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Stringfolks getting ready for their UpNorth Music session in Canton.
Stringfolks getting ready for their UpNorth Music session in Canton.

About Stringfolks

The members of Stringfolks call themselves a "front porch band", a perfect description of the informal down-home style of old-time folk and country music they play. They chatted with Jill Breir after their UpNorth Music session in January 2007.  Go to full article

About 5th Edition

This is what happens when talented high-school students are so inspired by a good jazz program at school that they decide to form a band to keep it going on the weekends. The band spoke with Jill Breit after their UpNorth Music session.  Go to full article
Althea Jean

About Althea Jean

It would be hard to say where the home base of this band is, since members live in Canton, the Adirondacks, and even Montreal. They often perform in the 1000 Islands. Althea Jean is a terrific live band. We caught that good energy in our recording of the band. Rather than close-miking all of the instruments, we put up just five mics and let the music resonate in the room.  Go to full article
A Fine Line: Dan Gagliardi and Bill Vitek

About A Fine Line

It's not usual to play jazz at 8:30 in the morning, as this duo did for their UpNorth recording session, but Dan Gagliardi and Bill Vitek didn't mind. Both agreed that...  Go to full article

About Sabbatical

This rock band has played as a cover band for five years, but now wants to move in the direction of playing original material. Guitarist Dave Parker writes most of their...  Go to full article
Cullen's Cross

About Cullen's Cross

Cullen's Cross combines electric and acoustic music in their renditions of traditional Celtic tunes. While they still like to play coffee house gigs, Cullen's Cross appeals...  Go to full article
Just In Time: Timothy Hill, Sam Whitesell, Victor Caamano, David Katz and Jake Whitesell

About Just In Time

Just In Time is a Potsdam-based jazz quintet that likes to experiment with arrangements of favorite standards. They spoke with Jill Breit after their UpNorth Music session.  Go to full article

Mohawk casino closer, sort of

2007 begins with the St. Regis Mohawk tribe in the lead to reach a long-awaited prize -- a gaming resort in the Catskill mountains, closer than any other casino to New York...  Go to full article

Reading into the warm winter

So what's going on with the weather anyway? Is it El Nino? Global warming? Martha Foley talks with Steve Robinson, who teaches about climate at St. Lawrence University to...  Go to full article

Singer Castle for sale

One of the Thousand Islands most lavish pieces of real estate is up for sale. Frederick Bourne's hunting lodge on Dark Island in the St. Lawrence River has become known as...  Go to full article

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