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David Hartman
David Hartman

About David Hartman

Twenty-one-year old David, backed up by some of his friends from Canton High School, sang Frank Sinatra tunes for us in Canton. When he was a teenager, the gift of a Brian Setzer album from his godmother led him to sing jive and jazz standards. David was joined by Kyle Tupper on drums, Alex Jenseth on bass and Tim Savage on an old upright piano.  Go to full article

Fluctuating temperatures raise concerns over farming

Temperatures this winter have left a lot of people wondering... December's 70-degree days caused flowers to bloom - but also contributed to concerns over global warming. This week's cold snap - reassuring to some - has raised new questions about the health of the North Country's ecosystem.

What do these fluctuating temperatures do to plants, soils and watersheds? Was there any damage to area farms? Or livestock? Jonathan Brown put these questions to farm-business manager Bill Van Loo, at the Cornell Cooperative Extension.  Go to full article

North Country tourism industry hopes for better times

It has not been a good year for tourism in the North Country. Businesses dependent on skiers and snowmobilers are hurting due to unseasonably warm temperatures that ran from Thanksgiving through the first half of January. Summer tourism was also hurt by the weather. Heavy rains kept large numbers of visitors indoors - or away from the area entirely. Still, tourism operators are hoping for a strong season this year. That's according to this year's confidence survey conducted by the Thousand Islands International Tourism Council. Director Gary DeYoung says the annual survey, now in its 7th year, is an attempt to gather information from the small--and often independent--businesses that cater to tourists. He tells Jonathan Brown that respondents are looking to Pennsylvania as a possible new market for the Thousand Islands. Many in the industry are still hurting, though, from last summer's wet weather, tightened border security and high gas prices.  Go to full article
Bloody Red Mysid

Hitchhiking invaders keep coming

A new invasive species has joined zebra and quagga mussels, the brown gobie and other species that have hitchhiked to the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River in ballast water....  Go to full article

Book review: "Without Grace" by Carol Hoenig

In Carol Hoenig's novel Without Grace, rural poverty forces many of the characters to make difficult choices. Set in Churubusco in the 1970s, the book chronicles the...  Go to full article

Winter comes back to the North Country

Winter finally returned to the North Country today with snow, freezing rain and wintry conditions that have mostly been a no-show this season.

Tree limbs and...  Go to full article

In Cranberry Lake, a feud over trail rights

Snowmobile riders have complained for years that their trail network in the North Country is fragile. It depends on a patchwork of agreements with local and state...  Go to full article
Stringfolks getting ready for their UpNorth Music session in Canton.

About Stringfolks

The members of Stringfolks call themselves a "front porch band", a perfect description of the informal down-home style of old-time folk and country music they play. They...  Go to full article

About 5th Edition

This is what happens when talented high-school students are so inspired by a good jazz program at school that they decide to form a band to keep it going on the weekends. ...  Go to full article
Althea Jean

About Althea Jean

It would be hard to say where the home base of this band is, since members live in Canton, the Adirondacks, and even Montreal. They often perform in the 1000 Islands. ...  Go to full article

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