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Budget helps low-income housing

The relatively low cost of housing in the North Country draws people to the area. But for people with below-average income, finding a home, even here, is tough. Over the past few years, the military brought thousands of families to Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties to work at Fort Drum. That's made it even harder for low-income civilians to buy a house. Not-for-profits are trying to help. North Country Affordable Housing has been working with people in the three counties for 20 years. Executive Director Barbara Willis says the challenges remain, but this year things are looking up, mainly because of a boost in operating funds in the state budget. Jonathan Brown asked her how low-income people are faring in the current real-estate market.  Go to full article
Sandip Burman is the only touring tabla tarang player in the world

Preview: classical Indian music at SLU

A concert of classical music from India, featuring Sima Burman and Sandip Burman, will be performed tonight (8 pm) in Gilbert Recital Hall, Griffiths Arts Center, at St. Lawrence University. The event is free and open to the public. It will feature a discussion of the music system of India (Raga and Tala) and how that compares to the western system, as well as performances. The tabla is usually played as a rhythm instrument (Tala), in a very complex cycle. Todd Moe asked Sima and Sandip to demonstrate, over the phone, the Indian solfege, or method of singing where each note is sung to a special symbol - think Do, Re, Mi, etc.  Go to full article

Fort Drum touts economic impact

Fort Drum released figures Friday on how much money the Army base pumps into the area's economy. That figure stands at $1.24 billion in fiscal 2006. The largest chunk goes to payroll. The base's 3,700 civilian employees brought home more than $200 million. Almost $750 million went to Fort Drum's soldiers, numbering more than 17,000. Retirees in the base's surrounding area got $30 million. Jonathan Brown asked Jeff Graham, the mayor of nearby Watertown, how this money affects the city.  Go to full article

School funding formula vexes Ogdensburg

The state budget was friendly to most school districts in the North Country. Schools in St. Lawrence, Jefferson, and Lewis counties, for example, will get $22 million more...  Go to full article

Protecting and serving St. Lawrence County

St Lawrence County is one of the largest counties east of the Mississippi. Its population is just over 100,000 people, according to recent census data. That's about a tenth...  Go to full article
Eddie Cruz and Clancey Watkins in a scene from <i>Spinning into Butter</i> (photo: Tara Freeman)

Preview: Spinning into Butter

The play Spinning into Butter opens at St. Lawrence University tonight. Theatre is often considered a great place to probe private feelings and public behavior, as...  Go to full article
George Ciccariello-Maher and Martha Foley in the studio

Chavez: a view from the frontlines

From the outside, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez looks like a wild Latin revolutionary. He's certainly a provocateur: he's called President Bush "the devil," Condoleeza...  Go to full article
Finch Pruyn's holdings include the Boreas Ponds (Photo courtesy of the Adirondack Explorer magazine)

Frinch Pruyn hopes to sell all assets in the Adirondack-North Country

Finch Pruyn, the biggest private employer and one of the largest landowners in the North Country, has announced it hopes to sell all its assets. Jonathan Brown has details.  Go to full article

Protecting 260,000 acres inside the Blue Line

State officials completed an agreement to protect almost 260,000 acres of timberland in the Adirondacks.  Go to full article
Marine Corporal Henry Bogrette

A brother remembers CPL Henry Bogrette

A plane carrying the body of a marine from St. Lawrence County was scheduled to land in Watertown at four this afternoon. Corporal Henry Bogrette of Richville was killed...  Go to full article

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