA is facing scrutiny for how it treats student athletes. NPR's Wade Goodwyn talks to New York Times columnist Joe Nocera about changes the organization made this week.
Apr 18, 2014 — Among NHL fans, there's a favorite adage: "There's nothing like playoff hockey." The start of this year's playoffs has been no exception. Sportswriter Stefan Fatsis comments on the first few games.
Apr 18, 2014 — The percentage of black Major League Baseball players is steadily declining, Pew reports. Meanwhile, a growing percentage of Latino players such as Yasiel Puig bring interesting stories to the game.

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NCPR Special Reports

Donkey Basketball
Audio Slideshow:
Donkey Basketball in Edwards
The loopy sport of donkey basketball has been used by North Country schools as a fundraiser since the 1950s. Visit a game in the St. Lawrence County town of Edwards. David Sommerstein reports.
Kars Derby
Demolition Derby on Ice
A bang-up guilty pleasure. Lucy Martin takes us to Kars, Ontario for a winter variation on the theme of automotive destruction.
Watson's Mill
Sens fans rally for Stanley Cup
Thousands of Stanley Cup-thirsty Senators fans took over Festival Plaza at City Hall in Ottawa for a lunchtime rally in May 2007. Lucy Martin joined the jubilant crowd.
amish school
Audio Slideshow:
Jonathan Hammond: interpretive freestyle canoeist
Defending his title in Ohio at the National Interpretive Freestyle Canoeing championships is the youngest canoeist to win top honors in the sport’s 20-year history – 10th grader Jonathan Hammond of Alexandria Bay. David Sommerstein has this profile.
Olympic Slideshows:
Photographer Nancy Battaglia Covers the Torino Winter Olympics
At the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy more than a dozen North Country athletes will be competing in everything from men’s hockey to biathlon. Nancy Battaglia is a freelance photographer covering the games for North Country Public Radio.
Slideshow 1 | Slideshow 2 | Slideshow3
Audio Slideshow:
NASCAR veteran Geoff Bodine has raised more than a million dollars to build better bobsleds in the US. He invited other NASCAR drivers to race the Olympic bobsled track in Lake Placid. David Sommerstein reports.
Sports Exclusive
Team NCPR Hits the Pits
Team NCPR battles for racetrack glory in a gritty expose of epic rivalry and staggering loss.
trophy fish
Fishing on the St. Lawrence
Walleye and northern pike season opened the first Saturday in May. David Sommerstein spent a morning with two veteran guides.
Photo Audio Slideshow
International Rutabaga Curling Championship
Behind every winter sport, there’s probably a founder who was just trying to stay warm and alert through the dark months. That’s the history behind one of the more obscure sports – Rutabaga Curling. David Sommerstein came across the 5th Annual International Rutabaga Curling Championships in Ithaca. He sends this tuber-tossing postcard.
Audio Slideshow
A Fading Tradition: The November Hunt For Whitetail Deer
In the north country, deer hunting is a family tradition. The passion and the skills are passed along through generations, usually from father to son. But these days, many hunters worry that their tradition is fading.
USA's Lowell Bailey #29 and Tim Burke #30 ski in the Sochi Olympics Mens Biathlon 15km Mass Start 2/18/14. Photo: © Nancie Battaglia
USA's Lowell Bailey #29 and Tim Burke #30 ski in the Sochi Olympics Mens Biathlon 15km Mass Start 2/18/14. Photo: © Nancie Battaglia

Sochi: Another tough day for North Country biathletes

Two of the North Country's biggest medal hopefuls struggled again in biathlon this morning at the Winter Games in Sochi. Tim Burke from Paul Smiths finished the mass start in 21st place. Lowell Bailey from Lake Placid followed in 23rd.  Go to full article
Billy Demong, #31, followed closely by teammate Bryan Fletcher as they competed in Sochi last Wednesday. Photo: © Nancie Battaglia

Bill Demong finishes 31st in nordic combined at Sochi

North Country ski racer Bill Demong from Vermontville finished the 10K cross country race in Nordic combined. The sport includes long-distance ski jumping and cross-country ski racing.

Demong finished well back in 31st place, two minutes and 13 seconds behind the gold medal winner, Joergen Graabak of Norway.  Go to full article
Andrew Weibrecht on the podium Sunday in Sochi. Photo: © Nancie Battaglia

Weibrecht's silver upset sparks celebrations

Andrew Weibrecht from Lake Placid is the latest American star for these Olympic Games in Sochi.

Following his silver medal win yesterday in the Alpine Super-G race, Weibrecht is making the rounds of the morning TV shows today, with appearances on Good Morning America and the Today Show.

It's a shocking, and wonderful, outcome for a skier who struggled over the last four years. His win also sparked celebrations in Sochi and Lake Placid.  Go to full article
Lowell Bailey had a break-out day in Sochi, which could bode well for two races still to come. Photo:  Nancie Battaglia

Sochi: Lake Placid skier Lowell Bailey cracks top 10

Lowell Bailey had a break-out race Thursday in Sochi, skiing in the 20k biathlon individual race.

After two tough races at the Winter Games, where he faded in the...  Go to full article
Portrait of USA's Billy Demong, #31, after he competed in the Sochi Olympics Nordic Combined Normal Hill/10km 2/12/14. Photo: © Nancie Battaglia

Bill Demong's tough day in Sochi

One of the North Country's top medal hopefuls had a challenging day yesterday in Sochi. Bill Demong from Vermontville finished 24th in the Nordic combined, a sport that...  Go to full article
The face of history.  Erin Hamlin seconds after winning a first-ever bronze medal for the US in luge.  Photo: © Nancie Battaglia

Photos: In Sochi, North Country's Hamlin makes history

Erin Hamlin, the 27-year-old luge racer from Remsen, New York, made history in Sochi on Tuesday.

She captured US Luge's first-ever medal in an Olympic games,...  Go to full article
Rings and national flags in the foreground, the Olympic flame and the snowcapped mountains behind. Photo: © Nancie Battaglia

Sochi: Historic victory and disappointment yesterday, hockey today

The Sochi Olympics are well underway in Russia. A half-dozen North Country athletes have already competed. Brian Mann talks with Martha Foley about how the "home team" fared...  Go to full article
Erin Hamlin from Remsen celebrates after her historic bronze medal win Tuesday in Sochi.  Photo:  Nancie Battaglia

Sochi: Erin Hamlin claims 1st-ever US luge bronze

Erin Hamlin, the North Country slider from Remsen who spends much of each year in Lake Placid, made history a short time ago, winning a first-ever USA luge medal by capturing...  Go to full article
Saranac Lake racer Annelies Cook raced in her second Olympic event on Tuesday in Sochi. This image was taken during a race earlier in the week. Photo:  Nancie Battaglia

Sochi: Saranac Lake's Annelies Cook finishes 54th

Saranac Lake biathlon hopeful Annelies Cook raced in her second event this morning -- east coast time -- in Sochi, Russia.

Facing challenging snow conditions, Cook...  Go to full article
USA's Erin Hamlin from Remsen NY slides in the Sochi Olympics Womens Luge 2/10/14. Hamlin was in 3rd place after the first two runs. Photo: © Nancie Battaglia

How the North Country is faring in Sochi

Luger Erin Hamlin, after two blistering runs on Monday, is well-positioned for an historic first, an Olympic medal for a woman luger.

Biathletes Tim Burke and...  Go to full article

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