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Friendly fire now blamed for trooper's death

The state trooper killed Wednesday in the search for 23-year-old fugitive Travis Trim may have died from friendly fire, according to a state police spokesman.
Trim holed up inside a house in the Catskill Mountains a day after allegedly shooting and wounding another trooper.
David Brinkerhoff was in the middle of what authorities now describe as a chaotic fire fight outside the house and a bullet from a colleague's gun may be responsible for the trooper's death.
Questions - and blame - are swirling over the arrest warrant issued in December for Trim.
After being convicted in 2005 of misdemeanor charges for petit larceny, Trim violated his probation by allegedly drinking and using drugs.
St Lawrence County Probation Director Francine Perretta says no one knows where the warrant went, but it never made it to police.
Jonathan Brown asked her if this case will change the way the county handles warrants.  Go to full article

North Country seeks new med-evac provider

Northern New York has two providers of med-evac helicopter flights that don't charge patients. One of them, the U.S. Army unit based at Fort Drum in Jefferson County, is pulling out next month. That leaves North Country Life Flight, which has one med-evac helicopter based in Saranac Lake. Jonathan Brown has more.  Go to full article

Keeping prying eyes off your prescriptions

Assembly Democrats and Senate Republicans want to outlaw the data mining of drug prescription information from pharmacies. Drug companies use that data to sell more drugs to doctors. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
Travis Trim, age 23, is believed dead

North Country man accused of killing Trooper believed dead

State police believe that a body found in a burned farmhouse is that of a North Country man accused of shooting three state policemen. Travis Trim, age 23, was the subject...  Go to full article

Police shootings: Gov Spitzer reacts

A St. Lawrence County man allegedly shot three police officers over the past 36 hours. One is dead. Governor Spitzer cut short events in New York City to meet with the family...  Go to full article
Trooper David C. Brinkerhoff, age 29 (Photo:  NYS Police)

Senate Republicans call for executions of cop killers

In the wake of the murder of a state trooper Wednesday morning, Senate Republicans are calling for the reinstatement of the death penalty for cop killers.  Go to full article

The politics and legality of reinstating NY death penalty

The state's top court suspended New York's death penalty in 2004. After this week's police shootings, Senate Republicans are calling for Governor Spitzer's support on new...  Go to full article
Travis Trim, age 23 (Photo provided by NYS Police)

North Country man targeted by statewide manhunt following trooper shooting

A North Country man has been accused of killing one New York state police officer and wounding two others in the Catskills region. The hunt for suspect Travis Trim of North...  Go to full article

Enviros call for 'salties' moratorium

Environmentalists are trying to ratchet up pressure on the shipping industry over invasive species. They're calling for a moratorium on ocean-going ships in the St. Lawrence...  Go to full article

Former SUNY Potsdam student with gun worries some on campus

Rumors spread quickly across Potsdam yesterday after police released information on what they called "an incident" involving a former student and a gun. To learn more,...  Go to full article

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