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Hospital closures get a review by lawmakers

Legislative leaders say they want to revisit the Berger Commission report that recommended that many hospitals around the state be closed or merged. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Gov wants to expel junk food

Governor Eliot Spitzer released his healthy schools bill to curb the sale of soda pop and junk food in the state's schools, and encourage a healthier lifestyle.  Go to full article
The aluminum purse holds two pre-prepared meals wrapped in foil

Heard Up North: Making the car cook

On this Heard Up North: A familiar voice tells us about car cooking. It's a way of making hot meals on your engine while you drive. NCPR's own Barb Heller tried it on a recent road trip to Arkansas. Before leaving, she prepared meals and wrapped them in foil. Then she bought aluminum mesh and shaped it into what she calls a "kind of purse" and attached it with wire to her motor. She says she never hit a bump big enough to knock her food off the engine. Different engines cook at different temperatures and Barb recommends experimenting with pre-cooked meats and frozen vegetables.  Go to full article

Preview: Dark Night of the Body

A new dance theatre work premieres at SUNY Potsdam this week. Dark Night of the Body was choreographed by Visiting Assistant Professor Stephanie Adcock. It opens...  Go to full article

Sportsmen's rights advocate exits political stage

One of the North Country's most vocal leaders in local government stepped down unexpectedly last week. Colton town supervisor Hank Ford was known for his combative style and...  Go to full article

Lawmakers pass AG's student-loan bill

The state legislature has approved a bill proposed by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to stop cheating in the student loan industry. Karen DeWitt has more from Albany  Go to full article

Investigation of Comptroller's office expands

The probe of possible illegal activities at the State Comptroller's office is widening, as the newly appointed State Comptroller, and State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo,...  Go to full article
M.J. Heisey and Eleanor Rosenthal

StoryCorps: Life in Nazi Germany

Inside soundproof booths across the country, friends and loved ones are interviewing each other about their lives. The booths belong to StoryCorps, a project that collects...  Go to full article
Raleigh Island on the St. Lawrence

Life (again) on the St. Lawrence

The ice is gone, the geese are back and there's plenty of sunshine. Just the sort of weather Ian Coristine has been waiting all winter for. We spoke with him last autumn as...  Go to full article

Doubling tax rebates for senior citizens

Senate Republicans are looking to double property tax breaks for New York' senior citizens, saying they were shortchanged in this year's state budget. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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